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Almost every person in his life heard the word “prayer”. And he probably knows what it means and what it contains. But, still, when a person is faced with the proposal to organize prayer activities, for seven days the so-called “7-day prayer miracle”, a very large number of questions arise. Don’t you need it? Who is Amanda Ross? What should I do? Does it really help? And why is it so popular? So we decided to study the “7-day prayer mats” on my blog, and answer all the questions.
7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

And before we start, I will give you a brief overview of this product:
Product Name7 Days Miracle Prayer Comment
AuthorAmanda Ross
Bonuses5 Bonuses

What Is 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

7 Day prayer miracle is a program that contains unique techniques of manifestation and tells a person how to have trust in the Law of attraction. When these two things get together, they work amazingly; it is also infused with components of prayer, which makes the process more robust.

What’s Inside The Program?

This is what you’ll get upon purchasing the program. Bonuses included.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle Book

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle Book
The author describes this book as mix of the things that changed the lives of several people for the better. It contains 30,000 words of wisdom that will help you manifest positive energies. It gives a detailed guide on how to pray (like how Daniel did). It claims that the more you read the book, the more energy you can receive that can potentially transform your life.

7 Day Prayer Journal

7 Day Prayer Journal
You will get a well-created journal that for regularly writing your thoughts. It will train your brain to become more positive; thus, attracting more blessings.

A Song of Shifts – Bonus 1

A Song Of Shifts
There is theory that a particular frequency exists that only angels can hear. It claims that once you listen to it even for at least 11 seconds, you instantly connect and reach out to the Divine Being.

Divine Hearing – Bonus 2

Divine Hearing
This book is created to teach you how to recognize messages from your Angels. Two angels are with you since your birth, they know a lot about your personality and your true self, but you need to learn how to recognize their messages to understand what’s hold for you in the future.

Divine Numbers – Bonus 3

Divine Numbers
Have you ever wondered why you keep on seeing the same pattern numbers again and again? This is because these are ‘Angel Numbers’ and they hold a message for you. By understanding these number patterns, you will learn the secrets of the universe.

The Prayer of Daniel

The Prayer of Daniel
This is the prayer that changed the author’s life. It contains 476 words that can potentially help you achieve your goals in life. It’s split into 4 verses and works best if recited every day.

About the Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross Prayer Author
Unfortunately, there are no detailed information about Amanda Ross. We did not find her in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. The next brief information presented on the official website:
“Just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined I would live such an INTENSELY blessed life. Not even in my wildest dreams.
Not when I was deep in debt, creditors harassing me, my bedridden husband in hospital and my marriage in shambles… Every single day I struggled getting up because I felt suffocated by fear, depression and anxiety as I shielded my 3 young children from the brutal reality.
Now it’s a totally different story.
I’m financially free, with lots of money in the bank and those dreaded creditor calls a thing of the past.
I have a sizzling marriage with my soul mate of a husband. He’s my celestial twin flame. It’s a fairy tale marriage that’s FAR better than what I envisioned when I was little girl dreaming of my Prince Charming.
I’d found my divine purpose in sharing with thousands about the power of prayer and the delights of Archangel Michael. I have found my happiness and joy.
Come embark on this soul journey of infinite love with me. I’m inviting you to ascend to the stunning realm of miracles where you can manifest every one of your heart’s deepest desires.”.

We can assume that Amanda Ross is pseudonym or guest author. From the video we only know she is married and car accident occured. And as result “7 Day Prayer Miracle” book was written by Amanda.

How Does It Work?

7 day prayer miracle
It works with the secret of the law of attraction. The prayer is stuffed with positive energy that may place you into the next state of vibration forever. In traditional circumstances, our mind gets into a negative thinking pattern whenever it faces any issues. This leads to negative actions that may hamper the energy round the suffering person.

The miracle prayer, however, removes all that in a very matter of days and fills your mind with positive thoughts. It’s not simply affirmations because the secret lies in words given by the angels to resolve all of your issues in life. It begins providing positive result once you start basic cognitive process during this miracle. you may begin to draw in positive things into your life from several sources. Even the folks that didn’t trust you may begin to come back close to you as your entire life are going to be terribly positive.

The vibrations work on a protracted term basis, and it’s not simply a short lived resolution to your existing issues in life. it’ll place you within the alphabetic character state wherever your mind are going to be able to profit of upper vibrations to resolve any problems. Your work life, relationship, finances, health, and alternative aspects of life can amendment for the higher in a very matter of a couple of days. you’ll be able to do this for every week and see the distinction it can build to your family.

Pros and Cons

  • After program you will easily handle complex situations
  • Understanding how to feel more positive vibrations and blessings
  • You will pray effectively with the right intentions.
  • Scientifically-proven
  • Affordable price, 100% money back guarantee

  • Applicable for those who believe in the power of prayer
  • No printable copy

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