A Magic Number of Your Name

magic number of your name

Do you know that every letter in your name has its own number that has some specific meaning and influences on person’s nature? With the help of numerology, you can find out your hidden passions, talents and many more.
If some number appears in your name more than a few times, this number represents some specific strength or ability that you have, but probably you don’t even think about it.
So, below you will find tables and guide that will help you to calculate your personal name number.

How to find your name number?

Below you can see a table with numbers from 1 to 9 and all letters of the alphabet. As we have mentioned, each letter has its own number. All you need to do is to write down your full name, including middle and last name and match every letter with its number.
Then calculate which number appears more frequently – this is your Hidden Passion number. And there is much chance that you have more than one Hidden Passion number.


For example, let’s take name Nicole Mary Kidman and calculate her personal name number.


As we can see, she has 3 letters with the value of 5, 3 letters with the value of 9 and 3 letters with the value of 4. That’s mean that this actress has multiple Hidden Passion number. Her numbers are 5, 9 and 4.
Go ahead and calculate your own name number and read the meaning below.

Number 1

one gold
A person with such name number has a very strong personality that can lead many people. That’s why many successful politicians and sportsmen have number 1 as their name number.
If you got this number, you are very energetic and ambitious person with a lot of great ideas and aspirations that you want to bring to life. You are also very creative and all your undertakings will be successful if you make an effort. Such person as you is very competitive as well and wants to be the best in everything. All of these characteristics are good for leaders, politicians and other professions that need a strong will and desire to make something great.
But like all people, you also have some drawbacks. Sometimes you lack confidence, especially in your early age, but eventually, you will find strengths to overcome all obstacles.

Number 2

number two colored
You are very sensitive and peaceful person that tries to avoid conflicts and complicated situations. Your feelings can be easily hurt. You are always seeking harmony with your environment and people around you.
On the workplace, such person will be very friendly and nice with their co-workers. Conflicts and tense atmosphere may upset and disturb you. Also, people around may consider you shy and restricted, so probably you have to be more open and sociable to gain their trust.
You are a very reliable person, so people may entrust your important work because they know that you will do everything perfectly.
But also you tend to work a lot, so you need to have breaks from time to time to piece out your strength.

Number 3

three wood
You are very sociable and creative person, who doesn’t like to sit still. Such person loves parties, loud crowd and everything connected with entertainment. Also, you have many talents like writing, singing, playing musical instruments and many others and they come naturally.
You love people around and people love you back. A person with number 3 just stays in the spotlight and really enjoys getting this attention.
But you are a little bit undisciplined and you have to put effort to focus on something important.

Number 4

number four red
Determination, discipline, and reliability are features that characterize number 4 the best. You are very organized and you love when everything is in the right place. Everybody can rely on you as you tend to be very responsible, loyal and of course realistic. You don’t like to embellish things, you only tell the truth.
To be successful in the workplace, you need to have a certain plan and you have to follow it constantly. Also, it is very important that you find a job you really like.
Such person doesn’t like unexpected situations and surprises as well.

Number 5

number five pink
The person which name number is 5 is a true explorer and traveler who can’t sit still and always is looking for some adventures. They need new emotions, impressions, discoveries every day.
If you have a lot of 5s in your name that means you are very flexible and adaptable to any conditions. Also, you have the talent to learn foreign languages very quickly. Numerology recommends you to find a job that is connected with writing, advertising or public relations.
But you are impulsive as well, so if you love the thing you will overdo it for sure. Try not to lose control in such situations.
People love you because you are very energetic, sociable, original and have a sense of humor. But it is very hard for you to commit to something or someone. A person with this number tends to wander from one relationship to another or from one job to another.
Don’t try to be good in everything, just stick with something you love the most and numerology guarantees that you will be successful in this field if you put enough efforts.

Number 6

number six green
People with a name where number 6 is prevailing tend to be good listeners and they always want to help others. You are very responsible and sacrifice, but don’t waste your energy and time for those who don’t appreciate this.
Such person is helpful and will support everyone in difficult situations. This feature makes them a good parent.
Number 6 in your name will help you to become a great teacher, therapist or doctor.

Number 7

number seven blue
You have a complicated temper and have problems with connecting with other people. You may seem closed but as people become closer, they see your true nature and you have a chance to build a strong relationship with them.
People with number 7 tend to be depressive and pessimistic, they love loneliness and appreciate personal space way too much.
In all things, you do you are a perfectionist. You have a highly developed mind that also makes you a little bit skeptical. You are a philosopher with the unique outlook on life.
Even if you seem callous, in fact, you can be very sentimental and soft. You genuinely care about people you love, just try to show them this more often.

Number 8

number eight stars
Money and status in society are the biggest motivators for you in any aspect of your life. You have business sense and gift to lead other people, so you will be very successful as a chef in a big company. But be careful with your power and don’t overuse it, try to avoid being demanding and strict with your co-workers.
You are born leader but use some boundaries.
Sometimes it may seem that you have family or job just to brag it about. So try to find a perfect balance.

Number 9

number nine blue
A person in which name you will find 9 is a very good friend and also successful workers because they have all features to achieve that. They are friendly, openhanded and sympathetic with friends, family, and people around. In work, they are passionate and diligent.
Also, you may have many talents, you just need to develop them and do not suppress. A lot of creative people were born with dominating number 9.
Number 9 in your name makes you emotional, but sometimes these feeling are not rational. You love to dream big, but it is not always practical. But still, if you intend to do something, nothing will come in your way to your dream.

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