Analysis of Habits in the Human Psychomatrix, How to Get Rid of Bad Habits?

Bad habits prevent us from living a perfect life. They become an obstacle in a career, personal life and self-realization. Is it possible to get rid of them? How quickly can this be done? Can it be seen in the matrix of a person(Pythagoras Square)?
pythagoras square and bad habits analyze

What is a Strong Habit?

A habit is something that causes a person to constantly stick to the same course of action. But this course of action must be firmly fixed in memory.  For a habit to be strong, a person needs to have many nines.  But an important thing: these nines should not be spent on memorizing new information, but on reproducing the same words in memory. The same actions. When the memory is strong and a person does not load it with unnecessary information, then he begins to memorize the actions that set the ritual in life.

When it comes to the fact that a person does the same thing at the moment, the number three is responsible for this.  Three means knowledge, but that knowledge that has not yet been comprehended.  This is the flow of information. If a person is in it, he begins to work with new information, structuring it.

The Role of Triples in Matrix

When there are many triples in the matrix, they give a person certain properties, for example, methodicalness. Sometimes, because of such methodicalness, a person becomes a slave. When the desire to structure is so strong that it is difficult for him to look differently at the events that are happening now. And being in the moment, it is difficult for a person to abstract. It is easier for him to act according to a familiar principle.

 Three is knowledge, this is the flow of information that a person deals with daily. The more he dives into this information, the more reflection he gives himself.  He begins to use his nines more correctly. This flow of information allows a person to transform himself, rather than act in the same way. Threes are methodical and disciplined, they can help get rid of bad habits in your life. But a person must be tuned in to new knowledge and information. If there are no triples, it says that the person is spontaneous, he is ready for unexpected changes. It’s not bad, because he can go for a makeover. But there is a danger in this, because he can act thoughtlessly. The absence of triples gives a state of excessive activity, readiness for any innovations. At the same time, a person does not think about whether he needs these innovations.

The Role of Sixes in the Matrix

The number six is responsible for the ability of a person to do the same thing every day. When there are many sixes, then a person has the ability to do what needs to be done. This is a great property that allows you to perform routine necessary work. But the downside is that a person loses a creative outlook on things. He ceases to be surprised by what is happening around him. He ceases to be engaged in developing interesting qualities in himself. He acts according to the algorithm, and does the work according to habit.

Line of Stability

All these figures are included in the line of stability. The totality of the action of these figures sets the image of a person who can be described as a slave of habits. The person who is committed to one and the same way of life. It is very difficult for him to break out of this vicious circle. Threes play an important role in this. If we build a graph along this line, we can say that the more triples you have, the more stable the development of this quality is, the quality of stability. It turns out to be such a schedule. We have a parabola that develops along such a smooth trajectory. It also gives a gradual increase in this quality. If a person enters this resonance, it is difficult for him to get out.
If there are no triples in the matrix, then there will be a straight line. It goes either at an angle or parallel to the ox. In any case, the rate of increase of this line is greater than that of the parabola. Therefore, people without triples (even with a strong habit), they are not slaves to the daily routine. Therefore, this quality changes very quickly, sometimes it does not have any effect.
When comparing habit lines, one must remember that dependence on a certain order of life is determined by a strong memory, the ability to do the same thing (and not worry about it). In this case, the number of triplets is important. The more of them he has, the more a person is inclined to do the same every day. This is the property we call habitual adherence. In order not to live in Groundhog Day and diversify your life, you need to pay attention to those qualities that are set by threes.

You need to be able to see the line between stability and spontaneity. In order to cope with this property, you need to look at other resources of the matrix. You need to pay attention to the cell with units, where the strength of character allows a person to stay within the boundaries and not commit rash acts. Or vice versa, act in accordance with a certain plan that he already has. Twos are also very important. With good energy in two deuces, a person will be able to force himself not to be too spontaneous, but to adhere to certain rules.
When the energy is weak (no twos or one), a person is prone to mood swings and to acting rashly. This is because the absence of triples gives him a random behavior.

The Role of 5 and 8 in the Matrix

It is also important to talk about the five. This is logic,  it can keep a person from making mistakes and from doing something stupid.  But it needs to be used, not just be aware of this property. It doesn’t turn on by itself.

 Eights are also important. They give a person a sense of responsibility and duty.  They also keep you from bad habits.


So, a person’s dependence on habits is determined by a line that consists of numbers – 3, 6, 9. It is necessary to look not only at the numbers. No need to act on the principle: the more numbers there are, the more stable a person is. We need to remember the principle of the Arrow of Pythagoras, look at the filling of the cells of this line. It is the moment how the line is filled that shows how different people are in the manifestation of qualities. It should be remembered that there is a whole matrix that allows you to control the property of adherence to habits and excessive revolutionary spirit.

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