Balance Number: How Will You React Facing a Challenge?

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Everyone is familiar with the situation when he hasn’t expected to have such reaction. Facing a challenge we may do things, which are completely opposite to our character and values.
The Balance number shows a set of characteristics of a person, which becomes most noticeable in the conditions of stress, which a person tries to lean on when it is difficult. In this case, it is considered that the characteristics of the Balance number under the influence of stress can be manifested in an unbalanced manner: sometimes they can be clearly redundant, sometimes completely insufficient. And if a person wants to emerge from difficult situations with honor, it is helpful to know the Balance number.

The Balance number refers to the additional parameters in numerology but in some cases, it is able to give you very important information. Namely, in those cases when you are interested in how a person will manifest himself in difficult situations: when something unexpected happens, or when he is unwell, or when the amount of work exceeds all conceivable and unthinkable limits.

What is The Formula of Your Balance Number?

formula balance number

Even if you are bad at math, you will be able to find out your Balance number using a simple formula. Here the main principle of numerology works: you should get the one-digit number. How to do this? To simplify large numbers to elementary ones, various schemes were developed. The easiest way is to sum all the digits of that number, then, if you get a number greater than 10, add up its numbers. This works until an elementary number is obtained from 1 to 9 and after that, it is already possible to interpret the value of this number in numerology.

You need to write down your full name given at birth and use only first letters of your first, middle and last name. For instance, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Here the letters we are going to use will be J, F, K.
According to numerology science, each letter has its numerical value, which means that the next step will be to look at the table with the numerical values and find those that correspond the letters from our example.


Here you can see that the letter J is 1, F is 6 and K is 2, which is equal to 9. So, the Balance number here is 9.

Balance Number 1 Meaning

superman balance number 1

You have great chances to win if avoid being lonely and share your problems with close people. Learn to listen to other people’s pieces of advice and never miss a chance to find out something new as this information may be helpful for taking an in an important decision. Remember that you are a brave and strong personality able to overcome troubles.

Balance Number 2 Meaning

Einstein balance number 2

You shouldn’t forget that the key to successful problem solving is to stick to the logic and not emotions. Be tactful and more balanced. Don’t be afraid of facing a challenging situation as you have enough courage to cope with it if think reasonably. Inspiration and optimism are your friends, and harmony and poise will help you solve any problem.

Balance Number 3 Meaning

smile no problem balance number 3
Develop more optimism and ease in solving problems. Try to work together with others to find a solution that suits everyone. Use your undoubted charm in difficult situations. In the face of trials, you can be extremely emotional. Try to control this feature, you need some degree of objectivity. You can be so carried away with the search for a solution that you will not notice the existence of a solution satisfying all the interested parties.

Balance Number 4 Meaning

meditation balance number 4
Try to see the perspective and develop a more relaxed attitude in emotionally heated situations. Control your anger. Your strength is discipline. Try to see the main thing and look for compromises. The sense of justice inherent in you should be brought to another level, where it will be expressed through indulgence, compassion, and deep understanding. A practical embodiment of these ideas can be the desire to mentally turn out to be in the place of the person with whom you are in conflict. You are not aware of all aspects of the problems that you are facing.

Balance Number 5 Meaning

ready for attack, balance number 5

You shouldn’t hide from problems and ignore them as it is impossible to hide from yourself. Remember that it is useless to try forgetting about everything with the help of alcohol and other harmful things able to make the problem look in a different way only for the short period of time. If you do your best-taking efforts, you will definitely succeed in brainstorming some original ideas how to solve the problem you have faced.

Balance Number 6 Meaning

independent kid, balance number 6

You have a great talent for identifying the cause and effect of a conflict. Use these skills to solve problems, which arise from trusting your intuition. The only rule to follow is to avoid the help of your relatives or friends. You should have a responsible approach to all your troubles dealing with them without anybody’s interference.

Balance Number 7 Meaning

ideas balance number 7

Face an emergency instead of hiding in your inner world. Open the door to your strong sides and you will be able to win any war. You have all necessary analytical skills to find the effective way out from any situation, which, at first glance, may seem too complicated to deal with. Your abilities, analytical mind, thoughtfulness, knowledge, and wisdom will help you find the right way to solve the problem. You are smart enough to think about the best possible problem solution, which you can benefit from. Use your knowledge and you will always succeed.

Balance Number 8 Meaning

real leader balance number 8

Nothing to be afraid of if you are a born leader. You have enough energy to solve any problem immediately. Use your nature of a leader to direct people and never use your power inappropriately. Try to confirm your opinion on the team but consider the needs and demands of others when solving major problems. You are able to achieve great heights if be wise and don’t manipulate.

Balance Number 9 Meaning

visit by a psychologist balance number 9

Your strength lies in the ability to understand different people and in a large-scale vision. You can find solutions taking into account needs of others. Stand firmly on the ground and avoid situations that are out of balance. Give much to people and you will get a lot for yourself.

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