Born in May Meaning – What is Your Destination? What profession suits you best?

children born in may
Let’s start with the specifics of May-people:

  1. They have quite a serious dynamics of life.
  2. They do not like rough communication and withdraw into themselves.
  3. Very well developed ear for music.
  4. May-people are sometimes harsh when emotion accumulates in a child or in an adult.
  5. Perform well in one direction.

What Science Says About People Born in May

If you speak with May-people or yell at them, they will close, move away from you, and very often I even close ears. Because all the information that enters, roughly speaking, on the “hard drive”, accordingly, there it is immediately recorded in our brain and the person immediately draws pictures in his head.
All the children born in May are musicals. So if you are a May child, just start with him and make some kind of rhythm. If a child is very small, talk to him in an affectionate voice, even sing to him or put good music (in particular, classical music is good). Let the child from childhood hear some good notes, not only in the musical sense but also good notes in the voice of mom and dad. In no case you can’t yell, it’s forbidden to tell some bad news. It’s better to spend this time just talking to the child even if he is small. If he is older, talk to him using these phrases like “what do you hear?”. Because each information perception system has certain phrases and here a phrase of the May-people is about “hearing” — “hear me”, “do you hear it?”, “I heard it”, and so on.
Problems of adolescence: we are talking about the fact that May-people are sometimes harsh when emotion accumulates in a child or in an adult. Especially if the birthday day is 5 May or 25 May.
When the birthday the May 25 — this is a hundred percent musical date, almost all people born on May 25 can be musicians, and either engage in music or technology (these are two sides of the same coin). Plus this is also about the increased emotionality of a person. May 25 is emotional by itself.
For all the May-people it is important to realize in one thing. May is our fifth month, and the number five, for example, in matrix systems, logical numbers, occupies a central position. Number 5 has partially each characteristic. I call number 5 “the number of the master” because it is important for them to realize themselves in one thing.
Sure for our body, it is hard to run in all directions at the same time, when a lot of things run at once, especially the children didn’t finish here, they already ran there. To avoid these chaotic movements in life, it is important from the earliest age is formed skill to take one direction, make some results in it, to become a master and you can go further and add a little bit from other directions.
May-people can be very successful in technology. Because number 5 is not only about music but about analyzing information from outside.
Let’s talk specifically about days.

May 1, 10, 19, 28 – Handmade

If you have a child with this birthday, from childhood you can start bringing craftsmanship into their lives. It may be music, of course, but here it can be everything close to clothes, sounds, instruments, and everything close to work with hands (they can be very good doctors).

May 2 and 20 – Beauty Sphere

These people specifically can work in beauty, but they have very important at the moment — they usually have such big eyes, especially girls, but they have a very heightened sensitivity. Number 2 in their birthday is about they are visuals, and number 5 as May month, again about sound. Here two very strong perception systems come together, so aesthetic development is necessary here. It can be drawing, everything about beauty, they can be artists. Also, they can be doctors in general, especially in surgery, or somewhere narrow-profile.

May 11 and 29 – Music and Technology

In this case more about the sound direction and here you can practically say even unmistakably that these are musicians of any direction. Also, they have a very good voice. As a rule, by the age of thirty interest begins in esoteric currents. But there is one point about May 11 — these people have a higher sensitivity, and the influence of parents is very important here. Because parents often don’t let such children develop and they will then have to re-open themself. Also, people who were born on May 11 and May 29 can be very good at technology.

May 3, 12, 21 and 30 – Theatrical Abilities

The brightness of perception immediately turns on. Here we can name the full psycho type of a person as a “star” or the full psycho type of “abundance”. So this shows us immediately that the child has not just creatively. It is theatrical abilities, it is choreographic abilities, and vocal abilities, including in the beauty industry. Everything is connected with the creative direction.

May 4, 13 and 22 – Choreography

May 4 — more about choreography generally because number 4 is about the body and number 5 is about movement. These children will immediately declare to you that they know a lot and show their own status. From childhood can be, for example, leaders in the class, then maybe there he will immediately take some kind of dance group, and then this is the transition to the leadership structure as one of the good enough options.
May 22 is one of the very specific dates and very strong. The child will immediately declare his position. In adulthood, especially. If such men are not realized, they can be close to alcohol. It can happen to people with dates May 11 and May 29, men especially — because of some subtle vibrations they cannot withstand. So give your children the opportunity to open up from childhood, because alcoholism has a reason.
May 22, is one of the strongest dates for girls also. They can immediately take responsibility. A very important point here is that it can be a little difficult for girls from May 22 to build relationships. Because they immediately have very strong status characteristics and not everyone a man suits them well. And from the very childhood, they will somehow move away from others because they really have a very large knowledge base. So the task of parents is to help children to be liberated.

May 5, 14 and 23 – Musical Abilities

Firstly, there is such a format as the zero channel on these dates, and we can say that from childhood, children will be able to see parallel space. It’s very important to remind that you cannot shout at them or near them. These people can close later. May children often have autism spectrum disorders, especially after 2000 it happens, so don’t raise your voice at them and give them the opportunity to liberate their intellect and naturally musical abilities.
So about May 5 and 14 — definitely musical abilities, also exact sciences, like chemistry, technology, good medicine. But sure it’s important to mention that year of birth also means a lot.
Separately I want to highlight May 23, one of the most brilliant dates of birth. Here is more about the acceleration of the thought process. So these people can be architects, artists, musicians, sound engineers, DJs, and so on. And of course medicine, especially surgery. So give them the opportunity to hear good conversations, good speech, soft good
music. This is initially what is important to do for parents.

May 6, 15 and 24 – Handmade

Here very good immediately initially give the opportunity, especially, for girls to create something with their hands. It can be something about fashion, clothes, work with minerals, or with jewelry. In the future, it can be a transition closer to 30 years, and these people can have managerial qualities. Strong analytical skills, and everything related to management, (at medium levels at first and very high levels of management later). Also is important to mention very strong intuition.

May 7, 16 and 25 – Medicine and Literature

These people are very good at medicine and literature in general. This is ideal for literature, journalism, editing, and everything related to texts. In medicine here people can be great at veterinary medicine or cosmetology. Also, floristry can be yours.

May 8, 17 and 26 – Vocals plus Telecommunications

A lot of talking that number 5 is about good communicators, but not all are good communicators. Often because of their sensitivity to sounds and sensitivity to other people, May-people can feel the opposite and be closed to other people. It’s very uncomfortable for them to communicate with people, who are aggressive.
First of all these people really can be called “a master of words”. Day 8 and month 5 — one of the strongest combinations — a master of conveying information. Somewhere this is about knowledge from human development, somewhere this is about good vocal skills, somewhere it will be communications like also radio, television. Somewhere it will be to communicate with people, and organization of events. Also, everything related to the beauty industry like cosmetology, make-up, and hairdressing. It could start as its own specialist, and in the future be more like an organizer.

May 9, 18 and 27 – Top Managers

People of May 9 and 27 can be top managers. Also, medicine here can be. For boys, it can be even an army at the level of the system radar communication or reconnaissance.
People from May 18th are one of the most emotional, because these people develop personally through justice, balance, through bearing great potential. If this is not the case, then it turns into pride. And this pride creates overly emotionality, which starts to suppress others and forces them to obey their will.

Conclusion – Find Your Destiny

So we can sum up that is very important for you as one of the May-people — to develop this inner feeling and intuition. Because for sure you can catch some second, some word, some sound, some inscription — and this can be your signal. You can analyze your dreams, and make requests. If you have a couple of number fives, rely on your internal gut feelings. Also, May-people can be great about music and sounds, about information and technology. Our world is running so fast, so some people are afraid to just look with wide eyes at what is happening now. Don’t be afraid to watch, everything is going well. In general, May-people have very highly developed intuition. They can come at the right time in the right place. And support intuition in children and yourself also. If you don’t know how to start — start with developing intuition. Just follow the signs, follow the sensations, and follow what happens to you at the level of sensations. Big changes are coming, the world will not be the same as yesterday.

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