Born in July: Sensitive or Intelligent – Numerology Answers

Is July a good month to be born? This is the birth month of some interesting personalities. A July birthday is advantageous in more ways than you could imagine.

Main features of children who were born in July

July Born - Numerology Traits
The main specificity of this month is that children are born in July with a high level of intelligence. Here it is important to understand that it is essential for such children to play chess and construction sets. This helps to form clarity in thinking. Such activities will help children become good architects.

Another important feature is the response to sound. Seven is the element of air, so the perception of such people is often carried out through sound. Reaction to loud music or loud speech can be negative. Most parents live in a “loud” mode and do not always notice that this can harm the child. Kids hear all these sounds and gradually build the opinion that the world is aggressive. In this case, the child may become closed and uncommunicative. Such people in adulthood may have a depressive state caused by a lack of understanding of parents.

Seven is also a symbol of the soul. This figure has a limiter. It is also considered a symbol of good luck and success. If this were true, then people born in July would always be lucky. But in order for you to be successful, it is important to go through all the stages of growing up. You can’t raise your voice at children born in July, because they perceive all information through their ears. They are often closed within themselves. So you need to be very careful and tender with them.

Often such people occupy strategic positions, because such personalities have strategic thinking since childhood. Please notice that double dates of birth are read a little differently than single numbers.

Character by Date of Birth

July 1, 10, 19, 28 have a certain peculiarity in July

it is important to trust such children from the very beginning. It is important to treat them with respect, you can not lie to them. If you think that a child does not feel a lie, you are mistaken. July’s children are very sensitive and feel a lie. Girls need to be raised like girls, like ladies, because units and eights are male numbers.

July 2, 11, 20, 29 are very sophisticated children

Children have a sense of fear, because the seven means hearing, and the deuce is the eyes. If there is a turbulent environment or loud conversations around, children remember and draw scary pictures in their heads. 7 and 2 are a sense of style and taste. This is grace and sophistication. So pay attention to these qualities, because it can be a predisposition to learn languages and arts. Next, you should choose hobby groups based on these interests. Often such people cook well, so a good restaurateur can be born on these dates. Those born in these numbers also have good taste, so they can find themselves in design, for instance, interior design.

July 3, 12, 21, 30 are the numbers that go into one

It is a combination of intelligence and energy. Three is a symbol of the fullness of life and abundance. Seven and three are people with a predisposition to the study of literature, art, and theatrical art. Those born on July 3 and 30 have a talent for engineering and working with information.

July 4, 13, 22, 31 is a combination of seven and four

There is a talent for science and medicine here. Especially the natural sciences and chemistry. People often engage in scientific activities. Children should play chess to turn on the thought process.

July 5, 14, 23 is a combination of seven and five

These are two sound numbers that speak of good musicianship. It can be people working with information and modern technologies. Also, children have a predisposition to music and work with sound – sound engineers, composers, etc. In the future, these can be people working with new knowledge and modern technologies, especially IT technologies.

July 6, 15, 24 is a combination of seven and six

If in childhood the six is more responsible for the material world, then children can design clothes and assemble a designer. Pay attention to the characteristics of your child. It is important to play with the child in tactile games and hug more often. Such children need more attention.

July 7, 16, 25 is a duplication of numbers (birth and month)

Here the depth of knowledge of the child immediately rises, because the seven means high intelligence and sensitivity. There is a heightened sensitivity here. Therefore, it is important for parents to tell their children more often how they understand them well. Pay attention to what you say to your child and what he hears from you. These are people who are engaged in science, and work with the landscape. It can also be managerial professions, because these are people who are ready to act, because the seven are people who are defenders.

July 8, 17, 26 is a combination of seven and eight

These are strategic level numbers. Such children should be treated with respect, because they bring information in which parents will live a little later. After all, it is our children who are responsible for the development of our country. It is these children who will make important decisions. These kids can become people who are good at business.

July 9, 18 and 27 is a combination of seven and nine

This is pure psychology. In the future, these may be good leaders, and healers (not only treatment, but also work with the human subconscious). Such children can hold high positions, because people with such character traits should manage. Children born on these dates are real little sages. You can see deep thoughts and understanding in their eyes. Talk to him from the position of “I understand you.” Believe me, you will be surprised how well your own children can understand you.
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