Elizabeth Success Story: How Has Ho’oponopono Changed My Life?

Elizabeth phooto
I found out about Ho’ponopono practice several years ago when I felt depressed and was looking for ways to change my life. I had problems in every sphere of my life, including my physical health and relationships with close people. Once, my friend has told me that he has started practicing Ho’ponopono and he saw the first results already. That was the first time when I heard this strange word, which meaning I couldn’t even guess.

I am very sorry, I love you

I was interested in it much and read Ho’oponopono story of Dr. Len. I remember that I have been impressed by the fact that this person who heal other people without direct contact with them even. My friend and I started practicing 4 mantras together. It’s not even that he healed patients with disorders, though not often, but it still happens that people leave mental hospitals in a state close to normal. The thing is, how he did it!

The psychiatrist did not give them medicine, did not hold soul-saving conversations about how bad it is to commit a crime. He simply took the anamnesis of one of the patients and concentrated on this patient repeating these words: “I am very sorry, I love you.”

Joe Vitale – Ho’oponopono Method

After reading that note, it all seemed surprising and incomprehensible, which is why I thought that this method was not suitable for one person and for ordinary mortals. But thanks to an unexpected meeting with my colleague in the tourism business, I rediscovered the Ho’oponopono method. It turned out that the author of that note, Joe Vitale, as well as I was not satisfied with the quality and quantity of information about this method, decided to find a Hawaiian healer in order to learn more about this method and its capabilities.
He managed to do this and he described his entire experience of communication with a Hawaiian healer in the book Life Without Limits. I read this mantra for several days and I wanted to see an immediate result, which was my worst mistake. This is a method that will work only with time because it has an accumulative mechanism of action. When I stopped concentrating on my expectations, finally I started to see the results. Before my parents and I always had quarrels because I thought that they were guilty in mu unsuccessful life. They didn’t approve my passion to drawing and didn’t want me to become an artist. I became an office worker who was angry with them and the whole world doing the job I didn’t like at all.

Relationships Wth My Partner

Not only job was the problem. It seems that my mind was attracting negative emotions in all spheres of my life, personal relationships with my partner weren’t an exception. I thought that he was guilty in all our conflicts and never wanted to listen to the explanations. I didn’t even do anything to improve the situation, I lived like a robot which was programmed to perform certain functions emotionlessly or having negative emotions but I haven’t felt happiness for long already.

Health Problems

Elizabeth health problem
After several months when I started to understand that I need to clear my mind from all thoughts I heard the phrases “I love you” and I am sorry in another way. They were the same words but I felt how they passed through me and were left somewhere inside healing me. That time I had a lot of health problems, which were caused by the hormonal disbalance as doctors said. In accordance with the famous Hawaiian technique, all diseases both physical and mental are from our negative flow of consciousness.
In some months I noticed that when repeating mantras I felt some freedom. I had the feeling that the whole world is listening to me and I can attract anything into my life if I want to. When I repeated the words “I love you” I thought about God and all close people whom he sent to be close to me. I understood that it was me who behaved badly towards them. I asked these people to forgive me and it seemed that they have heard. I didn’t say this directly to them, only in my thoughts. However, they became more understanding and compromising as well as me.

I have stopped having conflicts with my parents and my partner, gave birth to a kid, and now I continue to repeat these magic words thinking about God and the world that helped me to turn from a dissatisfied person into a happy mom. I plan to teach my daughter this practice when she grows up. Though children differ from adults by having an open consciousness, I think she will benefit from this mantra even more if she gets started since childhood to thank for what she has.

Ho’oponopono Technique

Elizabeth Ho'oponopono technique
I recommend to use Ho’oponopono technique because this is the most effective way to change your life for the better without taking too many efforts, not spending much time per day. I think that among the advantages of this method is also the guarantee of success for every practitioner who will pronounce the simple phrases with the deep meaning regularly. I plan to use it for the whole life because I feel much happier. By the way, in about 5 months, I visited the doctor and he said that I didn’t have any problems with hormonal disbalance anymore! Before I tried several different expensive drugs and they didn’t help me to get rid of the health problems. It was a real miracle to understand that Ho’oponopono mantra has helped me to heal myself without extra help! Use it and you will see how your life will start changing for the better!

9 thoughts on “Elizabeth Success Story: How Has Ho’oponopono Changed My Life?”

  1. Thanks for sharing your success story. You have inspired me to start practicing Ho’oponopono on my own. I have heard about this method but didn’t believe in it much. Now, it seems that it really works and I think I should start singing mantras since today!

  2. After breaking up with my loved one, I was so depressed and I felt overwhelmed. It seemed that all the good was over. I literally went crazy, could not get rid of obsessive thoughts. I had to quit my job because I couldn’t concentrate on something. I am grateful to Dr. Ho’oponopono’s technique. Thanks to the mantras, my mind finally cleared of bad thoughts, I believed in myself, my attractiveness and met a person who appreciated me.

  3. I learned with great interest this method with a strange name! I was surprised to learn that a person heals other people even without direct contact with them.! The story of a girl who practices this simple but effective technique for overcoming life’s problems is very instructive!

  4. I love you .. I’m sorry .. I’m sorry .. Thank you.
    Many of us have to struggle to say these words sincerely. Admit it, how often do you ask yourself for forgiveness, thank you or confess your love to yourself? Have you ever done this? Or don’t you believe in the effectiveness of these words? ..
    This method is considered the easiest way to find inner peace and harmony. You are not required to do anything other than repeating four phrases in no particular order:
    “Please forgive me”
    “Thank you”
    “I’m sorry”
    “I love you”

  5. Inspiring story, Ho’oponopono method helps people around the world, I also try to use its benefits to improve my life.

  6. it was an co insident how i found out about this, i feel its really mean for me. without noticing even im driving i keep repeating it. anytime during the day.
    i keep repeating it. I know that i neglected my husband for long period of time. i know i never support him, i was not a good partner to him despite of his effort.
    i know he loves me deeply. now i realized my mistake i want to make it up to him. I am very guilty.

    i want to asked for forgiveness to all my mistake

  7. Ho’oponopono method gives amazing results. It does help change negative thinking and succeed in life. All you need is give it a try.

  8. Don’t know how exactly Ho’oponopono practice works, but it really works, begin practicing it and you’ll see the results! My life has changed for the better in all spheres.


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