Expression Number Meaning And Calculation

The Expression number is able to show which talents and skills you have. You may not even know about these talents. These are your innate talents, what nature itself has given you at birth. Often happens that a person can live a lifetime, even without knowing what treasures are hidden inside. He looks at others who have already achieved something in this life, envies, sighs, gasps, and groans, instead of peering inside and thinking: what can I do? We tend to vegetate instead of trying and finding ourselves. Unfortunately, it often happens. The Expression number in numerology is an indicator of abilities. And since it is able to reveal the innate talents that are the determining factor in a person’s life, the Expression number is considered one of the key concepts that practical numerology operates.
The Expression number is an expression of the human personality and the key to his aspirations or achievements. It must either merge with the date of birth or adapt to it. Natural inclinations or influences are important in the development of the personality so that the name, when achieving glory or recognition, expresses its full strength and true character.
One of the numerological rules says: if the number of the birthday is larger than the number of the name, it means that this person is inclined to follow his basic inclinations, which can make it difficult to develop the traits of his name or the number of the name’s vibration. And vice versa, if the number of a name is larger than the date of birth, then the person is dominated by ambition and goals, expressed by this number of names so that the natural traits and inclinations of the person are directed to the circumstances of her choice. The tendency of a person is to establish rules and not to follow them.
A person with the same date of birth and name has the opportunity to develop an even harmonious character, the ability to easily tackle all matters. But this is not particularly desirable, since the overall result of such harmonic numbers can lead to nebulosity and ambiguity.

How to Define Your Secret Talents: Expression Number Formula

Calculating the number of expressions is not that complicated, but requires attention and thoroughness to avoid mistakes, which can become fatal. In order to calculate the number of the expression, it is necessary to add the numerical values of the letters of your full name, and then sequentially reduce the result to a digit from 1 to 9.
Write down your first, middle and last name and use the find the appropriate numerical values for each of them using the table below.

Let’s look at the example: Gary Edward Keillor
Gary 7+1+9+7=24=2+4=6
Edward 5+4+5+1+9+4=28=2+8=10=1
Keillor 2+5+9+3+3+6+9=37=3+7=10=1
We have found the numerical values of the first, middle and the last name. The last step to perform is to add all three figures and get the Expression number: 6+1+1=8
Remember that if you get Master numbers 11, 22, 33 on any stage of your calculations, leave them without changes as they shouldn’t be reduced.

What does Your Expression Number Mean?

Expression Number 1

Pioneers and inventors, they find the best way out of the most extraordinary situations. All life long such people defend their right to free expression of will and independence, but, often, fighting alone.
The number 1 always manifests very sharply in its owners, giving them a bright charisma. They are able to decorate themselves with the palm of superiority against any hardship. They are so ahead of the “bulk” that in extreme circumstances become leaders. They receive both full responsibility and fair “laurels of the winner.” Such people deservedly occupy high posts, becoming managers, top managers, and entrepreneurs.

Expression number 2

communication skills
Their excellent communication skills are an indispensable help in professions requiring communication and tact – management, politics, diplomacy, show business. The value of the number indicates that this person will have the status of “Number Two” for life or, as they say, play on the second roles. They are wonderful performers, not burdened with ambition and a thirst for power, so they are often offered to be the right hands of their bosses.
People with Expression number 2 often experience problems, facing a choice. This can be explained by the fact that inside they are divided into two halves, which generates instability of the senses. Like the lunar cycles, emotional upsets are suddenly replaced by frustration and helplessness. Duality puts the owners of this vibration on the line between light and darkness, luxury and poverty, love and indifference. They must follow the golden median path, avoiding destructive extremes.

Expression number 3

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External conditions do not play a decisive role for these representatives. They can live in a wealthy family or from their childhood rely only on themselves. This vibration is so self-sufficient that it creates in the heart an eternal feast of being. The Expression number 3 gives vivacity, ingenuity and extraordinary mobility. From the rest, they are distinguished by an inexhaustible interest in the surrounding reality and various hobbies.
People of number 3 are altruists and benefactors always ready to provide protection to those who need it. They are accompanied by financial success, easily earn and do not hesitate to spend money on themselves and others.
People with Expression number 3 in numerology are enterprising, energetic and hardworking. They are able to achieve career success in many spheres, but the most favorable path for them is “free” professions related to imagination and creativity, for example, musician, designer, fashion designer or actor.

Expression number 4

You are the rock of society and the foundation of any enterprise; organizer and manager. Solve life problems methodically and systematically. You are the executor and organizer; make dreams come true.
You are attracted to management systems and can follow a complex plan. You are not the person who can embark on any journey without a map. Take on a serious commitment. Reliable and responsible. You like to implement projects from start to finish.
Such people do not like an inconvenience, preferring reliable and proven, but these properties greatly slow the execution of the intended and cause disappointment, especially if your resources are at the limit.
It is important that you correctly assess the difficulties. Leading forces test you and direct to the goal. Your task is to use imagination more often and involve more inventive people who can help you with advice.
You are a moralist, pure and honest, but you can be firm and stubborn. Do not allow strong desires to manage your feelings of common sense and balance, it is easier to relate to the shortcomings of others.
Because of the desire to focus on the details can get off the rails and become boring and too serious. Often, people born with the number of expression 4, it is necessary to relate to life and have a great sense of humor.
Because you are conservative and cautious, you treat money correctly. Take care of the balance between income and expenditure. You can limit expenses, the process of accumulating money is important for you.
Many accountants, librarians, government officials, managers, and lawyers are born with the number of expressions 4.
You have a fancy eye for small things. Having a solid foundation, you can work consciously and tensely over the set goals. You will undoubtedly achieve success and a stable position in society.

Expression number 5

People with number 5 shouldn’t worry about their financial situation, poverty does not threaten them under any circumstances. They will always be given enough money to ensure a dignified existence.
People who were lucky enough to live under the protection of the Five, by nature have a winning gift of charm, which largely determines their successful future. The most enviable career awaits them in all areas related to intellectual work, fellowship, and travel. They are good writers, journalists, doctors, psychologists, actors, politicians and tourist agents. Many of them are prone to charity and patronage.
Sometimes people of this number hurry with expectations and can give excessive promises. Too emotional representatives of the Five can experience strong emotional experiences because of unfulfilled hopes that can become a source of addiction.

Expression number 6

Priority personal development for people with number 6 – serving the humanistic ideals of good and justice. Their happiness in life depends on how they manage to succeed in this field. In addition, people with number 6 are endowed with natural artistry, and part of their destiny should be seen in bringing beauty and harmony to our mortal world.
When trouble has entered someone’s house, render the feasible help. And then the fortune of the six will bring good luck, love, and prosperity.
The opportunity to make useful efforts provides you with a chance to succeed in such fields of activity as psychology, education, and creativity.

Expression number 7

self managment
People with Expression number 7 are the personalities of spiritual search, subtly feeling the dissonance with the drama of reality. The world is assessed as a contrast and confrontation of light and darkness, not recognizing compromise shades. They can be both dreamy mystics and pragmatic philosophers. As a priority task, the Seven prepared their owners to gain inner peace and fullness, regardless of external manifestations.
In a career, people with number 7 feel at the height where performance and skill are required. Their natural diligence and conscientiousness – the source of the desire for excellence in everything. Very reluctant to recognize the authorities, especially in the form of authorities, so the highest success is achieved if they work for themselves, showing their inherent intuition and prudence.

Expression number 8

successful leader
Expression number 8 won the fame of the strongest and self-confident individuals among other fateful numbers. They are able to reach incredible heights. They regard the worship of the golden calf as a pledge of future comfort, independence, and influence in society.
The karmic lesson of the tests being sent is to temper and subdue the vain ego. People with Number 8 will have the joy of success if they learn to use their power not only for their own needs but also for the benefit of others.

Expression number 9

spiritual man
To fulfill their highest mission, people with number 9 search for the truth by themselves. All the spiritual practices and teachings they pass through their own intuitive knowledge and experience. Blind faith is not for them.
People with number 9 are incorrigible altruists and philanthropists, who in all phenomena see a divine spark. They feel the hidden meaning of “universal love” and unity with the whole universe, appreciate the beauty and its expression in art. They are interested in the fields of human activity, one way or another related to the protection of all living things and the improvement of people’s lives as a whole – ecology, pedagogy, psychology, religions, medicine, healing.

Expression number 11

You have the most “charged” number of expression. Like a lightning rod, you attract powerful ideas. However, you do not have confidence in your strength. You are the channel for higher vibrations. To be in emotional and mental equilibrium, you must learn to control this flow of energy.
You are the bridge connecting the unconscious and the conscious. The problem is that the unconscious is limitless, and the conscious, by definition, acts in a very small arena.
You are very reluctant to share your feelings with others and be careful in choosing your friends. The feeling of your isolation in childhood you compensate for the creation of a fictional world. You have a vivid imagination, and even becoming an adult, you hardly distinguish fiction from reality.
Your task is to develop a primitive, earthly power. The better you learn to use your inner strength, the easier it is to take advantage of your special sensitivity. As soon as this happens, the opponents will become your well-wishers.
The causes of actions are generated by a mixture of logic, emotions, and intuition. Holders of the number 11 should cultivate internal discipline in order to succeed. Balanced people with the number 11 are unique and interesting. They are endowed with the insight that can transmit to others, by nature they are teachers in all fields.

Expression number 22

You are the owner of the ruling number, having a unique gift of comprehension. Your dreams are immense. Each goal is extreme. You dream of creating something eternal. Such people would like to turn the course of history, leave their mark on the development of human civilization.
There are no limits to your opportunities, as well as your dreams. The number 22 gives the greatest potential for the fulfillment of the desired. At the same time, you have the greatest responsibility. Whatever you plan to do, your potential will last for life.
Even in childhood, you vaguely know what to do. Always feel the awe of the task. You are confident in the presence of your inner strength. But sometimes these feelings are paralyzed by doubts. Sometimes, people with number 22 prefer avoiding the risk that brings and confine to modest achievements, reassuring yourself that dreams are just unrealistic fantasies.

Expression number 33

These are people with superbly developed imagination and hidden creative abilities. Among them, there are many inventors, talented screenwriters, and writers. Typically, carriers 33 hate standard solutions and easily find an outlet even in the most difficult situation. They skillfully generate stunning ideas and note the smallest details of a future successful project.
The main advantages of people with number 33: the ability to clearly allocate their time, well-developed logical thinking, creativity. They have clear leadership qualities and the ability to lead other people. In this case, the radiated energy is charged positively, and the ability to lead is never used to achieve insidious goals. These people adore the order and put everything in their place. Sometimes the desire for beauty turns them into famous art historians or fashion designers. Congenital taste and intolerance of compromises allow building an amazing career in these activities.

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