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Hist Secret Obsession
Many women have already despaired that they will never understand men why they unexpectedly begin to behave in unusual way. For example, ardent love abruptly replaced by cold in relations and ignorance, that suggests being done with men and live out the whole life alone. Just yesterday he treated you like a queen and said that he could not live a day without you, and today he does not respond to messages and does not pick up the phone. And there was no hint of misery. All women at least once faced with this situation. And, if earlier they simply gave up and said: “Well, OK, that means it is not my destiny, I will go to get cats”, now there is an opportunity to restore love in the relationship.

His Secret Obsession Book

his secret obsession book
Through the program, His Secret Obsession has a chance to understand why men behave this way. There is the explanation, what women do wrong, what makes men change their attitudes so dramatically. This course reveals the most basic secret – the secret of successful relationships. It helps women understand their men and develop relationships in the right direction.
Those who have already passed this course are happy with their lives, happy that they made the right choice at the critical moment and kept the relationship. The aim of the book is to unite femininity and masculinity, to help to understand each other. For the female, this is like a guide that helps not only to become attractive for male, to increase their interest but also to arouse in them the desire to spend their whole life together.

The Author of the Course – James Bauer

James Bauer
James Bauer is the relationship coach with over 12 years extensive experience. He has a lot of works that help women not only in love and in family relations, but also in terms of loving themselves, becoming happy and successful in everyday life. He worked with women of different age groups, helped them get out of depressive states, free themselves from despair and negativity. He perfectly understands men and knows what they need. But he also understands women and gives advice on what to do, basing on the experience and his knowledge. Women believe him just because he is a man, and he gives out men’s secrets. Therefore, his advice is so effective.
In order to create the program His Secret Obsession, he studied couples for a long time, their problems, found the general and distinguished the differences. Each pair is unique, but all relationships go according to certain patterns, which James singled out for himself. Thanks to this approach, he was able to identify the root of the problem and to find the solution. The problems that make men step back are rather common and not specific for each pair. All men need to have a lady, who is able to stimulate their heroic primal instinct. Then the male principle will be superior, he will feel comfortable and will not want to lose such a woman. James founded his book on this theory.
Not all women know how to behave in a romance. Many of them do not have an example of a happy love couple. Parents are divorced or have lived together, but fought like cats and dogs. Therefore, coming into an adult love affair she makes mistakes losing the opportunity to remain happy. But this does not mean that it is worthwhile to put paid to herself and to join the priesthood. Modern problems require modern solutions. In order not to be disappointed once again and not to lower your self-esteem, it is better to turn to the advice of an intelligent and experienced psychologist Bauer. He helped not one couple to keep love and mutual understanding.

Who is His Secret Obsession For?

His Secret Obsession Auditory
First of all, this book is written for women. James Bauer is an excellent female psychologist and understands this field like no other. Therefore, after reading a book, every woman will find many useful things for her.
Especially the book should be read by the woman who is committed to a serious relationship with her boyfriend. That is, those women who now have a romance. To make it grow into a marriage and a strong family, they should practice advice from the second part.
But also the book is suitable for women who have been married for a long time, or they are in a serious relationship. In such families, it usually happens that the spouses get complacent, because they already get used to each other. If they follow some tips from the book, they can ignite the spark that was at the beginning of their relationship.
For single ladies, this book will also be useful. After all, with the help of this instruction, she will be able to understand what she did wrong, why she is alone now. It is also useful for the future, take for yourself valuable advice.

What Is this Book About?

Book consist The book consists of two parts containing important sections that will completely change your view of communication with your soul mate. Being romantically involved we sometimes do not even notice that we make mistakes that repel a partner, although we do not want to do this. I did not notice myself, how I acted incorrectly, that my words, my actions made my partner think that he would clearly be better alone than with me. Day after day I killed the masculine in him considering only about how bad he was, that he did not love and did not notice me, because I suppose that I was good, after all I did everything for him. It wasn’t so. In fact, I did everything to amuse my ego, to convince myself and others, what the fine fellow I was in comparison to my bad boyfriend. And almost every woman faces this. The desire to find the soul mate and to build an ideal relationship leads us to this. And we just make mistakes because of our folly and lack of knowledge.

What does the Program Consist Of?

The main part of His Secret Obsession is divided into two parts:

  • 1. How the Hero Instinct Works.
  • 2. How to Use the Signals.

The first one is the theoretical part of the book, and the second is the practical one. This program is constructed in such a way to help you to understand how to use the theory that is given here in real life. I think that it will useful not only in romance, but also in work relations or so on.
The first part tells us about male instinct that every woman should concentrate on, when she wants to attract the man. She needs to stimulate hero instinct not only to save good relations, but also to arouse in him even more interest in. The first part consists of 11 units. Each one is suitable for a separate problem.
In the second part James tells us phenomena that were found in psychology and help us to form successful relationships. He shows us how it works giving real examples. The second part consists of six sections, describing individual examples of life.

Secret Text Messages

secret text messages contents
On the book cover it is written that it helps women penetrate the consciousness of a man. Here are described secret text messages, sending them to your boyfriend, you can encourage his curiosity to you and maintain his interest in. After you start using secret phrases from the book, your man will never again ignore you. If you have ever encountered this, you know that worse than that there is nothing worse than your partner ignoring you. It usually means that your romance will end soon.
After reading this book, you will understand the hero’s instinct, how to awaken it and how to use it to your advantage. Thanks to the technique of James your man will be obsessed with you, and that is every woman dreams of. The hero’s instinct is that the man must feel needed. But how do you achieve this? There is the answer on the pages of the book. Applying this guide to action, you will see how your life changes for the better. You will not need to constantly think about how to pick up the man, how to get his attention. On the contrary, your partner will try to be liked by you and to attract your attention. Your man should be the hero of your life, give him a chance to do it.
Every relationship is the work of two people. With the help of His Secret Obsession program, women have the opportunity to look at this from the male point of view. The book also contains practical tips that you can immediately put into practice and watch the reaction. The text of the book says how to add meaning to the life of your boyfriend, how to make him feel desirable and to try not to change him to meet your requirements. It is important to accept him as he is, understand and appreciate him.
Inside the book, there are a lot of real stories. Almost every section has at least one example from real life. With the help of such examples, I learned to view myself from the outside. I thought of reading the book, why did nobody tell me about it earlier? During the last many years I have destroyed so many relationships! And in fact, I could already have lived happily for so many years!
In addition to the real examples, the book is full of tips. They are applicable not only in love but also in everyday life. They also help to improve life, get rid of negative thoughts and suffering. These recommendations help people on every stage of building relations. Therefore, it does not matter if you and your husband have been living for 10 years or just yesterday met the new boyfriend – in any case, you will find a response to your problem. Moreover, you will be sure of yourself for the future, you will know how to act in this or that situation when you feel that romance is at risk.
Here you will find the phrases that every man wants to hear from his partner. But beyond that, there are phrases in the book that will cause your boyfriend to be obsessed with you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of His Secret Obsession

The main aim of the book is the basic advantage of the program: it makes people happier. It has a number of other benefits that can help you solve problems along the way. There are a lot of people who passed the course and they give interest reviews. They highlight several pros and cons that characterize the program.

Positive Features
  • This program really works.
  • The theory was developed by the psychologist and is confirmed by real experience.
  • You will learn how to manage relationships.
  • After reading, you will learn how to make your partner obsessed with you.
  • For practice simple ways are presented and it is easy to implement.
  • The book is written in simple and understandable language, it is easy to read.
  • It helps to understand the soul mate and become even closer.
  • The course is universal, suitable for any stage of the relationship, even for the future.

Negative Features
  • There is only the reading material, no video for the main part.
  • The author uses sometimes strong remarks and that can seem rude.

As for the pros and cons, you can notice, there are quite more advantages. This is understandable because James created the product in order to help people get out of difficult situations. The book is read easily and quickly, and the effect remains for a long time. It is not an ordinary book, but the guide to a better life and relationships.

My Verdict – It Really Helps

His Secret Obsession Review As I already mentioned, a lot of people give feedback about the book. They are positive and full of heartfelt thanks. As for me, I have read this book and now I am happy in my relations. Every time when I feel that our feelings are heating up, I use the tips described in this book. I am grateful to the author because it changed my life completely.
I used to cry a lot because of a horrible relationship with my boyfriend. We swore daily, he ignored me and my scandals. He began to appear less and less at home. After a hard work day, he preferred to sit in the car or to visit his relatives instead of going home. Now, vice versa, after work, we are more likely to run home to spend time together. I do not remember when we quarreled the last time. We can say that the book worked in a magical way. But it is not magic, it is really practical advice. In the future, I plan to study other works by James Bauer, because I am sure that he is an incredibly intelligent psychologist. I want to note that I did not use all the tips because many did not fit my situation. I want to advise you, do not try to use all the practices on yourself. Otherwise, there will be no result. By the examples given by the writer, you can see if this is appropriate for your situation.
I did not regret that I bought this book. Moreover, the author offers a guarantee for 60 days. If it does not work, you will be able to get back the money. But I am sure that you will draw from it a lot of useful things that will help you in current romance or in the future.

Reviewer Information - Mary Stone
Mary Stone
Mary Stone is a blogger, author and entrepreneur. She specializes in writing personal development advice that work like a charm. Mary’s many years of experience as a program director for one of the world’s leading personal development organizations is proof of her professionalism, dedication and commitment to what is possible for all human beings. She was named one of TIME Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Americans.

15 thoughts on “His Secret Obsession Review – My Honest Opinion [James Bauer Guide]”

  1. There are lots of great tips, ideas, suggestions, places to go and things to do that will help one to feel less fear about putting oneself out there. It is quite motivating; and will work best if one puts the self-work in first.

  2. The book was helpful in giving information about how to meet and catch the attention of men. It will help women avoid common mistakes.

  3. Having been raised by strict parents who didn’t allow me to date, I never really developed the social skills one needs to date men. Very useful tool for dating at any age.

  4. It would be a complete act to try to become this perfect woman you describe in this book. Honesty, a willingness to bend to another is great but no one person wants to completely change their personality to be noticed.

  5. Being recently divorced, I’m glad I’ve read this book. First, I understand more why I got divorced and why my ex was so unhappy with me. Second, as I’m getting ready to date, it helped me to realize what things I need to improve to attract good quality men. Third, most important, James explained how to get a man to commit to you. It was an educational and enjoyable read for me.

  6. Before reading this book I was so annoyed with men’s behavior but I never imagined that I have a part in making them behave like that. This is a real eye-opener.

  7. Still learning to incorporate all the tips I found in this book but my love life is already blooming. I will surely continue to do most of the stuff I learned by reading.

  8. In the beginning, while reading I was a bit annoyed and I taught it would be really hard to be a perfect wife for someone, but isn’t what love is about what you have to be there and share everything with your loved one. I ended up liking it in the end.

  9. I learned so much from this book, its not enough for you to expect the commitment from someone, you need to work on your self to make someone to want to commit to you.


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