Chris: Ho’ponopono Helps to Remove Negative Memories

Chris Ho'ponopono
Now I am a 35-old man who has a successful business and a happy family. But some time ago I didn’t have anything and couldn’t understand how to achieve my goals. I always met some obstacles on my way. Every business I wanted to start turned out to be unsuccessful. When I started to analyze all my actions, I felt that all negative emotions after failures were too heavy for me to carry. They made me feel tired from life and it seemed that I didn’t have the power to move forward. Once, when I lost a huge amount of money, I decided to stop because this couldn’t lead to anything good.

First time I meet Ho’oponopono

I remember the day when I was at home just browsing the net and suddenly I saw somewhere an article about Ho’ponopono practice. I wondered what the word meant because I didn’t have any ideas on what it was. Why did I decide to look for its meaning? The article title sounded “Take responsibility for your life and it will smile to you”. I wondered what was there because I needed to improve my life as soon as possible.

The author of the article told about the secret practice that was popular in Hawaii and now it is practiced by millions of people all over the world. First, it seemed to me some nonsense. But I decided to give it a try and what do you think? After several days of practicing the technique, I felt that bad thoughts were far away from me. I managed to clear my mind, it was open to new things. I said simple phrases like “I love you” and “Thank you” daily spending several minutes and this was enough for me to understand that my mistake was that I kept all negative experiences inside me and didn’t want them go away.

How Ho’oponopono can help in business?

Thanks to Ho’ponopono I understood that each person is responsible for his or her success and nobody can take this responsibility instead of you. If you have had a bad experience, don’t make somebody guilty of this. You should try to analyze everything and to accept what happened. When I learned to understand my responsibility, I noticed that my business ideas became more successful. Now I have a chain of cafes, which is constantly expanding. I try not to forget to pronounce mantras regularly because it won’t have the necessary effect if to forget about them for a day or two. It has an accumulative effect, which I noticed in about half a year. When I cleared my mind I understood that I should be careful with thoughts that enter my head. I did my best to have it open to the flow of positive ideas and blocked my conscientiousness to bad memories.

My parents and my friends never supported my wish to become a businessman. They said that it is risky and you wouldn’t be able to cope with all those duties and responsibilities. I was depressed when hearing such words and accumulated negative thoughts. I always had doubts whether I needed to do this or that thing but after using Ho’ponopono technique I was open to new great solutions and didn’t have any doubts anymore.

Ho’oponopono and family

Ho'oponopono family
As for the relationships in the family, my wife has noticed that from a man who could be even aggressive at times, I turned out to be a wise man who always thought and then did not vice versa. I wasn’t impulsive anymore. When repeating “I love you” for several times, I felt like love was flowing inside me like the river near which flowers were growing, each of which was a person whom I was thankful to for what I had. The flow guided me and helped to forget about everything. The first day I started practicing Ho’ponopono I didn’t notice anything as the mantra sounded like a simple set of words. But later I understood that Ho’ponopono mantra consists of simple sentences because everything in our life is simple. People got used to complicate everything and this is the reason we don’t see the real essence of things. To be happy we just need to love God, accept what life gives us, and never regret things we did if we did them with love in mind. Every time I was repeating the words about love and feeling sorry I felt a new flow of energy and power. It seemed that I knew the secret of the world, which I didn’t see before. I offered my wife to practice together and she agreed. This mantra has united us and made even closer to each other. Every day we thanked each other for something and said the words of love. We managed to clear ourselves as well as our relationships!

If you still wonder whether Ho’ponopono works or not, you need just to try it at least for a month. Don’t expect to see the necessary results immediately! Forget about any expectations at all. It is not the best idea to expect anything in life as it is up to you to attract what you want to see in your life. I have managed to feel harmony inside my family and believe that this happened only with the help of mantras I repeated daily.

3 thoughts on “Chris: Ho’ponopono Helps to Remove Negative Memories”

  1. I have been looking for some great technique like this one! I am very thankful to you for telling that the technique really works. Now, I won’t have doubts whether I need to try it or not.

  2. Thanks for the story about how you managed to change your nature and your life as well. I think it is very important to get rid of anger and negative emotions if you want to be happy. I think that I will start learning the mantra song tomorrow. Hope it will help me to clear my mind as well.

  3. I agree with you that this is a powerful technique of self-improvement. I have tried it as well as felt much better after facing many negative events. I think that this is a great way to let everything bad go. As for me, this is a chance to look inside myself and discover what my real feelings are.


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