Tanya: How I Have Opened My Consciousness to Wonders of Life

Tanya Hooponopono story
I never believed in wonders and thought that only hard work can bring results. I never stopped to breathe fresh air and was in a constant hurry. This condition prevented me from noticing really important things in my life. I always wanted to have more and more money until once I understood that I had nothing but money, which couldn’t embrace me in the evening. I didn’t allow anybody into my life because I considered myself to be smarter, more beautiful than any other girl. My pride was punished by God when I understood that I loved a person whom I offended much and he married another woman and stopped asking me to marry him. Only when I lost his love, I understood that it was me who was guilty in my senseless existence, which was impossible to call real life.

I was almost 38 when I have heard about Ho’ponopono from my granny. She is a very smart woman who always gave me wise pieces of advice but I never listened to them because I thought that I knew everything better than anybody else. I opened the articles on the Internet, the stories about the doctor who helped patients without seeing them even, and I wondered what if it works. Being a very ambitious person, I needed to try this technique because I always thought that there is nothing I can’t cope with. In several days of repeating mantras, I felt myself not life before. It is difficult to explain in words but I enjoyed some invisible harmony inside me and was ready to accept any responsibility for problems in my life that mainly referred to the relationships with people I loved.

I have decided to practice Ho’ponopono every day in the evening before going to bed. I tried to analyze all events that happened to me that day, why they happened, and answer the question “Who is responsible for this?” Only when I understood that it was me who was responsible for everything that happened to me, I learned the real essence of Ho’ponopono method. Love is a powerful feeling. I didn’t understand this before because I was in a hurry to earn as much money as possible. I closed my consciousness to any warm feelings in my heart. It seemed to me that it is impossible for me to try the role of a happy mom and wife as I was a strict business lady. But after several weeks of practicing Ho’ponopono I noticed that my character became milder. I understood that love is inside each person and it is necessary to grow it in your heart before you meet somebody and give it to him.

I believe that not everyone can learn and use the hooponopono method. First, as I have already said, consciousness must be ready. Before using this method, you must accept the concept that only you and no one else is to blame for what is going on around you. Secondly, in response to a question about how the doctor managed to treat his patients at a psychiatric hospital, Dr. Hugh Lee himself said that “it was not easy for me to do it”. The master practitioner himself says that this method, in spite of its seeming simplicity, is not as simple as it may seem first. The point here is not in secret techniques but in the ability to concentrate your attention.

In order to own this method, it is necessary to have one very serious skill – the ability to concentrate on something. That is, if for solving some simple problems you will concentrate enough for half a minute and the problem will be solved, but for really serious problems that cannot be solved over the years, you will need to devote a lot of time to this method every day, during which your not trained the brain will simply boil from the unusual work.

I was prepared for this method by the fact that for a long time I read a mahamantra in the morning, that is, I focused my attention on the sounds of the mantra. It turned out that concentration of attention is a very useful skill. Not only does it help a lot to achieve results in work, it also helped me with the hooponopono method. By the way, Joe Vitale, the author of Life Without Limits, also does not consider this method simple.
Joe Vitale
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Is it worth trying? Of course, it is necessary to try it! Be sure to try! Just imagine how many positive emotions you will experience when a situation that you could not solve for many years, suddenly resolves itself after you just say to God – “Forgive me! I love you!”

You will achieve the great results if you understand from the very beginning that the technique is aimed to teach you to be thankful for everything you have now, to leave expectations, and just enjoy life doing nothing bad to others. First, I addressed the words “I love you and I am sorry” to myself but then I started to say these words thinking about God, I felt like being blessed. I had a lot of positive emotions and felt like I was the part of the environment, I didn’t feel where the beginning was and where I ended.

When you practice Ho’ponopono for years, you start experiencing the state of some trance when it seems that you talk to God, at least the God that is inside each of us. Believe, it is necessary to clear mind from bad memories and negative thoughts. Imagine that repeating the words about love you address them immediately to God and those people whom he sent to take care of you. Wonder where God is? He is everywhere!

He is closer than you may think. Talk to him and ask to forgive you for making things that led to some bad outcome. Thanks to God, you got the freedom to make decisions living on the Earth. Is it enough for saying “Thank you!’ I think that “Yes”. It became a tradition for me I never violated for three years already. I say simple words and God hears me and helps to understand things the right way. I am really grateful for helping me to forget about everything bad and negative and meeting the dad of my kids. Now, I am a mom of twins who doesn’t work but feels happy because I understand that people, not money are the most important in our life!

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  1. I agree with you concerning the fact that phrases must be addressed to God. All the best that you feel in yourself is God! How not to love him for it, and not say “Thank you”? What more to ask for if he gave us all that he had, and even more! Gave the freedom of choice – to be with him, or not to be!


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