House Number in Numerology

Have you ever wondered what role in our life is played by the house number, where we live? Not only the address of our house but the combination of certain mystical numbers influence our fate along with others. Perhaps, you know that the most important numbers for a person are considered the “birth number” and the “number of the name”. However, they are not the only ones that influence our destinies. So today we will talk about the number of your home.
It is believed that the apartments have their own energy, which is filed under the influence of various factors: the place of building a house, the relations of past tenants or historical events that affected this structure. If the energy atmosphere is something acquired, then the numerical purpose is given initially. That is why, when planning the purchase of housing, it is advisable to get acquainted with the basics of numerology of an apartment or house.

How to Calculate the House Number?

Everyone has this or that sound energy vibration. Depending on whether our vibration coincides with or does not match the vibrations of other people we experience a feeling of comfort or discomfort. No less important for our spiritual health is the house in which we live, and even the number of our apartment.To calculate the code, you need to familiarize yourself with several methods:

Method 1 – Unambiguous Number

door with six number
If the apartment number is an unambiguous number, then this is the personal housing code.

Method 2 – Several Numbers

door with twelve number
When the apartment number consists of several numbers, then each of them should be considered separately. The 1st will tell about the events that have occurred or are happening at the moment, the second describes the emotional unrest and the 3rd one – future, which is possible if a person continues to live in this place.

Method 3 – Sum Digits

wall and door with number
In the case of a multi-digit apartment number, you need to add all the digits to form a single number. For example, the apartment / house number is 68. 6 + 8 = 14. The resulting two-digit number should be added once again 1 + 4 = 5. The resulting number 5 is the housing code. Or, for example, a three-digit apartment number is 247. We do the calculations 2 + 4 + 7 = 13. And add up again until we get a single digit 1 + 2 = 4. The apartment code is 4. The purpose of this code is to tell what kind of energy a house has, how to find a house in which it will be good and comfortable to live.

What does the Number of Your House Mean?

House Number 1

number one
According to numerology, it will be the most suitable place for the leaders of different levels as well as innovators. It is difficult to come up with a better place to host a business related to innovation and the introduction of advanced technologies. If a person wants to move the career ladder successfully, moving to a house with such a numerological code will make its contribution. Accommodation of a workplace in such house does not promise its owner an easy life, as he has to compete with someone for the palm tree of the championship.

House Number 2

number two
Only those people who have managed to find a reasonable compromise between work and home will feel comfortable here. Workaholics, as well as people who prefer spending most of their time at home, are unlikely to get along with it. If you place a business here, then the team must have at least a dozen employees; this place is good for teamwork.
Such a house or apartment emits softness and refinement. Its tenants in everyday life often play the role of an adviser. They are able to smooth out acute angles, resolve conflicts. Have great patience, kindness, responsiveness. Appreciate comfort and silence. Living in the house of number 2 you will strive for peace and harmony and try to share everything that you have. You will often listen to the opinions of others and think about situations, rather than insist on your point of view.
For two loving people there is always a honeymoon because the house is filled with poise and delicacy, understanding and acceptance of another person, therefore it is impossible to live alone in an apartment with number 2.
Also, thanks to the positive energy of the number, sensitivity to the subtle energy of nature, art, music, magic, intuition develops.

House Number 3

number three
The cheerful house that brings optimism to its tenants. It is helpful for providing creative abundance and support communication and feelings. You will feel confident living here. The house with number 3 conducts active creative, sexual, spiritual energy, romance flourishes in it. From its tenants, it will require honesty and diplomacy. The shortcomings of the house include spontaneously arising unnecessary excitement, beyond enthusiasm. In addition, a lot of friends will always come to visit you. This house is sometimes in chaos and the “lyrical mess” often becomes its face. For serious, measured, quiet people this house will be uncomfortable, but for more lightminded people it is quite suitable.

House Number 4

number four
Its main features are security and stability. From the residents, it will require order and economy. In this house, the fluids of solidity and practicality are flowing. The house will help you to strengthen your welfare. The house loves when tenants work stably, especially if family members are connected by common interests and goals. This house is perfect for those who are fond of gardening or are involved in construction. For disciplined workers, this house is a reliable fortress. The lack of a home is expressed in the fact that you will feel that you are constantly loaded with work, as well as a passion for money accumulation, cruelty, inflexibility.
Lazy people will feel uncomfortable in the house number 4 but those who want and know how to work will get its support. A house with number four gives solidity and stability. If you experienced destabilizing influence and uncertainty in life, move to this house. You will feel how practicality and safety to return to you. This is a wonderful house to create the foundation for your future and nurture your dreams. It requires order and economy. In such a house, it will be good to live a group of people who are working towards a common goal. This house contributes to the respectability and solidity of the people living in it. It is a reliable haven for those who are not afraid of intense and responsible work.

House Number 5

number five
In this house, everything is in the constant movement. It imposes on its tenants a busy schedule: a lot of trips, constant phone calls. Number 5 is the number of sales and trading networks. The house with this number stimulates business connections and information gathering. Monotony and routine are not in the style of this house. Change and again change, unexpected events, constant movement and no boredom. Living in this house develops ingenuity and enterprise. The overall atmosphere of the house is often similar to chaos and is very hectic. In the house, there are many romantic stories, as its tenants are sociable and easily get acquainted.
It is almost impossible to feel relaxed within the walls of this house. In addition, it incites the amorous adventures, so that it is almost impossible to keep from reckless links under the roof of this house. Because of the fluid, changeable nature of this house, tenants often change in it. Be careful, there may be an acute desire to change what you have (marriage, for example), and also beware of attacks of unjustified risk.
Sometimes life in such a house seems too oversaturated. Most likely, hasty, but correct decisions will be made here. Living in the House of Five, you usually need to trust your instincts. But if the decision is too important, then gather your thoughts and before you take it, weigh all the pros and cons. The house is contraindicated for people prone to a calm, measured life.

House Number 6

number six
This house simply attracts comfort, money, beautiful and good things. The energies of good and humanism are everywhere. Love and understanding in the family is the basic idea of the Six. The main thing is not to overdo it with care for others, do not forget about yourself. You do not need to cultivate a sacrifice in yourself. In this house, duty is always in the first place. Bunters acting against the rules and traditions will not live long here because sooner or later the house is, all the same, will teach the lesson of responsibility.

House Number 7

number seven
It is perfect for those who need rest and restoration of strength. It’s easy to think and learn here.
Scientists, students, writers, philosophers can live in this house indulging in learning and seeking for inspiration. Luck in this house is achieved through knowledge and skill. Intuition is exacerbated by the vibrations of the seven. But for those who want material benefits, as well as businessmen, the house is not very good. A quiet place in which there is always a thirst for knowledge, a desire to philosophize, the search for the meaning of life, the pursuit and reverence of beauty. If you decided to do business, then you settled in the right place. The positive field radiated by this house will help you in your endeavors.
Number 7 doesn’t suit married people and those who are very sociable as the house is looking for loneliness.

House Number 8

number eight
This house supports the management of financial affairs. If you strengthen your discipline and insight, you are expected to have a serious positive change in business in this house. Reason, strength, determination – these are the three whales on which your work should keep. House number eight is not a home, but rather a center of business activity. It attracts strong, powerful people able to earn. However, under the vibration of figure eight, money comes and goes (usually in this house there are big expenses). The problem at home is that it constantly throws into battle for money, you are just aiming at getting it. To cope with the task, you should learn a few lessons: only accurate management of finances, honesty, decency, justice.
This house is not for the spender, under the vibrations of the eight people who like wasting money will hopelessly bankrupt.

House Number 9

number nine
It is a house of compassion and humanity. If you are ready to help all everybody this is your home. Intuition, healing, dreams, art, theater, metaphysics – these are the activities that the house of number nine likes. People will appreciate your kindness. However, this gracious house has “pitfalls” – emotions here can be dramatic since house number 9 controls precisely strong feelings.
Looking for happiness for the whole world, do not forget that your loved ones need your attention and care, be more tolerant and gentle to them. The choice should be aimed not only at achieving financial prosperity but also at developing spirituality, helping one’s neighbor. Residents of the house with number 9 should be afraid of passion for gambling.
Altruists are contraindicated to live in this house. They will be too enthusiastic about the problems of others, completely forgetting about themselves.

House Number 11

number eleven
In this house people are always active scurrying back and forth, brainstorming ideas. Residents of this house usually like to teach, inspire, support and help. Well suited for guides, teachers, and workers of creative professions. Here the spiritual consciousness of a person can find harmony with life. Everything in this house is impregnated with spirituality, only it is necessary to see and feel it. Know that in every joy there is a share of sadness, and in any sadness, there is a share of joy.

House Number 22

number twenty two
The tenants of this house have a strong desire to create an atmosphere of calmness and security around themselves. The house is well suited for people engaged in charity. This house protects its tenants from negative energy. As a rule, it is difficult to send damage to tenants with such a number. Those who live in such a house eventually get protection from the negative energy of other people. In this house, you will find the strength to realize all your hopes and dreams. Diligence and respect for others will be your guiding star, which, like a magnet, will attract success to you. After the great achievements, you need to have a good rest.

House Number 33

number thirty three
It’s a sunny, warm home. Usually, its residents are very friendly and hospitable. Here there is an atmosphere of fun and joy. The house is well suited for artists, writers, as well as people whose profession is related to the upbringing of children. The house with this number is filled with joy and the atmosphere of an eternal holiday. It is always open to guests. The microclimate of this house gives residents a cordiality, friendliness, and gentleness. It often happens that people enter the house and they immediately have an idea: “This is what I need.” Hence, the vibration of the house, which they feel, is initially combined with their own. If you are guided by numerology when choosing a new place of living, then surprisingly quickly you will be able to find the house that suits you perfectly.

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