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How to Calculate the Pythagoras Square? Numerology Training for Beginners

Are you interested in charging your own destiny? For that, it’s important to analyze the sides of your personality and other things that can influence your life. And today I will share the story of Alla Aleksandrova. She is a member of the school of numerology and tells about the principle of Pythagoras square that was developed thousands years ago. In this material, Alla also tells about psychomatrix.

Pythagoras and what he is known for

Pythagoras is an ancient Greek scientist who is known to us for his theorems. For example, the Pythagorean theorem. Also, there are even jokes about a scientist: Pythagorean pants are equal in all directions. At one time he explored many phenomena of life, including music. He came to the conclusion that the world is ruled by numerical ratios and numerical proportions. This was the reason for the appearance of his famous phrase: Everything is a number.

Rhythm, correlation, consonance and harmony – this is what Pythagoras saw in almost all natural and life phenomena. Including in social life and the fate of man. According to tradition, Pythagoras was the creator of the system. Or maybe he borrowed it from the ancient Egyptian priests, Mesopotamia, or an ancient African tribe. We don’t know much about this system. Only algorithms and calculations have come down to us.

The Pythagoras system

According to ancient sources, Pythagoras could say the following by date of birth: tell a lot about the person himself, his virtues, hidden personality traits, and even predict his fate. It was this knowledge that became one of the reasons for the special attitude towards Pythagoras, including the political elite. Politicians understood that the scientist could tell a lot about them, so they did not want to see him in their circle. Ultimately, Pythagoras was killed. Precisely for the fact that he could predict the behavior of people. And the system, the author of which was Pythagoras, was credited with miraculous properties.

Many years ago, Alexander Fedorovich saw the book “The Number of Destiny”. There were only four pages in the book, where he read about what Pythagoras had invented. He started using it on people, then noticed that there was no match.

The fact that such a great scientist was killed for this knowledge that he wanted to bring to people required close attention. That is why the research work began. All that we now know is not only the knowledge of Pythagoras. These are the studies of Alexandrov Alexander Fedorovich, which are aimed at researching the date of birth. All this helps to study human psychology in depth. The methods that were used are considered the achievement of modern mathematical science, sociology, and psychology.


For most people, numerology is associated with mysticism, magic, esotericism. If we are talking about numerology, then this is quite normal. But if we are talking about the Alexandrov system, then it’s definitely not. The Alexandrov system or digital psychoanalysis uses rigorous calculations, precise mathematical methods, which make it possible to obtain accurate results. There is no place for any inventions and fantasies. Everything is well analyzed and the right conclusions are drawn.

Moreover, if we take numerology as a basis, a person has a certain unchanging structure in it. A person has a certain set of qualities that are considered unchanged for life. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? After all, you a few years ago and now are completely different people, right?

The advantages of Alexandrov’s system

Alexandrov’s system or digital psychoanalysis allows us to analyze the dynamics of the development of certain qualities and consider a person as a function that can change over time. The basis of all calculations in psychoanalysis is the psychomatrix. Have you calculated your psychomatrix? Do you agree with the results? You may have already asked yourself: What is my purpose? What are my talents? What are the hidden sides of my personality? Just imagine that you only need to know the date of birth and make the right calculation in order to find answers to some of these questions.

How to correctly calculate the date of birth and make a psychomatrix

Consider the example of a date: 2 . 9 . 1990. It is necessary to calculate four additional numbers. The first number is the sum of the digits in the date string. We write the date as the numbers of which it consists, and compose among ourselves. It turned out to be 30. We sign it under the date.
Calculate psychomatrix
The second number is the sum of the digits of the first number, that is, 3 + 0 = 3

The third number is calculated in a specific way. We take the first number, subtract the double product (which always appears in this formula). We multiply the two by the first digit in the record. The date is very correct. We start recording from the day, not from the month. In the first case, there are 2. Further, four must be subtracted from 30. It will be 26.
Calculate Psychomatrix DateBirth
And finally the fourth number. This is the sum of the digits of the third number. 2+6=8. Here we have 4 additional numbers. What is their meaning? There is an interpretation that this is a CHZHP. These numbers are additional, they do not carry explicit information, it is necessary to reveal the essence.

These additional numbers have a clear sequence. They stand in special places that give them additional semantics. We calculated and wrote down additional numbers. Now we write the whole date with additional numbers in a special table.
calculate psychomatrix square
We fill in the columns and take into account the zeros that we write on the side. Enter this date in the table. No need to calculate the number of digits, but simply write down the date in the right order. If some numbers are absent, put a dash in the cells.
calculated psychonatrix
Thus, a psychomatrix was obtained. This is not an ordinary Pythagorean square, because it does not take into account zeros. In those days, such a number was not known. We are counting zeros. The square is a static structure. It’s like a label on a person that determines the presence or absence of some parameters.

The difference between the psychomatrix and the square of Pythagoras

The square can be modified so that a person can fill in those qualities that he lacks. We can use the psychomatrix to determine more than 50 personality parameters. These are only separate qualities, because there are still their mutual influences. They are clearly visible from the matrix, if you know how to analyze it.

So, numerology is a science. But the science of numbers, which is considered in a special way. We mean quantitative and qualitative characteristics. In modern science, the number is studied only from the position of quantity. This axiom was introduced by Galileo and it began to dominate. But earlier there was a special attitude to number as to quality. We now clearly see these representations in the language.

For example, in Russian: One is not a warrior in the field or Two pairs of boots. Numerology gives a qualitative assessment of the number and works with the number precisely in terms of its quality. It allows you to draw certain conclusions. If we take a number as applied to a person, then this quality is reflected in the psychology of a person. That is why digital psychoanalysis combines the methods of rigorous mathematical analysis and the methods of psychology, which show how the qualitative parameters of a number affect the human psyche and his personality.

Drawing up a psychomatrix

The compilation of a psychomatrix is the basis of digital psychoanalysis. On its basis, a whole series of methods has been developed that allow answering such topical questions:

  • What is the purpose of man?
  • What is the specificity of his communication?
  • What mistakes does he make in relationships with other people?
  • How to achieve personal growth?
  • What are the problems at work?
  • How to choose the right profession?

So, we calculated additional numbers and made a psychomatrix. What do they mean? In general, forces have the following semantics:

  • 1- strength of character;
  • 2- energy and ability to communicate;
  • 3- area of interest;
  • 4- health;
  • 5- logic and analytics;
  • 6- propensity for physical labor;
  • 7- luck;
  • 8- duty and patience;
  • 9- memory and experience;
  • 0 – mastery of the truth.

These are general values. The number of digits in the cells is important. The more numbers you have, the stronger qualities are. But not everything is so clear. For example, a person may have a very strong character (11111), but it will be a despot if there are no eights in the matrix. But it will be a very responsible person if there are two eights with five ones. Because transitions work here.

In addition to the cells in the matrix, there are lines that have their own values. The line of purposefulness, the line of family, the line of propensity for habits, the line of self-esteem. The middle column is responsible for the ability to work and earn. There is a talent line showing how great the potential is. There are also diagonals – the upward diagonal (temperament and sexuality) and the downward diagonal (spirituality).

The number of digits in the lines also matters. The more numbers you have, the stronger the quality is represented. But there is such a phenomenon “Arrow of Pythagoras”, which shows how two matrices with the same number of digits in the line exist.

There are also a different set of features when we analyze the matrices of people born in the year 2000. There, the millennium scale comes into play, which makes adjustments to the quantitative interpretation of the lines. What can be said about a person who has such a matrix?
calculated psychomatrix example

In general terms, we say that a person has advantages – a strong memory (maybe clairvoyance), a steady interest in discipline. This is a good energy and the ability to communicate with almost any person. It is also responsibility and a sense of duty that does not allow him to shift everything onto others. But there are drawbacks – a weak character, which does not allow unambiguous decisions to be made. We see that a person has a very weak line of purposefulness and it is difficult for him to achieve even the smallest goals. He can set small goals for himself and go along with other people to help them achieve their goals. This is a general analysis that does not take into account all parameters. But it allows you to highlight the pros and cons of a person, due to which he can begin to change himself.

Final Word

After mastering the calculation and drawing up the matrix, you can ask a professional who will tell you everything about you or about someone. This is the only consultation and with every question you need to contact a specialist again. Therefore, it is more important to independently study this system and use knowledge in different situations. This will help you learn how to analyze the psychomatrix, what information can be obtained from it, what personality traits can be discovered and how to use them to change yourself.

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