How to Find Out Fateful Years of Your Life?

 Today we will know how to determine important years in a person’s life.  Even not just important, but years, which are fateful, which open new paths for us, give our life a new impulse or new vector. We can not tell whether it will be about something good or bad happening — just during this period our life changes. It can be a special meeting with someone, a chance in life, or external circumstances. Or maybe we are faced with some kind of choice and make this the choice. Or it can be the year when something didn’t work out for us and as a result, we found something new in our life. Despite all the seriousness of the theme, the method is quite ancient and, as usual, very simple. It was used by the ancient astrologer and actually described in many books on numerology.
The method is time-tested, but the most important thing — is that occasion, when it happens does not seem to be something global for a person most of the time. Only later, already after the lapse of years, one can always appreciate all this. And having thought that maybe yes, if in that year I made a different decision or I would have done it otherwise, my life would have gone differently.

All you need is the year when you were born. For example, let’s take 1967 (I specifically took the year a little further away, the goal is to show how the change of centuries XX and XXI affected us), and by this method that you can see how much we began to live faster in general, and we have more chances to change our lives.
Calculate fateful year
 To find the first fateful turning point year of his life , you need to add to this year the sum of the numbers that this year consists of, which are 1, 9, 6, and 7. This period is the first important year when the decision of this person will affect his entire future life. on the course of life. It means this year was when a person was 23 years old — in 1990th.
 To determine the next important year  in the life of this person, we take this 1990 year already and perform the same action. Sum up 1990 and each number as a sum.
calculate next important year
We are already in the twenty-first century, let’s see how fast everything will be. Since the period of the twentieth century, the average period of important years is around 20 years.  So we again take the last year and sum up each number of it.  calculate third important year
It will not be difficult to calculate your numbers, to analyze your important years which already happened. It’s important to understand that the next important year is coming, you need to be especially careful to listen to your inner voice, not to miss any opportunities, because I will repeat once again that this “important year” does not mean that you will live better or worse. This year gives new opportunities and changes the vector of your life, you seem to expand the boundaries of your destiny, you may be making a fateful decision and which can change your destiny in the future. Sometimes it will happen more global events and often they are external from outside, but in any case, you see afterwards this particular year and tell it.

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