How to Find your Soulmate? Perfect match by Date of Birth!

Life is so unpredictable. And it’s an amazing feeling to be so happy and so comfortable with a person, especially when those feelings are reciprocated. People call them soulmates. But how to find your real soulmate? Everything is possible with the help of getting information from the date of birth. Ready to get to know? We will tell more about this knowledge. But before we go forward please read how to calculate Pythagoras Square using your Birth of Date.

The compatibility issue is a very broad topic. Usually, the study begins with compatibility in a couple, compatibility with children, parents, colleagues, and the team. Can it be seen in numbers? Yes, you just need to know the basic parameters by which you need to study the compatibility.

The conclusions that you get when comparing two matrices cannot be absolute. There are people who are incompatible, but they have a good relationship. It’s all about the correct use of transitions, which we will also talk about.

Numbers – What are They Responsible For?

You need to look at the unit responsible for the strength of character. The second is energy, it shows who is a donor in a couple, and who is a vampire. Units are responsible for the strength of character. We can divide all characters into weak (one unit, two units, no units) and strong characters (there are more than four units). Between them, there is a character in three units. This is the golden mean. People with such a character can find a common language with both representatives of a strong character and a weak character.

In a perfect world, it should be that a weak character is combined with a strong one. But this is ideal, in practice it happens infrequently. If two representatives of a weak character (people with a small number of units) meet, it is very difficult for them to make decisions. If there are two such people, it is very difficult for them to come to an unambiguous decision, they shift the responsibility onto each other.

If two strong characters meet, then this is firmness and conviction in one’s views. It is difficult for two people to get along, because it is not easy for them to make concessions and cannot come to common opinion. A character of three units gets along with two types of characters. These are independent people. When two such people form a couple, they are self-sufficient, and they can quickly lose.

The role of Units in the Matrix

Unites and Soulmate in numerology
We always consider units in tandem with the eights. Because there are transitions from two units to eight. They follow the rules strictly. They were discovered by Alexander Fedorovich. One such rule relates a one to an eight: When we analyze characters, we are looking at more than just ones. You need to pay attention to eights, because they are a predisposition to kindness and gentleness. That is, the transitions are softer. Therefore, character analysis should go with the figure eight.

Twos and their Influence on the Energy in a Pair

222 and Soulmate in numerology
Twos are responsible not only for the ability to communicate. They also allow a person to have another energy or take energy into themselves. In a couple, it is desirable that one be a vampire and the other a donor. If there are no twos in the matrix or there is only one two, then the combination with two twos will be ideal. Slightly less than ideal four deuces and above. Weak energy is always consumed when strong energy gives. One must take away the excess, while the second does not suffer. If there are two people with weak energy in a couple, then there will always be a shortage of energy.

But you can get energy. All it takes is a little scandal. If it is large, there will be more energy. Petty nit-picking and quarrels often appear in such a pair. If the energy in the pair is normal or there is an excess of it, then there is nowhere to put it. So scandals appear again to throw out energy. It’s good if there is work that can absorb some energy. If there is no such work or everything is calm at work, they break down more often in pairs.

If the energy in a pair is three deuces, this is the most difficult energy. On the one hand, it makes it possible to splash out energy and inspire others. On the other hand, after a splash, a person feels emptiness. Often it is closed from people and the period can last for months. The energy itself is spontaneous.

If there are people with two deuces in a couple, then these are people who understand that you need to give someone energy. These are self-sufficient people, they do not feel that they need to give energy to each other, because everyone has enough of everything. In the long term, in such a relationship, remoteness may arise. If common interests still disappear, then people lose interest in a common life.

To understand exactly whether people are compatible, you need to look not only at ones and twos. It is necessary to look at the full analysis of the matrix as a whole and separately by cells. You need to look at triples, fives, sixes, sevens, and in the end you can turn to fours.

Threes: Discipline and Correctness

333 and Soulmate in numerology
Threes are responsible for interest and the ability to assemble. It is also methodical, disciplined and consistent in actions. The absence of triples in one of the pairs gives spontaneity in the manifestation of something. If a person has an energy of three deuces, then he is absolutely unpredictable. And if another person with 4 triples, who is disciplined and he needs to have a certain rhythm of life. Is it possible to enjoy it here? Difficulties arise.

Fives and their influence on practicality in thinking

333 and Soulmate in numerology
Fives give logic and analytics in thinking. People without fives have a dreamer’s mindset, they build fantasies. If next to them there is a person with two fives (groundedness, clarity in actions), then such a person will seem like a bore to a dreamer. A person with two fives is needed for those who do not have fives. Because people with their dreams can’t make plans for the budget.

Nines: good memory or vindictiveness

999 and Soulmate in numerology
Nine is responsible for knowledge and memory. If the memory is used for other purposes, it starts to accumulate old information. This manifests itself in resentment and vindictiveness. Imagine if a pair is formed by two people with a strong memory (two or three nines), they will remember every little thing. Gradually, all conversations will be reduced to old grievances. It is much better that in a pair one was with a strong memory, while the other would have a weaker memory (no nines or one nine). This person is not malicious, quick-witted, he really does not remember who did him badly. And then in a couple, one can reproach the other, and he will not concentrate on this. As a result, all this will pass quickly.

Sixes and Sevens – Hard Work and Luck

666 and 777 Find Soulmate using numerology
There is a lot of information about these numbers. The six gives a penchant for physical labor, if one of the partners does not have sixes in a pair, then one should not be forced to do housework. Because he doesn’t really care for it. It is good if one person has a lot of sevens in a pair, and the other does not have them. Then the one who has sevens gives his luck to another partner. Thus, luck comes to the couple as a whole. If a partner has a lot of sevens, this is a lot of luck. But this is not a good adventure, tempting fate and cranking out adventures. They can harm themselves. So be careful.

It is important – Read Matrix Carefully

The matrix should always be analyzed in aggregate, taking into account the connections of all cells. We need to look for additional numbers that can enhance qualities. If we analyze the matrices of two people, there are more such connections. And all this must be taken into account if you want to make sure that the relationship is perfect. We should not talk about perfect matrix compatibility, but about the ability to build ideal relationships based on the resources of each of the matrices. After all, relationships always work. Work on yourself, on your shortcomings. This is the ability to accept the shortcomings of another person and accept him for who he is. Even two perfectly compatible matrices may not get along. It is necessary to take into account the type of thinking that helps to perceive new information. It is important to look at the graphs that we build based on the matrix. They show how qualities can change throughout life.

If you are aware of these difficulties, you can overcome them. You can work around the problem and it won’t happen. When we analyze relationships in a couple, it is very important to take into account domestic and spiritual stability. It’s no secret that many families break up because of everyday problems. There are cycles of development of the couple, showing through what periods these crises will be especially loud. If you analyze them, you can prepare for the crisis period and survive it competently.

Don’t expect a perfect relationship, even if your matrix is perfectly matched to begin with. Build these relationships, then yours will be ideal.

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