How to Improve Your Couple Relationship?

Conflict with our wife/husband, hierarchy, conflict with a colleague, incivility … Situations are varied but it is rare that a desire for change is not concomitant with relationship difficulties. Through this article, I want to share some avenues of reflection that I would be happy to explore if you wanted to better master the art of relationships. Relationship problems, bad luck?

Couple Releshionships

To note, our natural tendency to be human is to transfer the responsibility for the problem to the other, until sometimes feeling downright persecuted by life. “Why are people so unbearable ?! ”

However, it is common to find that the two protagonists suffer as much from the problematic relationship as the other. The boss deemed too demanding in front of the employee considered too fluent; the client who is too slow in front of the provider who is in too much of a hurry; the colleague who is too morose in front of the colleague who is too jovial…

So there must be something to do on each side of the rope. And indeed, it is not all a matter of luck. Of course, sometimes the relationship is easy, natural and we would like it to always be like this. And so that difficulties do not become problems, we need to call upon certain skills, even knowledge, to defuse tensions. Each of these abilities can be developed. You just have to want it. Anyway, you might need special guidance and if you like spiritualism, you would love this angel cards guidance.

To fix problems in a couple relationship

In a relationship of couple, various factors are determining to find its balance. Trust, respect, good communication, empathy and cooperation are the pillars of any relationship, whether it is a couple, friendly or family. Here are the six keys needed to fix couple relationship problems:

Respect above all

We all get angry from time to time, and it is normal for conflicts to arise as a couple, for discussions or opinions to confront each other. It is not a question of never getting upset, or of silencing what bothers us, but it is a question of always speaking with respect to the other. We must know how to manage our emotions so that rage does not dominate us. It is sometimes better to take a little time to answer or to delay the conversation if you feel very nervous, before losing all your means. Some assertive communication keys can help in these situations. This is applicable to all relationships, not just couples. Lack of respect only succeeds in emotionally separating and destroying the affection between two people. We need to understand that respect is very important in any situation.

Kindness and affection

A smile and a “hello” accompanied by a kiss, saying “good night”, asking things with a “please” and thanking are good habits that promote emotional closeness with the partner, just like a sincere compliment from time to time. It is not a question of simple rules of politeness or being cajoling, but just to make life as a couple more pleasant, while showing the other that he is loved, respected, and taken into consideration. Here is a good article about how to analyze your habits with Pythagor Square.

Kindness is magic

Be reliable

Confidence is a key factor in the couple relationship. Being consistent between what we say and what we do, and showing our involvement in small details on a daily basis is very important. A relationship is based on mutual trust, the other person must therefore know that they can count on our support and can trust us. Confidence is the essence of a life together, the very basis of any romantic relationship. Yes, it takes time, effort, concessions and a lot of love to build a fulfilling couple’s life. But there is also a major ingredient: confidence. Each partner must believe in himself but also in the other, in his honesty, his integrity and his credibility. It is important to show your loved one that you trust them. If there is no trust between two partners, it is because there is distrust. The non-existence of trust can be categorized as a serious illness such as cancer. Why cancer? Simply because cancer is a disease that spreads more and more if it is not treated in time. For trust too, it’s similar. If you don’t deal with mistrust at the start of the relationship, over time the situation gets worse. There will be no more confidence within the couple.

Without trust, those in a relationship cannot be happy together. For two people to be in a relationship, there has to be a reason. They are not together for nothing. But from there, you have to know how to keep this relationship. Confidence is an important part in the couple’s life. Nowadays, man and woman work. If neither of them trusts their partner, they are not going to have an easy life. After work, at home, instead of finding a peaceful life where they can relax after a hard day, they will find doubts, anger, contempt, among others. And if they don’t resolve the problem in time, it can get worse until you get a divorce.

Promote good communication

It is not necessary to have deep conversations every day or to always talk about our feelings and conflicts, but we must also be careful not to fall into the other extreme (a communication focused only on banal and routine themes ). You can try a new topic, for example the numerology.

Focus on sexual relationship

How to improve sex with our spouse? Keeping the flame of passion alive in a relationship is a challenge that requires resources and attention. There are many taboos that can limit or degrade sex with our spouse, especially when the years and months spent together pass. There are, however, many strategies and exercises to increase desire and improve sex. This is why we have selected in this article the most effective and practical ways to improve sex with our spouse.

What is sexuality?

First, it is important to define what the concept of sexuality encompasses. A concept as rich as it is complex and which involves not only purely sensory contact, but also the thoughts, gestures and fantasies that a person has. Sexuality can be defined as “the set of behaviors, characteristics, emotions and thoughts that are involved in the quest for sexual pleasure, even indirectly.” For example, wanting to feel attractive and seeking physical affection are expressions of our sexuality. As we have seen before, sexuality is not just sex and desire, it also involves seduction, caresses, complicity and intimacy. We are referring here to friendship , team feeling, caring and being protected in a couple relationship. If these implicit elements do not work properly, do not flow from a source as we could say colloquially, the sexual desire will be notably reduced. This effect is most evident in women who, due to cultural heritage and education, already have a broader concept of sexuality.

Be a team

Most of the decisions we make affect our relationship, directly or indirectly. When you get into the habit of making decisions as a couple, the union is strengthened. We should not see the couple as a confrontation, a fight against the other, and the partner as a rival.

Be considered in cohabitation

In the life of two, on a daily basis, it is possible that we have certain habits that disturb the other and vice versa. Even if they seem unimportant details, they can create conflicts over time. For example, if your partner accuses you of leaving a mess, not washing the dishes, smoking in the room … and these behaviors continue over time, these are things that will gradually undermine the relationship of the couple. If your partner has sometimes asked you to change your behaviors or habits of cohabitation, maintaining them shows inflexibility and selfishness. We are obviously talking about small habits here, not personality traits. It is not a question of becoming someone else to please but to change these few habits without it costing too much effort. It is also a sign of pleasant affection to have daily attention for the other: prepare your favorite dish, leave a little affectionate note or encourage it when you know that a difficult day awaits it, ask how the day went, a little shoulder massage, etc.

These factors all seem obvious, but it’s worth remembering them from time to time to see what we could improve to get closer to our partner and take full advantage of the relationship.

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