Kasamba Truth and Light – Helen Story, Review 2018

I would like to share my experience of using the Kasamba Truth and Light expert help. When I was 18, I fell in love with a guy who was two years older than me. I noticed him immediately as I had a lot of friends at the university and Panjab was a new student. He came to my city Palo Alto, California with the aim to get a good education because he didn’t have such possibility in his native country – India.

Fell in Love

India Student
I offered him to help with university assignments, and he accepted my help. We started to communicate and with time, I noticed that Panjab treated me with tenderness and care. I felt that he liked me and I liked him. Once, he offered me to walk around. We went to the park, ate ice-cream, and had fun. Then, he kissed me! It was my first kiss! It was really exciting and unforgettable. Since that day, we have started dating. Our relationships lasted for about 2-3 months, after which he made a proposal and I was happy to say “Yes”. First, we had romantic relationships, spent our free time together, and always enjoyed being close to each other. Unfortunately, our paradise didn’t last for long. In a couple of months, I noticed that my husband became not so loving and affectionate. He forgot to congratulate me on my birthday and stopped making pleasant surprises he had done before.

Lonely Morning

Once, I got up in the morning and didn’t find him. The worst thing is that all of his clothes, books, and other things disappeared as well. I started panicking. I didn’t know what to think and what to do. I called all common friends but nobody knew where he was. Later, my university teacher told that he has heard how my husband was going to leave California in order to work in his native country.

I was confused and disappointed. Why didn’t he tell me about his intention to leave? I had a strong wish to buy a ticket to India and look for him. But then I understood that it would be impossible to find him as I didn’t know anything about his family and the place of living. I suffered much because I sacrificed even my relationships with parents in order to be with him. They didn’t approve of our relationships because we had different religions. It was all the same for me, which religion I have.

Kasamba Truth and Light in action

Time passed but I still felt miserable. I didn’t know how to trust men again. One day I found Kasamba Truth and Light. This was the day when my life started to change gradually. Step by step, the talented specialist helped me to get a deep understanding of the situation I faced. He helped me to analyze everything and I have finally taken control over my life. I stopped being afraid of men and the thought of marriage didn’t look so horrible anymore. I met a good man of my age, who had the same religion, and nationality. We had a lot of common interests and hobbies working in the same company.

Who am I today?

Kasambas Truth and Light Alone Story
I have never regretted that I agreed to marry him because now I am 35 and I am a happy mom of two wonderful kids. I have two girls. I am very thankful to Truth and Light for making a great contribution to my happy life. Thanks to the help I got within a short period of time, I managed to see my own path clearly. The practical pieces of advice were extremely helpful, though, at the beginning, I didn’t believe that this could help me. Fortunately, I was mistaken. By the way, my relationships with parents are fine again. They understood my behavior and forgave that I gave preference to a stranger without listening to their advice.

Now I know that everyone has his/her own life cycle and we need to overcome obstacles. I can recommend the specialist assistance provided at the Truth and Light to everyone who has lost his/her way.

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