Kate Story – How to Predict the Future?

Kate Interview after reading How to gain psychic and magick powers
About the interviewee: I am Kate, 35 years old. I am married and have a kid 3 years old. According to the diploma, I am the doctor but now I am thinking about my own tarot reading service because I want to help people to learn more about their destiny.

I would like to share my life story with you because I hope that my personal experience will be useful for other people with the same problems in life. I have been looking for their solutions for years and found in the book “How to gain psychic and magick powers” (read book review). However, I’d prefer to start from the very beginning.

When was the first time you wanted to predict the future?

Being a teenager, like most girls, I was interested in all possible ways allowing to find out what to expect in the future. Especially, this concerns romantic relationships. I often asked my granny to predict who would be my future husband using the standard playing deck. I was listening to her with the excitement every time she told me something that was connected with my adulthood and my future love affairs. Granny always smiled and it seemed that for her it wasn’t as serious as for me. Once, being 18, when I was celebrating my birthday party, I decided to ask my grandmother to have a look at what to expect from the future.

It was the first time when my granny didn’t smile. She was looking at the images of the deck and I felt that she felt sorrow. I asked what was there but she was silent. Then, a bit later, she told me that I would meet a man of the same age, marry him without love, and will suffer from being married to the man whom I won’t love for the whole life. Moreover, she predicted me a real love for the whole life with another man who would be married to another woman. She said that the future wouldn’t be happy and full of joy. I said that the deck can say untrue things and I even forgot about this with time.

Did the prediction come true?

I remember the summer when I met my future husband, first, it seemed to me that he was the best man, I was happy when he proposed me, we got married in one year after dating. Then, he went abroad to work on the important project. I was alone not for long. I understood that I didn’t even miss my husband, I loved not him but his attitude towards me. However, after he left, his attitude changed as well. We became the strangers to each other. I met another man whom loved more than life but he had the family and we couldn’t be together.

I couldn’t live the way I did before our meeting, everything reminded me of him after our short period of unforgettable love and real emotions I felt only once in my life. I suffered really much when thinking of the unfair life, which didn’t allow me to love him openly. My husband came back home and it seemed that he really missed me. I didn’t feel brave enough to tell that I understood that I didn’t have any feelings towards him anymore.

Days passed and I started feeling the stranger in my own house. I felt that I didn’t know who I was and what life would be better for me. It seemed that I couldn’t breathe freely with my husband but something always prevented me from breaking up. At the same time, the man I loved looked unhappy as well. He was married and had a kid but I knew he loved me. I remembered how my granny always used the playing deck to find answers to the questions that worried her most. I went to the store and bought the one.

How have you found the book “How to gain psychic and magick powers”?

I wanted to find out what to do next to feel better and to make my life easier but it seemed that I didn’t have the talent of my granny. In several weeks after the unsuccessful attempt to use the deck, I was on my way home and I heard the phrase one person said to his neighbor “Impossible is nothing”. I thought about this phrase and it encouraged me to search for the rules on how to use the tarot reading or at least the usual playing deck I had at home.

Instead of the simple instructions, I found the book “How to gain psychic and magick powers”. The name sounded so tempting that I decided to read what the readers write about the effect they got after reading it. I understood that I can rely only on my personal opinion and experience and wouldn’t know how it works until I don’t use it on my own. I bought the book and got free books as a gift. By the way, one of them was about the use of the simple playing deck. Everything was written in the simple language and I managed to find some answers to my questions with its help. One card told me that it is up to me to change my life and the faster the better because not much time is left.

Has the book helped you?

Kate and daughter
I have never believed in the magic powers available for everyone. However, this time I decided to try. I concentrated on my question and have read the book carefully. I noticed that my attitude towards relationships changed greatly. I became more self-confident and understood that the real power was always with me, inside me. I thought that I couldn’t influence any event in my life but this wasn’t so in reality.

I found the best solution to the problem of my unhappy love that was ruining my life. I fought all fears and felt that I could do much more than I thought. I started to build relationships with other people, found a good job, and noticed that my confidence and independence looked attractive for others. I followed all the exercises described in the book daily and felt the energy and power that I hadn’t had before.

I understood that I had the wrong understanding of love and relationships. It seemed that I became the better myself. I looked at my husband and understood that I was wrong towards him. We started to plan a baby. I was full of mysterious energy and was ready to give birth to a kid. I decided to let the man I loved go and stay with his own family because it was obvious for me that I couldn’t build happiness on somebody’s grief.

Thanks to the book I have become the creator of my life. Now I have control over my life instead of being controlled by anybody. I have no doubts and always know what will be better for me and my family. I am thankful to the author of the book who helped me to find myself lost in the unhappy love affairs for years. I can recommend the book to everyone who wants to find out more about the effective methods on how to make all dreams come true.

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