How I Have Unlocked My Mind and Become Successful [$250k a year]

Interviewee: Keith, 35 years old, a mother of 2 kids, a successful businesswoman. Keith will share her own story about the acquaintance with the Total Money Magnetism and its role in her current life.

Keith, do you consider Total Money Magnetism an effective tool for realizing your plans?
I can say that it has really worked great for me! I have reached the heights I couldn’t even think about but you shouldn’t think that this is a magic book and you will become rich immediately after listening to the advice there. You will have to  work hard  to make all your dreams come true. It is really effective for people who have an analytical mind and are ready to analyze all mistakes and the reasons of the frequent failures.

How did you find the Total Money Magnetism? What made you follow the pieces of advice there?

keith baby
My life wasn’t as easy as ABC from early childhood. My parents were very poor and they couldn’t even feed me the right way not saying about clothes and other needs and wants. I had to start working when being at college. I had a lot of dreams and plans for the future but my mom always told me that such people like they have no chances to succeed in life. I worked hard to support myself and help parents while I needed to learn as well. I understood that the hard work isn’t sufficient to become rich. There are people who work  12 hours  a day and are  paid not that much . Millionaires don’t work nights and days because they have invented the way on how to make the business work for them, not vice versa.

One day I found the site with the reviews of people who have reached their goals with the help of Total Money Magnetism. I didn’t believe in its help first but I have decided to try because there was nothing to lose. I have passed the whole course and I was pleasantly surprised at how I changed as well as my attitude to getting money.

How exactly has the book helped you?
keith passed quiz
I have passed the quiz to check whether I have the brain of the millionaire. And you know what? It turned out that I had it! But certain corrections have been necessary. While reading I understood that I think only about the final goal to become rich but miss the  must-steps  that should be taken to make this wish come true. My attitude to money changed and I noticed that I had no money magnetism anymore. What does this mean? The Total Money Magnetism is the best way to think like a millionaire even if you have no money to buy the basic things. By changing yourself and the attitude to what you are doing you can increase your chances to succeed in life greatly. I have checked this when nobody believed that I could succeed, I did it!

Do you consider yourself a successful person now?

Keith salon
I think that the understanding of success varies from a person to a person but I think that I have a stable financial situation now  ($250k a year) , which allows me to consider my current life successful. I have my own business in the sphere of beauty treatments. My mother always said that nowadays you can have your own network of beauty salons only if you are either married to a millionaire or have rich parents. She didn’t consider herself a strong person able to earn herself and thought that her daughter is also a weak woman but she has mistaken. Perhaps, the fact that my parents didn’t believe in me made me even stronger and pushed me to look for the effective methods on how to become rich using your personal internal potential having no additional sources of income and anybody who could help you. It was very important for me to prove everybody that I am worth something and can do something without extra help. However, I would fail if not found the book Total Money Magnetism, which helped me to reveal a great potential in me. At the moment, I have a lot of plans for the future development of my business. I have  3 beauty salons  and work 20 hours per week. But I don’t want to stop here. My dream is to build a complex, which will provide all medical procedures and beauty treatments to women of different age categories. I am going to expand the sphere of business because I think that you can be successful only if moving forward constantly.

Whom would you like to recommend Total Money Magnetism?
Keith story
I want to recommend it to everyone who thinks that he/she hasn’t been created to be wealthy and successful. There are people whose brain is blocked and they think that there are two worlds: one belongs to rich people and another one is where poor people live and there is no any way to cross the border. It is not right! Even if today you have nothing to eat, tomorrow you may have millions, which you have no idea what to spend on. There is no magic! By the way, the author of Total Money Magnetism wasn’t a child of the rich parents. He had a poor life but he managed to get rid of poverty when he unlocked his mind and allowed himself to think that he could be rich. I think that everyone should read it and get the secret knowledge on how to reprogram your mind so that you start to brainstorm great ideas for attracting income. Build connections between your mental blocks and never let your brain block you from wealth.  [Read Vera’s review on Total Money Magnetism
About the author
author Vera Smith
Vera Smith is one of the world’s leading researchers in the fields of personality, social psychology, and developmental psychology. Vera stated in her earlier years she was quite an introvert in high school and socially awkward, she feels obligated to give people the freedom of socializing that he didn’t have due to his social inadequacies at the time. Vera now works as a life coach for personal development and devotes much of her time interviewing interesting people, answering emails and phone calls for people in need of guidance in the realm of communication, relationships and socializing. She lives with her husband in Palo Alto, California.
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  1. I agree with the Keith because I have got acquainted with the principles described in the Total Money Magnetism and I have tried to follow the advice. I feel how my brain starts thinking in another direction. Now I try to get rid of mental blocks, which have prevented me from the thinking directed at the wealth and success. I think that Total Money Magnetism is a solid foundation for successful-oriented people.


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