Life Path Number Calculator and Meaning

The science of numbers – numerology – was part of the secret knowledge of the most educated and enlightened elite of ancient states: Egyptian priests, Assyrian magicians, Indian Brahmins. The priests of ancient Memphis claimed: “the science of numbers opens all doors of the Universe.” Pythagoras was sure that the better a person is familiar with the magic properties of numbers, the more power he has over his destiny. Numbers accompany us from birth to the last days of our life. What role do they play? Here you will find out more about the influence of numbers on all spheres of our life.

life path number meaning

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Calculate Your Life Path Number

Nature sets a certain goal for each person from the moment of his/her birth. It is a kind of strategic direction, in which it is necessary to move. The path to this goal, laid throughout life, the events and situations arising, mostly depend on the person himself, on his model of behavior. This model is laid down at the time of birth. The name given to the person contains the parameters of this model. The most important of these parameters is the Life Path number.

Life path number is able to tell you about:

  • The purpose of your life;
  • Achievements;
  • Your chances for success;
  • Your spiritual mission;
  • Qualities you should develop and what way of life you should lead;
  • Your destination;
  • The goal that you should strive for in life;
  • A kind of activity that would be a natural expression of your life’s path.

How to Find Your Numerology Numbers

Numerologists believe that the most effective and accurate method of calculation is to add up all the figures from the date of birth. This is a simple but true way that everyone can use. To do this, refer to the date of your birth, for example: 07/04/1987. Add each digit: 0 + 7 + 0 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 36. You need to get a single digit, so the calculation continues until you get a single digit. In the end we have: 36 = 3 + 6 = 9. Nine will be the Life Path number here. Use this online calculator to get your life path number:

1 Life Path Meaning

1 Life Path: Talents and abilities

One Life Path Number
Life path number 1 endows people with ambition, energy, and straightforwardness. It is a symbol of leadership: such people implement the most daring ideas, pave new paths and help others to find them. They are born leaders who want to leave a significant mark behind them and stand out from the crowd. Courage is their distinguishing feature.  They radiate self-confidence and possess a great gift of persuasion. Most of them are noble, honest, and direct people. In addition, they have a wonderful sense of humor, they always know how to react quickly and witty. Therefore, despite the certain rigidity in dealing with people, and sometimes even rough straightforwardness, they easily find loyal and devoted friends.

1 Life Path: Сharacter

The negative side of number 1 manifests itself in such traits as intolerance, selfishness, cynicism, aggressiveness, the desire to subjugate others at any cost. The total inability to recognize own mistakes, as well as the striving for unlimited freedom, make it often difficult for people with the life path number 1 to adapt to generally accepted norms. They are arrogant and sometimes can use any means to achieve their goals.

1 Life Path: Career and Business

Despite their creative abilities, they achieve the highest success as directors and managers. The tremendous dynamism, the ability to plan and implement what they have conceived makes it easier for them to have access to higher positions. The greatest satisfaction they receive, working for themselves or occupying a high position, which allows them to act with maximum freedom.

1 Life Path: Love Compatibility

People of number 1 are sensitive, impetuous and passionate. With ease, they conquer the hearts of representatives of the opposite sex, for which they should be grateful for their charm and exceptional gift of persuasion. In love, as in other spheres of life, they are insatiable and power-hungry, and the more they love someone and feel affection for this person, the more they try to bring under control the beloved person.

Man: Such a man is independent in a relationship.  He is ambitious, bold, and straightforward. You can rely on him in a difficult moments. He can do everything for the object of his passion. He can fall in love recklessly, ignoring common sense.

Woman: Self-confident and possessing a strong character, such a woman chooses a man herself. She is persistent in achieving goals. She strives to rule but does not tolerate men who fulfill all her wishes.

1-1 Compatibility

It is difficult for them to compromise, and it is difficult to accept the character of each other. Marriage will be prolonged only if both parties jointly pursue their spiritual growth, and the disclosure of their human qualities.

1-2 Compatibility

Strong lieder number 1 and soft sensitive 2. In this alliance, 1 should always remember how 2 needs support and understanding. If 1 learns to give love and understanding to partner number 2, then in return he/she will receive so much tenderness and gratitude that it will make this union just unbreakable.

1-3 Compatibility

Creative and bright 3 will be grateful 1 for support. They have many common points of contact, both are very active and like to be in the center of attention. Their relationship is an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration for each other.

1-4 Compatibility

Here we can see a good alliance for ruling business together. For family relationships it is necessary to soften hardness and transform into softer vibrations. Then the relationship will develop into a complete mutual understanding and can become stable.

1-5 Compatibility

Quite a problematic union as both partners are independent and dynamic. 5 is always in search, movement, and 1 does not tolerate other people’s rules, conflicts and misunderstandings are possible.

1-6 Compatibility

A good alliance, especially if 6 is a woman. In this case, 6 softens the proud character of 1, gives the union more softness, and 1 deals with the material side.

1-7 Compatibility

It is difficult to understand each other. 1 likes to be in sight, she is in the spotlight and events, and 7 is a look inside, this is the world, the entrance to which is often closed even to close people. They have different views on life and it is difficult to build relationships in marriage.

1-8 Compatibility

This is a very favorable union based on creative energies, where 1 helps to reveal all the huge potential of 8. They are both well and comfortable with each other.

1-9 Compatibility

There is a union of two very strong personalities. If a woman is 1 and a man is 9, for the harmonious relations of such a couple, the most important thing is that she will learn how to show activity in a purely female way, exclude assertiveness and hardness, but direct the strength of character to development and creativity.

1 Life Path: Life mission

The life mission of these people is the need to inspire others encouraging them to act. By their own example, they should teach others that there are no unattainable goals and impossible things.

1 Life Path: Famous People

Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Nicolas Cage, Pierre Cardin, Karl Lagerfeld, Adriano Celentano, Ozzy Osbourne, Sting, and Nikola Tesla.

2 Life Path

2 Life Path: Talents and Abilities

Two Life Path Number
Due to their modesty, simplicity, delicacy, these people are the ideal arbiter, able to resolve various disputes and conflicts, to give others confidence. These people spread around an atmosphere of harmony and peace. Well-bred and caring for others, they have many friends.

2 is a female number and therefore such people know how to appreciate the refined, spiritual and intellectual. These people feel disgust for any manifestations of cowardice and moral uncleanness. Most often, these are people interested in art and intellectual issues. These people have an analytical mind-set, therefore, before making any decision, first of all they gather a maximum of information, and then act very carefully and diplomatically.

2 Life Path: Character

Their kindness, gentleness, cordiality and the ability to forgive are the reason that they are loved and respected. If they want, they can easily manipulate other people and make others look at the world with their eyes. They act so subtly that it is not difficult for them to achieve their goals. The negative traits of character of the number are the following: compliance, suspicion, indecision, and capriciousness, a quick change of mood.

2 Life Path: Career and Business

People of this number achieve success in any field of activity that requires tact, diplomacy and personal culture. They achieve good results where values ​​such as the ability to analyze and the ability to cooperate with others are appreciated. Thanks to these advantages, combined with a deep sense of responsibility, they are ideal workers, disciplined and obedient.

If one take into account their ability to analyze and the ability to weigh the pros and cons, then the opinion of the 2 life path number will always be “in the top ten”, due to which they can win respect and enjoy the authority of others.

2 Life Path: Love Compatibility

Man: His heart is open to the feelings of other people, and the mind is tuned to the perception of the world around him. The best match for such a man is a woman who will share his tastes and will be always nearby inspiring him, sharing with him all cares and interests. Emotional attachment plays a major role for him in relationships. He appreciates comfort and stability. This is a loving and devoted partner, but too predictable and therefore sometimes boring.

Woman: Such a woman is sociable and charming, most fully revealed during close relationships. The more trustworthy the relationship is, the more harmonious her life is. She is vulnerable to other people’s feelings and emotions.

She is always happy to get signs of attention, but is able to quickly change her mind and break off relations. Expensive gifts and comfort are more interesting to her than intellectual conversations.

2-2 Compatibility

The complexity of such relations is due to the fact that they are both very sensitive natures, somewhat closed in their inner world.

2-3 Compatibility

A good chance to be happy. Remarkably counterbalance each other – bright, cheerful 3 and sensitive 2. A lot of emotions, feelings and tenderness. Communication is harmonious.

2-4 Compatibility

A good combination of soft 2 and solid 4. They harmonize and balance each other. Emotional 2 will always find support in a stable and stress-resistant 4.

2-5 Compatibility

The problem with such a couple is that there is a dynamic and fast 5, which is difficult to be in one place and 2, which needs close communication with a partner. Jealousy and mutual misunderstanding are possible.

2-6 Compatibility

The ideal combination for family relations. Two soft people, who value home comfort and harmony, will love, support each other in sorrow and joy.

2-7 Compatibility

Not so successful combination for family, tender 2 will suffer from closed and serious 7. 2 will lack spiritual intimacy, hence jealousy and misunderstanding. If you want to preserve this union, you must try to understand and accept that 2 – requires attention, and 7 – often goes into his thoughts and is removed from the bustle and everyday life.

2-8 Compatibility

The main thing here is the desire to be useful to the partner, to help in spiritual development, since 2 and 8 are very different in seeing the world. 2 everything is directed inward, on own emotions and 8 thinks globally. 8 can often offend 2 without even noticing it.

2-9 Compatibility

Similar interests, bright emotionality and a propensity for romance unite these two people. Here the main thing is to understand, when moving from a honeymoon phase of relationship, that life does not consist of only romantic dates and kisses on the bench. 2 and 9 can become a fairly harmonious couple, where 9 will help 2 open horizons to look at the world more freely and openly.

2 Life Path: Life Mission

Number 2 is between light and darkness, good and evil, heat and cold, wealth and poverty, life and death. People of this number must accept life as it is, adapt to it, avoid extremes.

2 Life Path: Famous People

Jennifer Aniston, Coco Chanel, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Barak Obama

3 Life Path

3 Life Path: Talents and Abilities

Three Life Path Number
3 endows people with talent, sharp mind, developed intuition. They are life-loving, resourceful and extraordinarily active. From others, they are distinguished by the great interest in the world around them and numerous hobbies. Endowed with eloquence, which sometimes takes the form of talkativeness, they easily make contacts.

3 Life Path: Character

They are sensitive, capable of any sacrifice and deprivation of people, to help friends or remain faithful to their ideals. They like to be in the spotlight, they enjoy praise and compliments. They are able to enjoy themselves and deliver a lot of joy to others. Always take for granted what fate has prepared for them. Few can resist their charm. They are active and resourceful, and inspire others with their enthusiasm and optimism, encouraging them to act. However, they rarely seek to dominate others. These people are very popular, and they are happy to be seen in any society having many friends and fans, they are loved and appreciated.

3 Life Path: Career and Business

In many professions, they are expected to succeed, because they are distinguished by their intelligence, ambition and rich imagination. But the most suitable professions will be requiring creativity. They will never have difficulties earning money. It will be much harder for them to keep what they have earned. Most of them are very lucky in money matters.

3 Life Path: Love Compatibility

In their personal lives, they are affectionate, their love is profound, they are devoted to home and family. Emotional attachment is vitally important.

Man: A sociable, active man, is popular and can have several affairs at the same time. Always ready for fun, adventure, risky ventures; the soul of any company, but it is often not taken seriously. Often chooses a woman, based on the first impression.

Woman: Enchants men with her charm and independent behavior. She is sincere and sensual, self-confident to narcissism. Appreciates friendship and devotion, sex for her is a game and entertainment. First of all, strives to meet her own needs.

3-3 Compatibility

The love story will be bright and beautiful. Two creative people who like to be in sight, in the center of attention – for a joint creative project – a hundred times YES! When the feelings of both are burning with equal force, this flash often fades quickly, where the partners, before they cannot understand, do not accept each other. Although, there are exceptions.

3-4 Compatibility

Bright, spontaneous 3 and hard but careful 4. In this union the marriage will develop according to the scenario – 3 illuminates everything around beauty and joy, and 4 is a stronghold and a reliable family rear.

3-5 Compatibility

Constant movement, communication, friends, and new acquaintances. This is a bright couple who understand each other well.

3-6 Compatibility

Excellent combination! Love, joy and mutual understanding reign in such an alliance. 6 – reliable, 3 – the source of joy. Both strive for harmony in the relationship.

3-7 Compatibility

It is difficult to understand each other. 7 is a bit selfish, and loves solitude and being alone. 3- wants to be the focus of the partner and others.

3-8 Compatibility

If these people decided to engage in joint business in the field of creativity – they perfectly complement each other. For the family, it is rather problematic, both want their opinion to be a priority, and the opinions are so radically different that it can be difficult to agree.

3-9 Compatibility

This is a good alliance. 3 is so interesting and 9 can always be patient and give 3 calmness and serenity. They understand and supplement each other.

3 Life Path: Life Mission

The purpose of these people is to love and be loved, to inspire everyone whom they meet in their life.

3 Life Path: Famous People

Charles Koch, Jackie Chan, Vin Diesel, Cameron Diaz, Svetlana Loboda

4 Life Path

4 Life Path: Talents and Abilities

Four Life Path Number
These people are distinguished by a sharp and astute mind. You can always rely on them. If they promise anything, they will fulfill the promise, even if it will be not easy. They have few friends, but friendship with them is preserved for life. They are serious, reserved and know how to keep other people’s secrets, hate all sorts of intrigues and gossip.

4 Life Path: Character

Risk is not their character trait. They are prone to caution and forbearance. Therefore, before proceeding to action, they must thoroughly study and ponder all. But if they decided on something, then under no circumstances will they turn off their chosen path. Negative traits are despondency, laziness, sluggishness, jealousy, complacency, irritability, stubbornness, conservatism, impatience, imprudence and insecurity.

4 Life Path: Career and Business

People of this number should look for activities that require concentration, accuracy and patience. They are able to perform monotonous tasks, before which others are powerless. They are not afraid of hard work, on the contrary, they tend to perform routine actions that require methodicalness and special attention to detail.

4 Life Path: Love Compatibility

Man: Such a man is looking for a woman, a relationship with whom will be built on a long-term basis. Concerned about the material security of his life and he needs the same practical wife. He is not inclined to love intrigues and does not want to change his settled and measured way of life.

Woman: In the partner she seeks reliability, paying special attention to his material security. She needs such a man who would have a great potential for energy, and set high goals.

4-4 Compatibility

Both can make a decision, both are firm in their convictions, both like clarity and order. If there is a common interest and the partners learn how to compromise a stable union is possible, based more on material interest and respectful attitude in their family.

4-5 Compatibility

Absolutely different people. 5 is constantly in search of new sensations, 4 is stable and rather static. They find it difficult to understand each other. More often such unions are short-lived.

4-6 Compatibility

Both love material prosperity and are ready to work, so hard that sometimes they forget that in the family the main thing is love and positive emotions. 4 is not much generous for compliments and this becomes the cause of misunderstanding of the spouses.

4-7 Compatibility

The love between them lacks true passion. A good union is possible, especially if it is dominated by 7 (in case it is a man).

4-8 Compatibility

Good harmonious union. A strong, global 8 sees the breadth and perspective of the development of the family, career and spiritual growth. They complement each other.

4-9 Compatibility

They understand each other, and such an alliance can result in a long and strong friendship. And, nevertheless, family happiness is so differently represented that they will have to agree on many points to build a harmonious family.

4 Life Path: Life Mission

Their main purpose is to convey a sense of security and stability to the people who surround them.

4 Life Path: Famous People

Bill Gates, David Koch, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Nicole Kidman.

5 Life Path

5 Life Path: Talents and Abilities

Five Life Path Number
These people have an extraordinary ability to learn new information, grasp everything on the fly. Easily learn foreign languages. Their attention is directed to many things at once, so to use their abilities with maximum benefit, they need to learn to concentrate on a specific goal. If they succeed, then any goal will be achievable for them.

5 Life Path: Character

The love of change, the constant striving forward is an integral part of their lives. Most often, they take decisions under the influence of sudden impulses. Negative qualities of a given number – impermanence, insecurity, jealousy, envy, imbalance, irresponsibility, vanity.

5 Life Path: Career and Business

They must carefully choose a profession, as routine and lack of vivid impressions can be the cause of failure. The most suitable activities for them are those where there is movement, change, necessity to use their sharp mind, imagination and initiative.

5 Life Path: Love Compatibility

5-5 Compatibility

Marriage can be very successful – joint trips, joint business, a lot of friends and communication. The only is danger of such a marriage is that there is a need to control emotions.

5-6 Compatibility

The union of two very different people, which has not many chances to be happy.

5-7 Compatibility

Both are independent, interesting and original. This identity can pull you to each other like a magnet. The main thing is to find common points of contact in this alliance. Otherwise, everyone will begin to show their individuality independently.

5-8 Compatibility

An interesting alliance, subtle relationship. 8 and 5 are prone to mysticism and their understanding of each other can occur at the level of vibration, when one only thought, the other already knows.

5-9 Compatibility

There are two mystics with great abilities to dream, so successfully that dreams are often embodied in reality.

5 Life Path: Life Mission

The purpose of these people is to motivate other people to act. They must show to others that one can develop spiritually without losing one’s love for life and enthusiasm.

5 Life Path: Famous People

Mark Zuckerberg, Amancio Ortega, Angelina Jolie, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Benjamin Franklin.

6 Life Path

6 Life Path: Talents and Abilities

Six Life Path Number
Cheerful and energetic they are excellent interlocutors and storytellers. Such people are wonderful educators, teachers, doctors. As a rule, even if their sphere of work is quite far from the above, they show themselves in helping other people.

6 Life Path: Character

People of this number are honest, frank, reliable, kind, cheerful. They tend to be satisfied with what has been achieved, without aspiring to the heights of a career and glory. They are distinguished by humanism, generosity and the ability to control oneself. They can be trusted in all respects, as they are positive, noble and friendly. They always wish good to others, and, above all, to their family. Balanced and delicate, they are easy to fall in love with.

6 Life Path: Career and Business

These are people who are destined to achieve success in many spheres of activity, but first of all they must believe in their own strengths, and also that others will notice and appreciate their numerous virtues. All this must be taken into account before choosing a profession.

6 Life Path: Love Compatibility

Man: Such a man loves, selflessly giving himself up to feelings. He sees the advantages and disadvantages of both the partner himself and the prospects of his relations with him. Home and family – the main thing for him.

Woman: Dreamy, has a rich imagination and high intuition. She can be soft, timid, modest or seductive, coquettish, playful. Marriage and children are the main priorities. She chooses a husband who is equal in social position and has similar interests.

6-6 Compatibility

Two gentle and loving hearts that value family, love and harmony. Full mutual understanding

6-7 Compatibility

Very different and it is necessary to exert maximum efforts to preserve harmony in the family.

6-8 Compatibility

It will be better if in this union 6 – a woman, and 8 – a man, since 8 will always dominate.

6-9 Compatibility

The ideal combination of two harmonious personalities. They understand each other and cherish these relations.

6 Life Path: Life Mission

The purpose of life of these people is to create a cozy, family atmosphere for loved ones, and to give love and peace.

6 Life Path: Famous People

Christie Walton, Bruce Willis, Milla Yovovich, Steven King, Britney Spears.

7 Life Path

7 Life Path: Talents and Abilities

Seven Life Path Number
Such people are endowed with strong intellect and analytical skills. They easily acquire information, penetrate the essence of things, establish deep connections between the phenomena of the world. Very perceptive: the ability to “see people through” often manifests itself in childhood. Successfully realize themselves in any intellectual activity. In addition, some of them develop extrasensory abilities over time.

7 Life Path: Character

These people are independent and individualists, they are difficult to understand, because they are silent and introvert. They like to be in the company of only a small circle of loyal friends who share their interests with them. These people are original, proud and so independent that they are reluctant to accept advice and help from others.

7 Life Path: Career and Business

In work, they will feel confident, where high quality and effectiveness are valued, as they strive for excellence and show diligence in everything. But the best results are achieved when they work for themselves, because they are very independent and proud.

7 Life Path: Love Compatibility

Man: To many, he seems prudent and wise in the affairs of love. Perhaps, having met his ideal, he will not dare to get acquainted closer. Mutual understanding is very important for him, perhaps more than love.

Woman: Such a woman has a strange attraction, which fascinates or frightens her fans. She is smart, courteous, tactful, knows how to show the best in herself. Princess-touchy in her youth, she dreams of strong and romantic feelings.

7-7 Compatibility

This union is good only for a mutually beneficial relationship such as a teacher – a student. The marriage of two independent people, for whom it is important, first of all their own opinion, will be problematic.

7-8 Compatibility

They do not understand each other. Both have a tendency to philosophical vision, but 8 looks at everything, as if from above, all-embracing, and 7 – as if from the inside. And to reach this inner world of 7 is not given to many.

7-9 Compatibility

Two personalities with their own point of view and understanding of the world, nevertheless, a good union is possible.

7 Life Path: Life Mission

Their mission is the acquisition of inner perfection and serving as an example to all who strive for spiritual and intellectual development. In addition, they must transfer their knowledge that they have acquired.

7 Life Path: Famous People

Carlos Slim, Lawrence Alison, Freddie Mercury, DJ Tiesto, John Grinder.

8 Life Path

8 Life Path: Talents and Abilities

Eight Life Path Number

Able to find a way out of the most difficult situations and overcome all obstacles on the way to the goal. They achieve great success in any field that requires moral or physical endurance, especially in sports.

8 Life Path: Character

People have such traits as leadership, intuition, ingenuity, ambition, originality, the pursuit of a new, responsiveness, humanism, receptivity, kindness, reliability, independence, fearlessness, readiness to overcome obstacles.

8 Life Path: Career and Business

They will be able to prove themselves in any field where common sense and ability to correctly assess the situation, as well as diligence, determination, consistency in the realization of the conceived, energy are necessary.

8 Life Path: Love Compatibility

Man: Independent, self-confident and self-sufficient man. The mistake in choosing a spouse will cost him more than anyone else.

Woman: She needs an intellectual partner, with the same strong character that is able to oppose her own ambitions.

8-8 Compatibility

It is difficult to compromise because everyone has the ability to think widely and influence others. After all, everything that 8 does is always large-scale and global. Learn to give in and transform pride into creative energy.

8-9 Compatibility

Two strong personalities have different worldview. The family union is problematic.

8 Life Path: Life Mission

In life they must learn to use their energy and ambition for the benefit of others.

8 Life Path: Famous People

Andrew Carnegie, Cindi Crawford, Alexander Bell, Benjamin Graham, Bernard Show.

9 Life Path

9 Life Path: Talents and Abilities

Nine Life Path Number
People of this number have great intellectual abilities, strong will. They gravitate toward art, creative work, they become pioneers, inventors, musicians.

9 Life Path: Character

Clever, active, resourceful, they will always find a way out of any situation. Most of them make a good impression and quickly gain the sympathy and trust of others. They are polite, tactful and delicate. And although they are perceived as cheerful, friendly and sociable people, yet most of them prefer a solitary way of life.

9 Life Path: Career and Business

Such people are aesthetically receptive and creative, therefore they realize themselves in creative professions: verbal creativity, acting, and musical writing.

9 Life Path: Love Compatibility

Man: It is important for him to maintain his freedom and the feeling that he belongs only to himself. He believes that sex is the physical continuation of intellectual communication between the sexes.

Woman: She can dissolve in love for the chosen one, completely give herself to him, or never know what love is and whether it was love.

9-9 Compatibility

Excellent union of two peacekeepers. Harmonious union, where there is room for love, understanding, and all the beauty that is in the relationship of two good people.

9 Life Path: Life Mission

Their life purpose is to be for others a “beacon” that illuminates, ennobles and indicates the true meaning of life to all those who pass by.

9 Life Path: Famous People

John Rockefeller, Jim Walton, Jean Paul Gaultier, Donatella Versace, Robbie Williams.

Love Compatibility Table By Life Path Number

Find Your Perfect Match by the Life Path Number

  • 1-3 Bad
  • 3-6 Neutral
  • 6-9 Good
  • 10 Excellent

Life Path Number & Master Number

The process of calculating the Master number is no different from the standard one used for defining Life Path number. The only difference is that when you get the sum 11, 22 or 33 further conversions are not required.

For example, when calculating the Number of the Life Path by date 22.03.1997, the desired result should look like this: 2 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 7 = 33. This is the Master number. And if in man the spiritual prevails over the material, his life path will be determined by the influence of the number 33, and not 6.

Meanings of Master Numbers

  • Master number 11: A high level of intuition, pronounced creativity, enthusiasm, humanism. Mission of number 11 – education in any area where the key to success is primarily the striving for spiritual goals. Refusal to fulfill this mission can lead to the destruction of the person
  • Master number 22: A unique ability to see the whole of the disparate parts. Mission of number 22 is to use this ability to organize and direct the creative activity of a large number of people for the implementation of large-scale projects.
  • Master number 33: Boundless philanthropy, endless patience and selflessness. Mission of number 33 – to reconcile people with their “demons”, to teach them justice, love and compassion. The purpose of life is to be useful: to help, support and patronize, spreading its beneficial influence on everyone.

Life Path Number and Destiny Number

Life Path number shows the direction where to go while Destiny number defines the individuality and quality of each step you make. Destiny number or the Expression number, as it is also called, defined on the base of the full name given at birth. It is well-known that the name of a person may have a great influence on all spheres of life. It is possible to discover person’s opportunities, life purpose, talents and abilities if you know your Destiny number.

In numerology, each letter of person’s name has its own destiny number:


In order to get the Destiny number it is necessary to find your letters from the table above. The same procedure should be used for your First Name, Middle Name (if there is such) and Last Name. For each name it is necessary to find out its single digit number. Then add all numbers till you have the one digit figure. Remember that if you get 11, 22 or 33 you should leave them without changes as they are Master numbers.

For example:

Steve Jobs

Steve 1+2+5+4+5=17=1+7=8

Jobs 1+6+2+1=10=1

Meanings of Destiny numbers:

  • Strong personality with a talent to persuade, able to occupy leading positions in all spheres of life.
  • Easy-going and friendly personality making a person a perfect partner.
  • Talented person, who lacks order in his life
  • Imaginative personality looking for creative solutions.
  • Adventurous personality who likes traveling and discovering something new.
  • Loving and caring personality with a talent to find harmony in everything.
  • Analytical mind and enormous curiosity are main features of this number.
  • Great leader with the ability to reach much in life if not being stubborn and impatient.
  • Idealist, who feels good, if contributes to society. Areas where to direct this energy: politics, teaching, environmental protection, etc.

Life Path Number and House Number

Many people notice how the mood and even physical health changes after a person crosses the threshold of the house. It’s not just the energy that prevails in the room. The numerology of an apartment or house has a significant impact on life of all people living there. Sometimes people feel comfortable in the house, however, there are situations when the house inhabitants can’t understand what is wrong in the place where they live. To know how your house influences your life, it is necessary to calculate its number. In numerology, each house has its so-called personality, which is hidden in its address.

If your house number has the number, consisting of a single digit, then you should nothing but read the meaning. In case there are several numbers, you should add all of them to get the only one digit.

For example, the number of your house is 1605.

Add: 1+6+0+5=12

Now add 1+2 and 3 will be the house number.

Note that the most significant is the number and not the name of the street where you live. In case a person lives in the flat, then only his flat number is important and not the number of the whole building. Often you can see a letter in the home address, then it is necessary to do the same calculations and add the numeric value, which corresponds to the letter.

1=A, J, S

2=B, K, T

3=C, L, U

4=D, M, V

5= E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7= G, P, Y

8= H, Q, Z

9= I, R

Example: 97 B =9+7+2 (B=2)=18=9

What kind of “personality” does your house have?

1 – If the number of your house or apartment is 1, this is the ideal place for a person who plans to start a new life. It cannot be called a quiet place to live. It will require considerable willpower and independence. If you do not have such qualities, you will have to develop them, as well as creativity and communication skills.

2- This place is suitable for a family whose members really love each other and want to communicate as often as possible. It is simply ideal for a newly-married couple, as it will help to easily get used to living together.

3- It can be the best option for an elderly person or a family of several generations. It can be called an ideal generic nest, favorable for quiet family life. 4- The apartment is good for thinking out new ideas, plans, as well as creating masterpieces of painting and music.

5-If the tenants love each other, an apartment will help to strengthen this feeling. In this case, you just have an ideal family life. If there is no love between spouses living in a house with a number of 5, treachery and destruction of marriage are possible. This house strengthens all feelings, including hatred.

6- The best option for a peaceful family life. A pleasant and cozy atmosphere is the main advantage of such a home.

7- It is perfect for detectives, scientists, writers, researchers and other people whose work is of an analytical nature.

8-In the apartment with the number 8 active and cheerful people should live. Such a home will help you achieve any goal.

9-The apartment with the corresponding number will be the ideal accommodation for a public figure, teacher, priest or other person whose activities are related to spirituality, religion, people’s education or esotericism.