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My name is Keith. I am 31 now but I feel like still 19 because this age was the happiest period in my life. Unfortunately, it lasted not long. My love story is a very difficult one. I know that it was my fault that I allowed myself to behave like this then but now it is my past already. Almost 12 years ago, I met the man of my life. We met at the sports center, my instructor was ill and a man came to have training with my group that day.
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I felt shy a bit because this was the first instructor-man in my life. I started to think about my appearance though I didn’t know even why I wanted him to like me. After the training, I came back home and told my sister about a handsome man whom I met today and we bet that he will like me. This was just a joke of two sisters but later I understood that it was more like a spell that lasted for the whole life.

I even didn’t have to do anything in order to make him love me. In a week or two, he offered me to go for a walk. I agreed. We were talking, eating ice-cream, and when we were near my house, he suddenly kissed me. I was really shocked. However, later I felt a bit confused but happy. I was waiting to see him again. Since then, I had only three days in my week, only those Mon, Wed, and Friday, when we had training. We didn’t see each other during the weekend and it seemed a bit strange until I found out that he had a wife and a small daughter aged 2. I felt miserable and asked why he didn’t tell me at once. I got an answer that he didn’t love his wife, they lived even separately in different cities.

Experienced Man

I wanted to believe him, he was 11 years older than me and seemed a serious and experienced man for me, the girl of the second course of the university. Our story didn’t last for long as his wife came with the kid and he said me that being a kid who was brought up without a dad, he can’t leave the family but told that we can continue seeing each other and nothing would change for us. I know that many women would say that I am a bad bad girl who wanted to steal a man from the family. No.. I loved him more than my life and didn’t want to lose him. That’s it. Years passed and I met a fellow of my age. Being 22 I finished university and came to my beloved to say him bye because I met a good man who wanted to marry me. I still remember the pain in his eyes.

We didn’t see each other for about a year or so, I tried to be a good wife, did my best by I couldn’t stop thinking of him. Then, my husband, Alex, went away to work in Denmark. I returned to my fitness classes and couldn’t believe my eyes. He was still working in that club. Our passionate love made us feel crazy. I didn’t want anything and anyone, except him. When my husband came back, with time, I became pregnant and couldn’t go in for sports. I couldn’t see him anymore, I told him about this. He smiled and wished to take care of myself.

Years passed but my heart stopped beating without him. It seemed that it was a spell of some malicious witch who didn’t allow me to love somebody else, except him. When my daughter was 1.5 I wanted to see him so much that I went to him again. He was still there, seems he didn’t change his work waiting for me to come to him once. And I came, I didn’t see him for years. He was already 40, I came to congratulate him on his birthday and our story continued. I was living only with my thoughts about his kisses. We were hiding from everyone for about 4 months until his wife started to feel something and we stopped seeing each other for some time.

Painful and wrong love

Our relationships became more and more painful for me. The feeling of waiting was destroying me. I was an adult woman who still wanted to be a child of 19 close to him like in the past. But one day he came and said that we can’t meet anymore. I cried for many days. It was hard. I decided to turn to somebody to get help. I found  Kasamba site  and the great woman helped to see all my life using cards Tarot, she didn’t judge me, she told that I just followed my life path and was weak being unable to change anything in my life. But now it is high time to prioritize all events and people in my life. She helped me to understand that we are not kids, I am 32 and he is 42, that he would never change his life and never divorce his wife. I felt that I also wasn’t ready to divorce and lose my good relationships with the family of my husband. I understood that the only way out is to make myself free from this painful and wrong love.

I was recommended to start writing a book, my story where I left every day lived with my love on the pages of the book, not in real life. I felt like love went away and it has remained in the history of my life. It doesn’t hurt anymore. I am a devoted wife now and a great mom who understood her mistakes. I am thankful to the talented expert who didn’t allow me to destroy my family and the family of the man whom I loved.

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