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Top Of The Line – Manifestation Magic Review: Is it Worth Buying? Does It Work

At least once in your life you thought about how to change everything. Or you thought that you need to change something in your life to make it better. Manifestation Magic by Alexander J Wilson is just aimed to completely change your life. This program was created in order to overcome different stressful situations, to conquer depression, to learn again to be happy and to enjoy your life, to achieve harmony with the world.
If you are ready to change something in your life beyond retrieve, you should prepare yourself to make an effort, because nothing happens by the wave a magic wand. This program will help you, but you should really want to change your mind. If there is a will, there is a way.
With the help of the program you will prepare for the global upheaval of your life. After passing the course of Manifestation Magic you will be able to smile more, to be less angry, to be glad to live and to get everything that you wish. As for me, this method is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to put in order for the whole life.

What Does Manifestation Course Represent?

Manifestation Magic
This program aims to an exemption from bad thoughts, which damage the mind, to improve the level of life. The course was created by the famous spiritual guide, the master of psychology, the teacher of the Law of Attraction Alexander J Wilson. He works with it about seven years.
It is directed to develop good strong relationships with your partner, to improve financial condition, to pick up your soul mate, to achieve the happiness, to make your dreams come true, to get a better atmosphere in your home, to reach harmony with others, to lose weight and to become more healthy.
According to the creator’s words there are two main reasons, which make issues in lives. The first one is that you are in energetic charge with quite a long period. As Alexander says, you aim to maintain a high vibration. And the second reason is you are programming yourself to get a negative from the outside world, you limit yourself in beliefs. In order to get rid of problems and achieve success, you need to break free of frames and these reasons.
Alexander considers that all our problems are within us, and we can overcome with the help of his program. It promotes to unleash our inner abilities. The online course aims to penetrate your subconscious and intellect to find there the source of your problems and release you from barriers that limit you from prosperity and abundance.
All our troubles appear because of the one simple reason – we are not using the whole mind. There are two parts of the mind: conscious and subconscious. By the meaning of Alexander, we use only 5% of the abilities of our minds. He compares this quotation with photos in Instagram. For example, we see on the picture beautiful beach and nice blue ocean. But if we will see it in real, we would be struck about amount of garbage and sludge. The full picture completely differs from that was represented to us.
This theory seems attractive to me, because I think that our possibilities are much bigger than we imagine. We just do not know about a lot of things therefore we do not even aware of what we can in real. The most part of our brains we don’t use, but we can. And this barrier impedes the successful life.

How This Program Was Produced?

Manifestation Magic Review Author Alexander J Wilson
The course creator is Alexander J Wilson. Like many other people he has his own story of ups and downs. He was even living a double life. Everybody around him thought that he was quite successful. All his appearance represented his perfect life. But in fact it was not as good as it looked. His car was too old, the house was particularly destroyed, he was fired and there was barely enough money to live on. Also, there are problems with health, he had heartache. He was going through a rough patch. He lost three base things in his life: his job, home and car.
As Alexander says, he was absolutely helpless at that moment. And especially this string of bad occasions led him to find his own way, to know himself and to succeed. He had to use a taxi because of an accident. He used Uber and for several times the one woman (who was a taxi driver) came to him. Her name is Phoenix. Alexander describes her like a wonderful woman. And she helped him to come to this life. She suggested that life is based on energy. She told him that every morning she asked the Universe to help. This prompted him to create his own theory of life and recipe for success. Also, the woman said, that all people have got own little guardian angels and Alexander’s life becomes much better soon.
When it had happened, his life changed drastically. It is possible even to say that these changes occurred in a magic way. In his life there were no more car accidents. He received more checks instead of bills. In writing and teaching job he achieved a lot of success.
In a similar way the author of the program helps people to change their lives magically. I suppose that in modern time we can get at the lowest point in every moment. We can lose all what we have at once. But Alexander teaches us how to pick up welfare, to be confident in our future and to get bread buttered on both sides.

What Does The Course Consist Of?

Manifestation Magic is a unique program. It combines various technologies from hypnosis to Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The course helps to achieve maximum results in a short time. In order to start changing your life for the better, you do not need to go anywhere. Just put on headphones and turn the track on. You will notice changes and how things become different just listening to audio files.
By purchasing the program you will receive a package that includes various sound files and additional material. These tracks are recorded in different waves and signals. There are Theta, Delta and Beta waves. It means that the sound will impact on your subconscious at various levels, in order to reach the best result.
The audio files will help to achieve harmony and calm to establish communication with the Universe, to penetrate into the subconscious and put it in the mood. They promote the elimination of the so-called vibration blocks preventing us from good living. After removing them you can easily focus on the main aims of life, run your thoughts and consciousness.
The program consists of an electronic book and several audio files. The bonus is provided with a separate program Manifestation Magic 360 Transformation System, Chakra Power Audio Bundle and the additional track that helps you quickly and deeply fall asleep Instant Sleep Magic.

The Manifestation Magic Consists of Two Modules:

  • 1. Energy Orbiting – audio tracks.
  • 2. E-book Manifestation Guide.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
The program is based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis and other technologies of self-exploration. Thanks to them, the right connections are formed in the brain, which helps to aim at the correct result, to set true goals. Energy Orbiting is the main part of the program. Everything is being changed during the course: your point of view, priorities, aims, style of life. Your way of life becomes oriented on abundance and wealth. The book is an edition of 66 pages. It contains several practical tasks for which material is provided in printed format.

Additional Bonuses

  • The Chakra Power System ($97.00 Value)
  • The 360 Transformation System ($97.00 Value)
  • The “Push Play” Audio App ($120.00 Yearly Value)

As for bonuses, there are two audio programs and the one additional track. The first one is the Manifestation Magic 360 Transformation System. It consists of seven audio tracks. They help you to wake up your inner power and open extra energy of your body, provide awakening of wealth and health. The second bonus program is Chakra Power System. There are also 7 audio tracks. Duration of every one of these is about 10 minutes. They promote riddance of fears, sense of powerlessness, unworthiness, and confusion of relationships. After seven weeks of this program, you will feel better and more confident. Also, there is an application for your Smartphone. It makes easier using the program. You can only tap to “Play” and listen to the track. Also, here you can monitor your progress.

Pros and Cons Of Manifestation Magic

Each person who passed the program for themselves distinguishes the advantages and disadvantages of the course. But in general, it is possible to identify the main aspects that will help determine the choice of whether to buy this program.

  • You get new knowledge that helps improve your life;
  • You acquire new skills that will help prevent adversity in the future;
  • In addition to the tracks, the electronic book is attached, so there is no chance to do something wrong;
  • The program has practical exercises that help to immediately implement the skills obtained;
  • The course includes meditation;
  • After the purchase is immediately granted access to all materials;
  • The warranty is 60 days after purchase;
  • Everything is very accessible and understandable, the program does not cause additional questions;
  • Do not need much and tedious read;
  • The result is felt after 24 hours;
  • Bonus programs as a gift;
  • Low cost;
  • The course is not long.

  • It is an unconventional method of solving life problems, therefore it can cause confusion among others;
  • Many users note the lack of reading material;
  • You cannot listen to the material while driving;
  • You need a high concentration of attention, it is difficult for some people.

In general, the program has a lot of positive feedback. But, there are also negative sides, which are worth noting. In order to achieve results, you need an unshakable desire to change. If you do not believe in what you are doing, there will be no effect. In the pros I mentioned an instant result, but it is also worth noting, that this does not mean that the next day after buying the program, you will get a new car. The first changes will be marked in a short period, but the Universe needs time to respond to your calls.

Who Needs This Program?

This course was created for everyone. There are no restrictions in terms of age or gender. This program is valuable for human, who is ready to change his life, who is aware that changes are necessary in order to live better, who is dissatisfied with life and does not know what he wants to achieve.
If you think that in your life something is going wrong. If you are tired of feeling unhappy, poor, lonely, sick. If your family or work relationship is tight, you don’t want to go to work from home, and you don’t want to go home after work. If your money is not enough to buy even what you need now, you should think about passing this program.
The course is designed for those who want to start meditating, who want to know themselves, to achieve harmony with the outside world, or simply to stop worrying about all the negative situations. For those who want to be happy. It is worth noting that the program Manifestation Magic is not the only one way to improve your life. But it is an inexpensive, effective and available way to live better. In my opinion, it is much easier to listen to this course during a couple of months and then live better, than to torment yourself until the end of time.

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Reviewer Information - Mary Stone
Mary Stone
Mary Stone is a blogger, author and entrepreneur. She specializes in writing personal development advice that work like a charm. Mary’s many years of experience as a program director for one of the world’s leading personal development organizations is proof of her professionalism, dedication and commitment to what is possible for all human beings. She was named one of TIME Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Americans.


  1. Love, love, love it. Very well organized to find exactly what I want to hear about, very powerful. I like that I can get it for a few minutes or a few hours and still be able to get the most out of the content.

  2. Beginning manifestation infused me with a new sense of inspiration, excitement, and hope, along with helping me shoot past my financial goals!

  3. Money just comes to me now. I’m not even kidding. I’ve had previous employers call me out of the blue, from jobs left behind years ago, to tell me a stock option has paid out just a bit more cash. I have placed my travel bag on the conveyor for the airport security scanner, only to notice a five dollar bill stuck to the bottom of it. I have received a notice from a service canceled years ago, telling me I have a credit for more than a hundred dollars. I am literally finding money in the streets, as I walk my dog or step into a bookstore. My relationship with money has improved dramatically since starting the manifistation system. I’ll be taking this to the next level with the system that follow, and I can’t wait.

  4. I recommend it to anyone who is having a bad day and feeling down, as well as the ones having a good day and feeling up.

  5. Of all the books I’ve read so far of manifestation or the Law of Attraction, this has been the best one. Well put together and explained so that you can understand it and act on it.

  6. I can already start to see a difference in myself

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