May 2020 Day By Day Horoscope Predictions For All

In May 2020, Jupiter and Saturn are in retrograde. The movement of Saturn and Jupiter in the reverse direction entails stagnation of the major projects, problems and obstacles in achieving goals. This time is of theory rather than practice. The horoscope for May 2020 advises continuing to develop the main course of activity, the priority project, calmly and confidently, but not in a hurry. Any tension will now cause serious adverse effects. Review all the main issues and specifics of the project, clarify the details of cooperation, and in the fall your project will gain a new impetus for strategic development.

In May 2020, there is a high risk of a resonant earthquake in countries with mountainous regions: Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Myanmar, China, Peru, Chile. A dangerous earthquake with devastating consequences may take place in the United States in California or Oregon.

According to the horoscope, Mars will move to Pisces for the period of May 13–June 28. This position of Mars prescribes the need to trust your intuition and accept the flow of events. Sometimes our brain, our higher self, knows better how to adapt to circumstances and events changing too fast. As a wise man said, don’t go with the flow, don’t go against — go where you need to. As for the weather conditions, expected are heavy rainfalls, large-scale spring floods, local and low-lying territory floods.

May 1–3, 2020

Difficult Days in May 1-3
The horoscope predicts difficult days. There will be many external stressful factors distracting you from a relaxing holiday and the systematic development of your affairs. The best solution is to go camping, away from civilization. Turn off your gadgets and means of communication, the Internet. Get reunited with nature and be pure and transparent like children. This is not the time for business activity. In such periods, activity and initiative are punishable.

May 6, 2020

May 6 Interesting Ideas Horoscope Mercury passes to Gemini. Mercury in its abode gives a lot of interesting ideas, good, promising acquaintances and contacts. A great time for outdoor recreation, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, herbs, gifts of nature. Feel invigorated with natural energy, feel the beauty of nature and planet Earth.

May 7, 2020

financial problems horoscope May 2020 The Full Moon. The sun is in Taurus, the moon in Scorpio. Hard days in the financial field. The likelihood of a local financial crisis and cost overruns. Funds may be required to develop production, enterprise, your business. Try to accumulate finance in advance. A favorable period for creative endeavors. Projects launched during the stationary period of Jupiter and Saturn have a long-term perspective and are very stable in their development. The horoscope for May 2020 reports: in the field of health, sensitive and in need of attention are genitals, rectum, anus, urethra, sex glands, ovaries, prostate and pubic bone, as well as gene diseases.

May 10, 2020

new ideas and projects May 10 The period of appearance of fantastic, large-scale ideas and projects. These cosmic, in essence, ideas contain the energies of the Age of Aquarius, but are based on the forgotten projects of mankind. Success in endeavors awaits all people of creative professions — writers, artists, poets, composers, designers and architects. You can begin to realize your main dream, major project, work for centuries.

May 11, 2020

May 11 2020 future Saturn turns in the opposite direction in Aquarius. According to the horoscope, this is the planning period for the strategic Future, the formation of the main, priority direction of development and self-realization for the next 10 years. Saturn will return to the direct movement on September 29, 2020. The risk of a resonant earthquake in mountain regions is increasing.

May 13, 2020

Creative Ideas May 13 2020 Mars passes to Pisces, Venus turns back in Gemini. Venus is in reverse motion until June 25, 2020. A long period begins, when external factors and circumstances will interfere with the successful course of affairs. Paradoxically, this is a successful period for creative ideas and projects. All plans and projects that you put aside for a long time can be renewed and implemented during this period. Relations arisen or renewed at this time can carry a halo of lost romance, renew the freshness and richness of past feelings. Difficult weather conditions are expected, such as spring storms, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms.

May 14, 2020

May 14 2020 social change horoscope Jupiter is reversed in Capricorn. The period of social change. Changes in the professional field. Rearrangements at work. Depending on the indications of your individual horoscope, you may be demoted or promoted. The horoscope for May 2020 recommends clarify career prospects with a personal astrologer. It is important to understand that changes are inevitable. Jupiter will return to the direct movement on September 13, 2020. From this day, the formation of the great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will begin — December 21, 2020. This conjunction will forever change the Fate of humanity, modern civilization as a whole. The formation of an era of united, free humanity begins. The era of divided humanity, the period of slavery and exploitation of peoples comes to an end.

May 22, 2020

creative period May 22 2020 New Moon in Gemini. A creative period. The crisis lunar month is ending. Many of the problems accumulated in the domestic and financial fields since the end of April will be solved in the coming days. Change of weather conditions: a slight cooling, strong wind, abnormal cyclones and anticyclones. In terms of health, sensitive and in need of attention are shoulders, forearms, arms, hands, airways, bronchi, lungs, nervous system and endings (especially those associated with motor skills), capillaries.

May 28, 2020

gardering horoscope May 28 2020 Mercury passes to Cancer. Favorable time for gardening, setting country and garden furniture, works on decorating your summer cottage. The horoscope for May 2020 recommends hiking and camping. It is also a good time to spend with your family, playing intellectual games and watching the masterpieces of world cinema. The influence of Selena, the White Moon, promises a harmonious day for building relations, peace negotiations, and finding common ground in case of conflict. You will be able to go through complex psychological barriers in your relationship, solving the most important and pressing issues. Individual positions and methods for solution of conflicts are best to be discussed with your astrologer.

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