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Numbers Meaning

Expression Numbers

The whole life, with all events and accidents, disturbances and inclinations, always leads us to the knowledge of something. All the mental qualities of a person, all the elements of his Consciousness, sensations, perceptions, feelings, emotions, concepts, ideas, judgments, conclusions, aesthetic, moral, religious feelings and creativity are all instruments of …

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House Number in Numerology

Have you ever wondered what role in our life is played by the house number, where we live? Not only the address of our house but the combination of certain mystical numbers influence our fate along with others. Perhaps, you know that the most important numbers for a person are …

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Your Core Numbers

Numerologists believe that there are five basic numbers which can influence your life immensely. Understanding each of them, you may significantly improve different spheres of your life, achieve great success and actualize your inner potential. Generally, all of these five numbers have the same background, which is your birth name …

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