May 2020 Day By Day Horoscope Predictions For All

In May 2020, Jupiter and Saturn are in retrograde. The movement of Saturn and Jupiter in the reverse direction entails stagnation of the major projects, problems and obstacles in achieving goals. This time is of theory rather than practice. The horoscope for May 2020 advises continuing to develop the main course of activity, the priority … Read more

Numerology: Numbers That Attract Money

Money is a powerful energy without which it’s very difficult to live in this world. That’s why people are constantly looking for the ways to attract it. Esotericism also can’t stand aside. Let’s analyze in more detail how the energy of money interacts with the energy of numbers. Basically numerology is the closest science to … Read more

How The Floor You Live On Affects Your Life

The floor you live on can tell a lot about you and the impact that surrounding reality produces on your life. In numerology, each number has its certain meaning. Based on this ancient esoteric science, one can learn about numbers’ influence on human life. And since we are surrounded by numbers everywhere, we can use … Read more