Top 5 Core Numbers In Numerology

Numerologists believe that there are five basic numbers which can influence your life immensely. Understanding each of them, you may significantly improve different spheres of your life, achieve great success and actualize your inner potential. Generally, all of these five numbers have the same background, which is your birth name and birth date. In order … Read more

Is 4 a Lucky Number in Numerology?

It is very difficult to judge if the number four is a lucky one. In most cases, it depends on the personal beliefs and the peculiarities of the cultural people come from. Mainly everyone has a favorite number that is believed to influence our life and bring good luck or even success in most situations. … Read more

Numerology and Lucky Colors

Most people do not pay much attention to the choice of colors in everyday life. However, colors can influence us more significantly than we can imagine. Our mood and reaction to the environment largely depend on them. Colors can also enhance our energy or, on the contrary, dramatically reduce it. Each of us has his … Read more