Numerology: Numbers That Attract Money

Money is a powerful energy without which it’s very difficult to live in this world. That’s why people are constantly looking for the ways to attract it. Esotericism also can’t stand aside. Let’s analyze in more detail how the energy of money interacts with the energy of numbers. Basically numerology is the closest science to finance among esoteric sciences. Examine the banknotes. All of them have numbers – nominal value and serial number. And all this numbers have certain energy.
Money Numbers
Very often a person intuitively chooses the sum of money to save for a deposit, in a moneybox or somewhere else. This number alone can already tell a lot about person’s thinking, subconscious attitude to finance and the material world. You know very well that some people repel money and others attract it. For some people even large sums of money slip through their fingers, while for others they multiply at an incredible rate. Numerology of money and wealth provides tips on how to change the situation, reduce unnecessary expenses and increase finances.

Numbers That Repel Money

Each number has certain energy. If you want the number to be useful for you, you need to use it correctly. For example, some numbers are good in the sphere of love, the others are useful in the spiritual sphere, and some of them can help in the material aspect. And since we are reviewing the money question, we will analyze these numbers in terms of their impact on finance. So, memorize, please, the numbers that do not bring wealth.

1 – Wasteful Energy

Number 1 combined with zero has a wasteful energy. It is not recommended to save sum of money, that contains these numbers, for example, 100, 1000, 10,000, etc. It is also undesirable to receive a salary or set the cost of the goods in such sums. The energy of money will not stick to a person. It will go away and it will not do good for a person. When you save a sum of money that contains 1, you’ll for sure face the circumstances in which you will have to spend them.

2 – The Energy of Poverty

In the numerology of money number 2 symbolizes poverty, sacrifice, debt. It is undesirable to receive a salary or buy a product for a sum of money that contains this number. The same goes for 11, because when you add the numbers, you will get 2. In any case, don’t take a loan for this sum of money; it will be problematically to return it. Also, do not lend 2000, 20 000, 11 000, it is likely that the debt will never be returned. Don’t save money in two wallets. Although you can’t keep all the eggs in one basket, but it’s a bad idea to divide your savings between two banks, you can fail. It is better to choose four financial institutions for that. Number 2 means economizing, duplicity, theft, fraud.

7 – The Energy of Material Loss

Many people consider seven to be the number of good luck and divine guardianship. And it is true if we consider this number in terms of spirituality and self-development. But in the numerology of money 7 is a very dangerous number. This numbers likes surprises, while savings like stability. It is undesirable to present the sum of money with this number or hand it down, put it on deposit or lend. It is also not desirable to buy goods with 7 in the price tag, it may cause some losses.

Two-faced Numbers in the Numerology of Money

Some numbers in the numerology have a dual meaning. They can bring both profit and waste. It is important to know how to use them.

3 – The Energy of Expansion and Movement

Number 3 in the numerology of money is very lucky one if it is connected with a constantly moving cash flow. It has the energy of expansion, potential opportunities, and extra earnings. This number likes movement, action, activity. But at the same time, it is not suitable for savings. It’s a bad idea to save a sum of money containing this number, so you shouldn’t save 300, 3000, 30,000, etc., otherwise this money will be spent quickly.

5 – The Energy of Purchase and Pleasure

In the numerology number 5 is associated with fortune and money. Five is great for any purchases. If the price tag includes this number, buy the product without any hesitation. Sums of money with number 5 are suitable for investment, deposits. This number likes risk, so it often wins in the casino. It can be spent on the purchase of a gift, and in the future this gift will bring good dividends. But this number is not suitable for savings. Five will constantly encourage you to spend money on pleasure.

6 – The Energy of Labor and Routine

Number 6 in the numerology attracts money, but that money is only for the most necessary things. Six will not allow you to starve, walk in broken shoes, or accumulate debts for the utilities. But it doesn’t promise you a luxury life. In numerology, the magic of money is directly related to the energy of the number. This number is energetically connected with labor, restrictions. If a person receives a salary of 6000, 60 000, etc., most likely he earns money with difficulty, he works days and nights, and puts up with some restrictions. It is not recommended to invest the sum of money with 6 or put it on a deposit. The income will be meager.

9 – Gift Energy

Like 7, 9 patronize more the spiritual world than the material one. It doesn’t care about finances. But unlike seven, nine does not carry a negative attitude towards money. In addition, it benefits those who know how to take care of others. 90, 900, 9000, etc. can and should be transferred to charitable organizations. The energy of giving will return to you a hundredfold.

Numbers That Attract Money

At least we get to the numbers that have the biggest power in attracting money. These two numbers patronize the material world, attract wealth, and increase savings.

4 – The Energy of Stability

It’s a great number for those who like stability and predictability. The sums of money with 4 are good for deposits, savings and for the family budget. If this number is in the price tag of the product, you can buy it on installment plan. 4 does not promise great wealth, usually the sums of money with this number are earned by honest work. But it gives you the opportunity to plan expenses and income; it protects you from unexpected senseless wastes.

8 – The Energy of Great Opportunities

Number 8 in numerology is considered to be a kind of magnet that attracts financial opportunities. It is also called the number of infinity or the number of God. Eight attracts opportunities for making money and increasing capital. It also stimulates money income from different sources. This number patronizes people which are working on currency exchanges, whose work is connected with risk. It is a very good number for investment.

Lucky Combinations of Numbers

Numerology of money shows how to attract money without any efforts. Think about the purpose your money is to be used, and use the following combinations of numbers:

  • 13, 300, 333, 3000
  • 44, 46,48, 440 etc.
  • 50, 500, 5000, 50000 etc.
  • 60, 66, 68, 660, 666, 668
  • 80,84, 86,88,800,888
  • 108 – God’s number.

Unlucky Combinations of Numbers

If you want to prevent losses and unexpected expenses, please, avoid the following combinations:

  • 10,11,12, 17
  • 20, 21
  • 37
  • 7,70,777
  • 100, 1000
  • 200, 2000 etc.

Numerology of money and wealth will help you to increase your income, live a happy and abundant life. What do you think about numbers and money magnetism? Please, post in comments.

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  1. Great article. Just what I was looking for. Are the combinations the entire lists or just the numbers within each line?

  2. Need a new mobile number, I’m going to choose the one with lucky combinations of numbers. Who knows, maybe it’ll bring me financial success.

  3. By the way, I try to use lucky combinations of numbers, if possible. But 666 can’t be referred to them, it’s a number of the beast.

    • Where do you think money come from? things you can buy with money, desire for more money, luxury, beauty…etc etc etc…. spiritual people that live by the book are not sticking money

  4. Yes, I heard about it too, good question. As for numbers that attract money, it’s quite interesting but does it really work?

  5. I’m a bit confused, help me, please. In China people try to avoid 4 by all means, it’s considered to be a very evil number. What can you say about that?

  6. Cant’ say that I believe in all this stuff completely, but, damn, it’s so interesting, isn’t? What to you think, guys?


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