Numerologist Report Review from Mike Madigan – To Trust or Not to Trust?

Numerologist Site is considered to be number 1 site providing users with the top-notch quality service. When you enter the website, you are offered to have a free numerology video reading done specially for you. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Numerologist assures that it is able to help you learn more about your hidden talents and skills as well as give useful pieces of advice showing the direction, which you should choose to succeed in life. All this is possible after you share your name and birthday number. No e-mail or any other personal information is required for you to be able to enjoy the personalized video reading done for you only.

The Pros and Cons

  • Personalized Report
  • FREE and without contact information
  • Numerology Community
  • Numerology Classes
  • Bonuses if purchase the Premium report

  • Free report doesn’t give you the whole picture
  • Not affordable price for somebody

What Does Offer? was founded thanks to the brilliant mathematician Mike Madigan, who is the leading numerologist patented his own numerology method of calculations. He was always sure that numbers have some power over our lives and made the main aim of his life to help other people understand this. Overview positions itself as the best online site, which offers the trustworthy numerology report. Moreover, there is a lot of different materials on numerology science, which are intended to be used with the educational aims. If you are interested in numerology and want to know more about the science, you can get some instructional guides from Some articles are free and some books should be bought. The variety of choice is really impressive, which gives an opportunity to choose exactly what you need.

free numerologist report

Your Free Report

When you enter the website, the first thing that attracts your attention is an offer to order a free report after giving simple details like the date of your birth and your first name. In a few seconds you are going to get an instant numerology reading, which is quite detailed, despite the fact that this is not the full version. This is only an example of what you will get if purchase the premium report, which is going to be much more detailed covering all spheres of your life. It will cost you $37 and you will be able to receive it via e-mail in the digital form.

1-Year Guarantee

What is interesting is that this numerology product is provided with 1-year guarantee of the money refund. During the following two years the users get the readings on the daily basis. Great offer, doesn’t it? However, even this is not all you can get. During 9 years each month you will also be able to read personal reports. If to take into account that the report is rather long, if to be more exact, it is about 100 pages, plus all daily and monthly reports you are going to get during quite a long period of time, seems that this service is priced reasonably.
free numerology report

Quick Reports – Behind The Scenes

How is it possible that all reports are available in a few minutes after you submit the required information? Everything is simple. It is not the person who analyzes the details you send but the specially designed program that works with figures, each of which has its own meaning. Numerology by date of birth is an immense field for the study of a personality. This is not just a set of figures on the relevant line of the passport, but also precise, well-founded and comprehensive answers to the main questions: “How to live?”, “Where to go?”, “What to do?”, which Numerologist promises to answer.
Visiting you will be able to find out your Birthday and Name number, your Soul Urge number and your Life Path number.

What is the Principle of Work?

To tell you more about your hidden talents and show you the life path, asks to give only your name and your birthday number to get a free video report. Is it enough to tell anything about you? It is well-known that sometimes names are given to kids because parents were fans of some celebrities or because the name was fashionable in that period of time. It must be taken into account that only your name given at birth should be used for the report. In case the name was changed in your adulthood, it doesn’t matter as only the name that was changed before you were 6 months old, can be used for the numerology reading. The site doesn’t explain why it is so but in any case if you want to get precise results, it is necessary to follow this rule.

Your Date Of Birth

The most important number for each person is the number of his birth. It is the first figure that starts influencing the life and character of a person. The second by value is the number of the name. But if it can be changed by changing the name, patronymic or surname, the date of birth remains unchanged throughout life.
According to Numerologist the date of birth occurs at birth and has a vibrant effect on it, alternating between ups and downs, black and white stripes. By influencing a person, a number can direct and change his destiny, intensifying or weakening at the expense of other surrounding numbers.
numerologist date of birth
The date of birth not only affects fate but also reveals to some extent the hereditary traits of a person’s character, helps him to resist external circumstances. But do not consider it a fatal factor, the number only shows what qualities are most powerful in a person, not controlling him.
Tempering your character, learning to adapt or to resist external factors, you can somewhat weaken the negative side of any number. Any event that occurs in a person’s life, one way or another is affected by the date of birth.

After learning the date of birth, you will be able to find out about what kind of fate you can wait for, what abilities should be developed, and calculate the date of birth of your close people and determine how your relationship with them will develop.

What Kind of Numerology Report are you Going to Get for Free? offers everyone to enjoy a completely free personal report available after you submit your name and the date of birth. What will happen next? Instantly you will hear the pleasant voice telling about your personality. The video looks really great as you can hear and read the free report. It is necessary to be extremely attentive not to miss any detail as the video can’t be looked over again. If you want to listen to it again, the only thing you can do is to fill out your information once more and follow the same procedure again.

Birthdate Decoding

Listening to the personalized report, you will be able to discover that the number of the birthday contains information about the main qualities of the personality and the psychological characteristics. The interpretation of the number implies general predispositions, weaknesses and strengths of a person and his personal attachments. Having revealed its secret, you can find out what to rely on in life for success. Thanks to the information hidden in your birthday number, you would have managed to avoid many of the worries, uncertainties and disappointments that occur on the path of life.
numerologist free report
In fact, the sum of the numerical expressions of the day, month and year when you were born is like an indicator of your main destiny in this world.
What really are you? What abilities and talents are hidden in your essentials? What can you do even without training? All these questions are going to be asked in your free report. The software summarizes the numeric expressions for the day, month, and year of your birth. The main thing is that a result is an unambiguous number, in which everything is concluded with what you came to Earth. Unlike the Destiny Number, where “whom you should be”, the Birth Number should be understood as “who you are.”
Having learned your number of birth, you will be more confident in yourself. This will help to make better use of your talents, abilities, personal inclinations, as well as all the strength of character. Based on what you do, it will bring not only profit and success, but also the feeling that you are doing everything right.
The Date of Birth specifies what exactly will be obtained from you best. It will clarify that you, for example, should only rely on yourself and strive for independence, or it is easier for you to work together with someone and develop in a team, rather than alone.
You absolutely do not risk anything by ordering the free report at So why not find out the Birth Number that is able to show what tactics to use to achieve strategic goals and objectives.

Name Decoding

numerologist report by full name

After this, the user will be offered to find out his name number calculated on the full name of the person. Each name has a certain number. It is a short definition of a personality, his basic life goals and main priorities. Having learned the number of the name online, you can match it with your own date of birth. These two parameters must be in harmony and merge with each other. Knowing the number of your name helps to reveal internal reserves and choose your life path. Thanks to this knowledge, you can realize your strength and can more clearly understand your own character.
In numerology, it is common to use prime numbers, starting with 1 and ending with the 9. Your name will match one of these numbers. To learn this cherished number, the software is going to turn all the letters of your own name into numbers. And then it will make the calculations till the prime number is obtained.

What are the Benefits of Getting Your Deluxe Numerology Report?

Paying $37 instead of the previous price of $67 you will be able to enjoy the detailed report about your personality, reveal all your hidden talents and find out more about your skills and talents. You will be able to discover a lot of new opportunities in all spheres of your life thanks to the deep insight. The premium numerology reading will give you a chance to learn more about your character and desires and give hints how to reach all your goals. It includes 100 pages about who you are and how you should use your internal strength to direct it in the right sphere. The numerology reading claims to help you to have a closer look at all your traits and learn how to use them to succeed in your profession, personal relations and in life in general.
Numerologist Delux Numerology Report
Moreover, along with the report, you will be offered a lot of bonuses. You will get an access to nine free reports and three app bonuses.

What are Other Products Offered at

The numerology report is not the only product, which you can get visiting the site. There are many other reports and e-books provided:

  • Romantic compatibility analysis: it costs $19.99. It is instant as all other reports. This analysis is offered to those who aren’t sure that they have made the right choice of their partner or want to make sure that they need to start relations with the certain person.
  • Customized personality profile: it costs $15 and gives a chance to learn more about your personality. The profile gives recommendations where to direct your energy to achieve success.
  • Life & Success Snapshot: it costs $15 and provides you with the information about your financial situation and possible opportunities.
  • Complete 1-year forecast: it costs $12.99 and provides the full report about all life spheres.
  • Phone Phenomenon Report: it costs $9.77. It is available for free if you order the Premium report. It helps to find out what is the numerology of the phone number. You have a phone number, which hides the meaning of the energy message. It is the sum of the phone number that has a hidden effect on your life. That’s why sometimes you can consciously choose a phone number, for example for business or to solve other issues.
  • Lo Shu Personality Exposer: it costs $14.97. This is an e-book, which is offered to be bought if you want to know somebody better. The personality exposer is able to help you understand your close friends and acquaintances better.
  • The Good Luck Amplifier System: it costs $14.97 if bought separately and costs nothing if you get the Premium report. This book is a guide for those who want to learn more about numbers and their influence as well as find out how to benefit from the acquired knowledge.
  • Mastering the Matrix: it costs $14.97 if it is not the bonus that comes along with the report. This is an e-book about the law of attraction.
  • Wardrobe secret: this e-book costs $9.77 if bought on its own. It helps to choose the clothes so that it fits your personality.
  • The one-minute Relationship Forecast: the cost of this report is $14.97. It is helpful for couples who have faced problems in their personal relations and don’t know how to deal with them.

This is not the full list of e-books offered as there is a great variety of electronic books offered as the bonus for those who have ordered the Premium report or they can be bought at affordable prices on their own.

What can You Find at, Besides Numerology?

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading numerologist
Every month you will be able to listen to the tarot reading. A person always wants to know what will happen in the future – Love? Wealth? Happiness? Tarot reading has become especially popular in recent years, probably because of the mystery and exoticism of the cards themselves. Tarot cards give vent to the master’s intuition in response to signals from his or her subconscious that establish a connection between an arbitrary, at first glance, choice of cards and events in a person’s life. We all have the ability to intuition (from simple forebodings and prophetic dreams), but often we suppress or reject them. People who are engaged in tarot try to develop these abilities and use them as a guide.

Astrology Forecast

astrology prognoses numerologist
You will find a lot of articles and astrology forecast at the website as well. Astrology is known as a unique system of cognition of the Cosmos, nature and a human being in their evolutionary movement. The history of the origin of astrology dates back to the earliest period of human history.
It is believed that the basis of astrology is the idea that each moment is unique in its deep manifestations, but by studying the features of the ratio of the moments of time and space, it is possible to determine the trends of the subsequent development of certain phenomena, events, objects. It is on this idea that the methods of predicting the unique properties and development of any object, formation, structure are based on the birth chart.

What are the Advantages of

Among the main pros offered by the site one can benefit from such as:

  • The personalized video report available in a few minutes;
  • A chance to get a free report without the need to share any contact information;
  • An opportunity to enjoy a lot of bonuses if purchase the Premium video report;
  • An ability to buy a lot of e-books on numerology at affordable prices;
  • Satisfaction Guarantee with the 1-year money refund if you order the Premium report;
  • A chance to subscribe to numerology classes via e-mail and get the opportunity to study step by step with the help of professional teachers;
  • An opportunity to become the part of the community and meet people who are interested in numerology as you.

Unlock all information about your career, wealth, relationships, personal growth and success.

What are the Disadvantages of

There are not so many cons:

  • The free report can’t be saved and you need to restart the page and follow the same procedure if want to listen to it once again;
  • The personalized free report doesn’t give you the whole picture of who you are and which life path you should choose;
  • The prices for the services provided may seem not affordable to somebody.

Is Worth a Try?

How does numerology agree with science and common sense? Can you determine your fate with the help of numbers? Is it worth making plans for the future, based on numerological conclusions and predictions?
According to the reviews of those people who have already used the custom personality report, this site can be trusted. A lot of its users have already benefited from the knowledge they gained. In any case, you can check out if the site is trustworthy or not by giving it a try without spending money first. Why not use the free offer? If you like the results and find that there is some sense in the report you have received, you can use an opportunity to get the full detailed report plus a lot of bonuses, which make the cost of the Premium report a good deal. And one more argument is the money back guarantee, which is valid during one year after you have ordered the Premium report. Seems a risk-free offer, which is worth trying if you are interested in the numerology influence on your life.

Numerologist Video Review – Verified Purchase

Personality Decoder Report – 2021 Update

In 2019 presented theirs updated forecast – Personality Decoder Report – A Personalized Profile of the Five Most Telling Numbers in Your Chart. Get more information for cheaper price.

Personality Decoder Report
  • A personalized numerology profile that reveals your sacred personality traits and the life you’re destined to live.
  • 30+ pages of shockingly accurate calculations and readings all about YOU based on the 5 most telling numbers in your chart.
  • 100% personalized to your unique numerology chart. No two reports are the same.
  • With 107,811 possible number combinations, discover YOUR sacred personality code.
  • PLUS our 365-day money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • PLUS the answers and guidance you need to ignite a wildly abundant future…

The Conclusion

Any day can play a vital role in the life of a person so that the future will depend on its results. Moreover, it may turn out that all previous years and decades were just preparations for the events of this day. Needless to say, how important it is to know what to prepare for. Can you trust the results of numerology reading or it is just a scam? If you are interested in the services offered at and still hesitate if there are worth trying, you are welcome to reveal the truth by learning more about how the site works.

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  1. I was offered to move to another country after I have been promoted but I didn’t want to leave far from my friends. I didn’t know what to do and which decision to make until I found this numerology service where I got the necessary help thanks to the report and other options like tarot reading, which said that I should agree to move. I decided to try and never regretted as in several months I have promoted and became a boss of the company.

  2. I am 32 years old. I have always been unhappy in love meeting the wrong people who didn’t suit me at all. I got married and gave a birth to a kid but we didn’t love each other and I thought about the divorce being unable to take this decision until I found numerology reading. Thanks to the calculations I found out that there is another man who was waiting for me for many hours also being unhappy with others. I divorced and soon I found my real love. I never regretted having made this step.

  3. I was shocked after discovering that according to the number of my life path, the close person was going to steal money from me. I knew that this was my friend and when I asked him several questions I felt that this was true.

  4. During several years, I experienced financial problems. Some emergencies always happened and ruined my budget. My friend told me about numerologist and after using the numerology recommendations, I decided to change the place of work. And really, I sighed with relief as my financial crisis was over!

    • Actually it works.. a few years ago I was unmarried and don’t have kids. This fact makes me sad. After getting my numerology reading I found out that my dream can come true if I look around and see the man who loves me. I did my best and understood that my colleague at work was always kind to me because he loved me. I didn’t think about such possibility and even said “No” twice when he invited me to the cinema. After the report I have got, I understood that I made a mistake. Now we are married and have a small pretty girl. Looks a bit stupid and maybe someone can say that you don’t require a report to marry a colleague, but it was as is.

  5. The report is helpful, and its size is useful… but, for me, from my perspective, I prefer the two volume more complete and more fully detailed work. I encourage all earnest seekers and students of Numerology and related fields to get it and enjoy it. Mike Madigan does not fail to instruct, educate, illuminate, and encourage us all. In fact, truth be told, the size of this report is perfect for my personal prayer corner use.

  6. I have dabbled in numerology for many years. I still don’t know whether I believe in it or not, but some things I find out are striking in their accuracy. I’m learning new things about my future, new ways of looking at numbers. The difficult part for me is putting it all together so it makes a cohesive picture of an individual. I ordered reports for my family members and now I know their personalities and traits.

    • Nymerologist give u a generic report and it’s what everyone with that number will hear. Also numerology does not tell you if you are married.

  7. There is a deeper meaning to numerology that an average person wouldn’t pick up on, goes way back to the Hebrew testament and the Greek alphanumeric system in the new testament

  8. Through the calculations, I learned that there is another person who has been waiting for me for many hours, also being unhappy with others. I got divorced and soon found my true love. I have never regretted taking this step. This is the best reading site I have found so far, I’ve searched for years and finally found what I was looking for.

  9. I never believed in this stuff before. But in the last couple of years, I started doing the readings for fun and I realized that there is more to it than I taught and I think this is the best one I found so far.

  10. Since I discovered this site numerology is my best friend. Its sometimes important that you know that great things are coming in life after a tough period.

  11. I always had problems with several people in my life, and i was always curious to know why does that happen and finally with this reading i am aware what is happening and how to fix the problems i am having.

  12. When I got my readings I realized that someone great is waiting for me so I started believing that I deserve it, now I have someone amazing and I will keep doing the readings in the future.

  13. I have never thought in my life that numbers to some extent can have any other meaning besides mathematical! I became interested in numerology after visiting Numerologist. Here I learned accurate, substantiated and comprehensive answers to the basic questions: “How to live?”, “Where to go?”, “What to do? “

  14. Of course, many consider this to be nonsense. I actually thought so. But the closer you get to know numerology and the more you learn its laws, the more you understand that all this exists. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not – certain cycles have been and will continue to operate in life. But numerology is a science that requires perseverance and patience. There are many different terms and concepts in it, so such a hobby will be interesting for a persevering and patient person.

    • Melissa, yes, you are right. Free reports are too shallow and not trustworthy enough, only personalized ones provide the whole picture. I’ve ordered personalized report and don’t regret having done that.

  15. I consider this site to be the best and most reliable, because it provides incredibly accurate reports on numerology. It is very interesting to follow future events and watch their accomplishments. You can find many patterns and read helpful articles on these topics. The site provides many training materials and guarantees. I believe these conclusions, and I want to express my gratitude for the responsible work!

  16. Frankly speaking, I do not trust such services but maybe this site is an exception. Has anyone ordered personal numerology report?

    • I agree. Seems like it’s a scam website and a trap for naive people. Luckily, I do not belong to this category, it’s not worth it at all.

  17. I’d like to get both numerology and astrology forecast to decide which way to go. Seems like free report doesn’t give enough information, I’d like to get detailed one, the price is quite affordable.


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