Your Baby Future With the Help of the Magic of Numbers

Numerology has received its widespread popularity not so long time ago, but it takes its origins in ancient times. Immediately after the invention of numbers, people noticed that each of them has not only mathematical meaning but also magical power.
Many of the scientists, including Pythagoras, have been studying numbers and their connection to person’s life for many centuries, so we can say that numbers have a huge impact on the fate of the people.
With the help of the numerology, you can predict many things that may occur in your life, including pregnancy, childbirth, future of your baby and many other important things every woman want to know.

What Is Numerology?

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In order to understand how to calculate and predict your future, pregnancy, giving birth and fate of your baby you should know what numerology is and how it works. So, let’s begin with the definition of this notion.
Numerology is a system of esoteric beliefs about the mystical connection of numbers with physical objects, processes, and lives of people and their consciousness, which are interrelated and affect each other.
In simple terms, numerology is the belief in the influence of numbers on human destiny and fate.
If you look around, you will find out that our whole life is surrounded by numbers. After all, they measure everything beginning from the date of the birth, our weight or our height. We can meet numbers everywhere: our age, apartment number, school, house, car and bank account number, and even money have their numbers.
Whether we like it or not, numerology has become a part of our life and appears in many of its aspects.
You can find the influence of numerology in many superstitions: there are countries where number 13 is prohibited (for example, Japan).
That is why numerology is often called the magic of numbers, although this concept has nothing to do with magic and it is closer to astrology.
The basis of any numerology calculation follows this principle: any big numbers can be reduced to a simple number (i.e. from 1 to 9). These numbers correspond to established characteristics, which influence the whole human life. That means that every number from 1 to 9 has fixed concept and images behind it.
The purpose of numerology is not to predict the future, but to provide you with guidance to explore and find out your own potential. Numerology helps a person to determine his character, hidden talents, strengths or weaknesses, to predict the future, to find more appropriate time for making important decisions or actions.
That’s why numerology can help women to plan their pregnancy, to select the best date for childbirth and even can help to pick up the lucky name. And our article will be your guide in this complicated, but interesting world of numerology.

What Things You Can Predict With The Help Of Numerology About Your Future Baby?

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As you can see, numerology can predict and determine every aspect of our life, including pregnancy, childbirth, and future destiny. But let’s discover what exactly we can know about all this pregnancy-related stuff with the help of numbers.
There are a lot of things about pregnancy and future baby woman want to know about before even get pregnant. Gender, amount of children, size and weight, a character of your future kid, the best time to get pregnant and to give birth and so on. Of course, numerology can’t give all answers to these questions, but still, it can give guidance and advice.
First of all, there are some techniques that will help you to predict the gender of your future children. You can calculate this with the help of your own birth date, as well as in combination with the birth date of your partner or you can use numerology of your names.
Also, you can predict the amount of the kids you will have through one pregnancy or even through all your lifetime.
If you know for sure the date your baby will be born or she/he was already born you can find out about their character and their fate in the whole with the help of numerology.
In addition, this science will help you to choose a lucky name for your baby using only numbers.
We have gathered only the most useful and interesting techniques and calculations that will come in handy if you are interested in numerology. So, read below to find all this exciting information.

Can Numerology Predict When You Are Going To Get Pregnant?

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This question is the most common among women who want to get pregnant or who are just wondering about their future. So, can numerology predict the exact date of the moment you got pregnant or the date you will give birth to a child or maybe the age when all this will happen? Unfortunately, the answer is no. As we know, numerology can only give you advice and directions, but it doesn’t predict your future. If you want to get answers to this question you should better try fortune-telling or tarot divination if you believe in this kind of stuff.
But numerology can show which dates are best to conceive or which year is the most preferable for pregnancy.

The Best Date To Conceive According To Numerology

So we got to the most interesting part of this article where we can actually practice some numerology and compute preferable dates.
In this section, we will find out how to calculate the best date to conceive in order to have a successful pregnancy.
First of all, sum up the numbers of your birth date. Then add these numbers together until you get only one digit number (from 1 to 9).
For example, your birth date is January 24, 1990.

And then we sum these numbers together: 2+6=8
So, we have number 8.
And now we will find a date to conceive that will match this number, using the same technique.
We will randomly take any date. For example, February 23, 2017.
2+2+3+2+0+1+7= 17
Sum this number together 1+7=8.
Since your birthday number is 8 and the conception day is 8, that is a perfect match and this date is a perfect day to get pregnant.

How To Calculate The Preferable Year For Pregnancy

In order to define if the certain year is good for pregnancy, if any troubles will prevent you, you should know the personal number of the year. This calculation will show when you have to plan your pregnancy.
To do that you should sum up the numbers in your birth date with the numbers of the year you are going to get pregnant.
So you will need:

  • Your birth date
  • The numbers of following year or any other preferable year

For example, your birth date is September 10, 1987.

This is a number of your year.
The number of the following year is 2+0+1+7= 10, 1+0=1.
We will sum the number of your year with the number of the year you want to get pregnant:
The definition of every number you can read in the table below:
1The pregnancy will go well, but it can damage your career.
2This year is perfect for pregnancy but not in the case, if you want to work until the last days before giving birth. Your work can bring harmful experience for you and your baby.
3This year is neutral for pregnancy.
4Not the best year for pregnancy, because you can experience some changes and problems in your life.
5This year is great if you want to have twins.
6That number is also very good, your health during pregnancy will be excellent, no complications and troubles.
7This year is not appropriate for pregnancy and following motherhood, because you can experience depression and prostration. It is better to postpone this important event of your life.
8Unplanned pregnancy may happen.
9Be careful, because this year you can get to the hospital and spend there a lot of time.

How To Know The Number Of Your Future Babies With The Help Of Your Birth Date?

If you want to know the amount of the babies you may have in the future, it is not difficult to calculate this with the help of numerology. We will use the familiar technique again: sum up all the numbers that make up the date of your birth, and add the result to the number of your parents’ children, including yourself. You need to consider all babies that your parents have – illegitimate or from previous marriages, from both mother and father.
When you receive a two-digit number, its components are summed once more, until the total is a simple digit number.
For example, if your birth date is the 9th May 1989 and you have a sibling, your calculation will look like that:
0+9+0+5+1+9+8+9+2=43, 4+3=7
The magic number is 7. And now all you need to do is to look for an explanation in our table below.

1You are destined to have many children, but in order to make this possible, you will have to go through some troubles.
The motherhood will bring you only happiness and positive emotions. Also, numerology predicts that all of your children will be born from one father and this will only strengthen your future family.
2You will have only one child, but if you put a lot of efforts you may have more. Your first pregnancy and childbirth will be easy and unproblematic, but next pregnancies may cause some problems with health. Probably you will need the help of doctors during all period of your second pregnancy.
3How many children you will have in the future depends only on you. It is most likely that you will give birth only to one child in your thirties or forties due to the searches of the reliable partner. The absence of proper soulmate in your life will make you postpone your pregnancy for later. You may have more than one kid only with very strong desire and determination. Remember, it depends only on you.
4You will have two children: a girl and a boy with a significant difference in age. They may have age gap from 5 to 8 years. But despite this, your children will love and support each other throughout their lives.
You don’t have to rush and try to shorten the time between pregnancies: fate will give the second child exactly when the whole family will be ready for this.
5You will become a mother to many children, and one of the pregnancies will end with the birth of twins or triplets, especially if there have already been such cases in your family.
There is also a chance that some kids may be born from different fathers. But all in all, everyone in your big family will be happy and friendly with each other.
6Numerology predicts that you may be a mother to three kids. The first two pregnancies will happen in your early ages. But the third child will appear lather, maybe in your forties. There is a chance that this baby can be born in second marriage.
7Probably you will never have kids, especially if you are not planning this now. And that is okay because children are not the only purpose in your life. You will still feel amazing and have a lot of different happy moments.
8You will have two children. Probably, you will think about the third, but you will be afraid of various factors like age, health, unstable financial situation. But there are still opportunities for you to have a lot of kids if you want this.
9It is possible that you will not be able to have your own baby, but you may be a wonderful mom for orphan baby.

Numerology Will Help You Predict The Gender Of The Future Baby

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Every parent wants to know everything about their future child, including gender of course. Or maybe you specifically want to calculate the proper month for conceiving to have a girl or a boy.
There are a lot of ways and techniques in numerology that will help you to predict the gender of the future baby, but we will talk about only a few of them.

Chinese Method

Below you can see the chart that will help you to learn the gender of your future kid. This method was developed in China a long time ago and still popular in numerology nowadays.
The horizontal column represents the age of the woman when she got pregnant or the age when she is planning to get pregnant. The vertical column contains months when pregnancy had started or when a child was conceived.
X stands for the boy and O stand for the girl.

Woman’s Age

Months of conceiving18192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445
For example, if 27-year-old women will get pregnant in January she will have a girl.

Numerology Of The Birth Date

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To calculate the gender of your future baby you will need your own birth date and birth date of your partner as well as the month you are going to get pregnant.
First step: calculate the number of your own birth date
Second step: sum all numbers in the birth date of your partner
Third step: add these numbers together
Fourth step: you should divide this result by the month of conceiving
If you get an even number – you will have a girl if you get an odd number – expect a boy.
For example:
Your birth date: 21.02.1987 = 2+1+0+2+1+9+8+7=30
Birth date of your partner: 04.09.1990 = 0+4+0+9+1+9+9+0=32
The month of conceiving: June – 6
30+32=62; 62/6 = 10,3. (Remainder should not be taken into the consideration).
So we got number 10 as a result, it is even number, and in this case, a baby girl will be born.

Numerology Of The Name

With the help of the numerology of the name, you can predict the gender of your future child, even if you don’t know the time of conception. This option is suitable for those who have not planned to have children yet. You will need only your full name.
Write down your full name on the piece of paper, including your middle name. Then you should count the amount of the letters in your name. Then calculate the number of vowels and consonants as well. In the result you will have 3 numbers:

  1. Amount of letter in your name
  2. Amount of vowels in your name
  3. Amount of consonant in your name

Then you should add the first number to the second number, after that you should subtract the third number of the result. And from the final result subtract number 7. If the total is even number expect for a girl if the odd number – a boy.
For example, your full name is Marry Jane Smith.
Amount of letter in a name: 14
Amount of vowels: 4
Amount of consonants: 10
Calculation: 14+4=18; 18-10=8; 8-7=1.
Number 1 is an odd number, so a woman with such name will be pregnant with a boy.

A Lucky Name For Your Kid

If you are planning to have a child someday, probably you have already thought about the choice of the name. It is really difficult and important process, so numerology can help you with this too.
With the help of this calculation, you can check if the chosen name is good enough for your future kid.
So, let’s start. Numerology assigns numbers from 1 to 9 to each letter of the alphabet. You can see this in the table below:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
A, J, SB, K, TC, L, UD, M, VE, N, WF, O, XG, P, YH, Q, ZI, R

All you need to do is to add all numbers together until you got one digit number.
For example, you have chosen a name, Helen:
8+5+3+5+5=26; 2+6=8
The number of name Helen is 8. This personal number is associated with certain qualities and personality of the human.

1A number of a bright and strong personality that will copy with any difficulties in the life.
2Very kind and romantic person.
3Creative people with strong leadership spirit. They have a great sense of humor and always want to be in the spotlight.
4This person can easily deal with difficult situations and always ready to help other people.
5Such person will quickly and easily achieve success in every aspect of life.
6Harmonic and peaceful people who can deal with drawbacks of others.
7This person will probably have interest in science but doesn’t like to communicate with other people.
8Very emotional individual, who will have a lot of adventures through the lifetime.
9Such person will be very compassionate to others.

Future prediction for your baby based on the date of the birth

If you already know the exact date of the birth of your baby, you can predict the future character of your kid with the help of numerology. As always just add all numbers in the birth date of your kid and read the description of a number below.


If person’s number is 1, it means that she or he is an inborn leader. Such type of people is very ambitious and will succeed in every aspect of life. They can lead and influence other people.


Number 2 means that your baby will adapt to any life circumstances in the future. Such person is good in teamwork and also very kind and helpful to others.


People which number is 3 have advanced social skills and colorful imagination. In the future, they can be successful writers or orators.


Hard work, order and sincerity describe number 4 the best. Such person is very serious, disciplined and honest.


This people are adventurous and like to live their fullest. They are very active and always want to discover new things, they just can’t stay in the same spot.


If you got 6, your child will be very responsible in the future. Also, their first priority is family.


Such person has a thirst for knowledge so in the future, you may have a great scientist as your kid. They are very independent and like to do things on their own.


Ambitious and confident person. People like this want to be the best in everything.


The main features of number 9 are selflessness and altruism. They are very compassionate to the problems of other individuals. Also, such person is very sensitive and kind to everything that surrounds him or her.

The Conclusion


In this article, we have gathered almost everything you may want to know about your pregnancy and future child with the help of numerology. Hope these tips will be useful for you.

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