How The Floor You Live On Affects Your Life

The floor you live on can tell a lot about you and the impact that surrounding reality produces on your life. In numerology, each number has its certain meaning. Based on this ancient esoteric science, one can learn about numbers’ influence on human life. And since we are surrounded by numbers everywhere, we can use numerological knowledge to evaluate their impact easily. Considering our everyday life, we can learn a lot of interesting information. For example, the floor you live on can tell a lot about you and the impact of surrounding reality on your life.

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Find out what energy radiates the floor your apartment is located on:

1 Floor

This number makes a person more ambitious and eager to perfection. This floor will bring good luck to career-oriented people.

2 Floor

This floor number makes you more tolerant to others. Often, people living on the second floor suffer from depression, many tend to dream and live in illusions.

3 Floor

People living on this floor seek power, authority and material benefits. For them, a high social position is extremely important.

4 Floor

People living on this floor are often unsatisfied with their lives. They keep complaining about the reality around them and are too sensitive to criticism.

5 Floor

According to numerology, the fifth floor encourages career growth and increase profits.

6 Floor

This floor is favorable for families. Peace, prosperity, children, comfort, and love – these are the things the sixth floor can give to those who live on it.

7 Floor

The floor for creative and uncommon people. Even if extremely common people move to this floor, soon they start living unlike everyone else.

8 Floor

The unfavorable floor that gives its inhabitants a limited outlook. Here live all-or-nothing thinkers who often swing from one extreme to another.

9 Floor

Strong energy comes from the ninth floor. Here, those will be happy who always aim at achieving their goals. This is the leaders’ floor.

10 Floor

Those, who live on the tenth floor, seek power and leadership at work, within the family and their social circle.

11 Floor

This floor number indues a person with a strong-willed character. A beneficial accommodation option for ambitious, creative and uncommon people.

12 Floor

Vibrations that this floor radiates have a negative impact on a person’s character. Inhabitants become underconfident and need constant moral encouragement or mentoring.

13 Floor

It is a number for inventors and innovators. Usually, the thirteenth floor is preferred by uncommon people trying to create something new and unique. However, often their ideas remain misunderstood.

14 Floor

The point of life for these people are material benefits. This floor will bring good luck to those who want to become rich.

15 Floor

This floor number imparts internal and external charm to a person. Inhabitants of this floor attract other people.

16 Floor

According to numerology, the sixteenth floor makes a person risky, adventurous, and free. Travelers and adventure seekers live on this floor.

17 Floor

People who live on this floor are extremely singular. They have no ideals; they are used to searching for the truth themselves and deciding what is good and what is not.

18 Floor

This floor imparts people with power and energy for implementing their plans and wishes. Quite often, the inhabitants of this floor are very hot-tempered and impulsive.

19 Floor

The floor imparts a person with imperious temper that can have a negative impact on relations with people if he doesn’t learn to suppress the negative sides of his leadership character.

20 Floor

People who live on this floor often stay in their illusions. They are not accustomed to everyday life and the real world problems.

21 Floor

The thoughts of this floor inhabitants are material. Here, all the wishes and dreams come true in no time.

22 Floor

According to numerology, this floor number enhances a person’s self-doubt and hesitancy.

23 Floor

People living on this floor want to gain a lot from their lives, but they make very little effort to make their dreams come true.

24 Floor

The number of suffering and emotional instability. People who live on this floor are used to enduring and taking all negative situations for granted.

25 Floor

This floor radiates the energy of impermanence and instability. The inhabitants swing from one extreme to another and keep looking for something new.
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