Numerology and Lucky Colors

Most people do not pay much attention to the choice of colors in everyday life. However, colors can influence us more significantly than we can imagine. Our mood and reaction to the environment largely depend on them. Colors can also enhance our energy or, on the contrary, dramatically reduce it.
Each of us has his own lucky color, which makes us more optimistic, harmonious and confident. Color, calculated with the help of numerology, can reduce our stress, balance energy, and feelings.

Colors And Numbers

colored numbers
All colors are great, and at some point in our life, we feel more comfortable using different colors. Our daily life can be improved if we surround ourselves with colors that are the most suitable and harmonious with our personal vibrations at this day. A numerology is a powerful tool, which reveals our daily, monthly and annual vibrations. When we choose the color corresponding to these particular vibrations and pay attention to what the given number tells us, we tune into the one wave with life around us.
Each of us has his own numerical vibrations and his own color vibrations. Some of these numbers (date of birth) are permanent. At the same time, we also have temporary personalized colors that change with changing calendar dates. If we consciously surround ourselves with personal colors, we achieve greater harmony and strengthen our inner powers to achieve more in different spheres of activity.

Meaning of Colors

Each color has a special, unique meaning.

firefireRed is the color of life, sun, fire. It causes opposite feelings – love and hate, joy and anger.
blueblueThe blue color brings a sense of peace and infinity, it relaxes a person.
sun flowersun flowerYellow improves the mood.
leavesleavesGreen acts soothingly.
pumpkinpumpkinOrange represents joy and happiness. It beneficially affects people who suffer from depression.
lavenderlavenderPurple is always associated with spirituality, it helps to know more about your inner nature and enhance the effect of meditation.

Lucky Colors by Name

Each name has its own unique color. Thus, having this or that name, a person attracts colors that help him to do his best in life. With the help of numerology, anybody can count the color of his name to eliminate its deficiency, which is so vital for the prosperous functioning of a person.

Dark Blue6FOX
The table contains nine colors and the corresponding numbers and letters. First of all, you have to write your name down on the sheet of paper. Then put the appropriate numbers and summarize them. Do it till you get the number less than 10.
For example, Sam – 1+1+4 = 6 (dark blue color).
The next step is to determine which colors the name lacks. To do this, you have to write all letters with corresponding colors.
  • S – red
  • A – red
  • M – green

  • Red – 2 letters
  • Green – 1 letter.

    The person with such a name has enough red and green but lacks many other colors. The scarcity of certain colors adversely affects daily life. It may help to understand why it is not always possible to get what you want. This influence extends to physical and emotional levels of existence.

    Lucky Colors by Date of Birth

    The date of birth is another fixed moment of life. It also has its own special color, often coinciding with the color of the name. To determine the color of the date of birth, summarize the numbers of its constituents till you get one unit.
    For instance, 22.04.1998 – 2+2+0+4+1+9+9+8 = 35 – 3+5=8 (pink color).
    The colors of the name and date of birth according to numerology can improve some moments of our life.

    Horoscope and Lucky Colors

    Your birthdate determines your horoscope sign, which is interdependent with your lucky color.

    Aura And Lucky Colors

    Professionals believe that the aura can vary depending on the mood, but the main background will remain the same. It is called the color of the life goal in numerology. You can learn it by adding the day, the month and the year of birth.
    For example, 10.11.13 – 1+0+1+1+1+3 = 7 (purple)
    Each number has a special color. Numbers 11 and 22 are not reduced.

    9 – bronze11 – silver
    22 – golden

    Days of the Week and Lucky Colors

    Some colors are more active and have greater powers on special days. So, we can count the perfect color for each day, which affects our clothes, shoes, jewelry, menu and lots of other things.

    1MondayWhite, light yellow colors
    2TuesdayPink, red
    3WednesdayShades of green
    4ThursdayYellow, golden
    5FridaySilver, white, light pink
    6SaturdayBlue, dark blue
    7SundayOrange, bright yellow

    Lucky Colors and Clothes

    If the numerical vibration of the color of your clothes corresponds to the numerical vibration of the day you wear it, you will definitely achieve all that you want.
    According to ancient sacral numerological study, numbers from 0 to 9 correspond to 5 basic colors:

    • 0 and 3 – red
    • 1 and 8 – blue
    • 2 and 6 – yellow
    • 4 and 9 – black
    • 5 and 7 – white

    You can easily count the number of the day and choose a lucky color. For instance, 22 – 2+2 = 4 (black), 14 – 1+4 = 5 (white).
    Black is the color of harmony with the Universe. The person in black is absolutely sure of the correctness of his decisions and deeds, he does not worry about trifles. Wearing black clothes will help to believe in yourself and your powers.
    White color helps to solve the most difficult, non-standard tasks easily and quickly. White blouse or even a white handkerchief ensures productive work.
    All shades of red personify love and passion. If you wear red clothes, you can easily attract attention and get recognition in society.
    Blue symbolizes peace and tranquility. The person, who wears blue clothes is the main peacemaker in conflict situations.
    Yellow is a warm, sunny color, which brings joy and good mood. In case, you have some worries, try on yellow clothes to look at the problem from a different angle.

    Numerology Color Therapy

    colored tree
    When you apply numerology to count your lucky color, you can easily and significantly improve the quality of your life. Color therapy explains how color affects the mental and physical state of a person and what curative effects it has. There is scientific evidence that color has healing power, it helps to relax or recharge, to lose fatigue and even get rid of a number of physical ailments. The influence of a color on an individual depends both on his tone, brightness and saturation, and individual psychological characteristics of a person (age, gender, character, mood and so on). Each color has its own characteristics and influences our well-being in a unique way.
    Numerology and lucky colors can be guiding tools in different situations. It is very easy to count the color of your name, date of birth, horoscope, and aura. With this knowledge, you can feel harmony, happiness, and prosperity in every moment of your life.

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    1. Of course I believe in numerology and colors. But I think sometimes this knowledge will be superfluous. For the fan will be the norm.

    2. I agree, each color has unique meaning. I like white, purple, blue, pink, even though some of them are not my lucky colors. I prefer listening to my intuition.

    3. Honestly saying, I don’t pay much attention to colors but try to avoid red in my bedroom. Maybe its time to surround myself with lucky colors, we’ll see what’s going to happen.

    4. question: Well, my lucky colors by horoscope are grey, black and white, It’s OK with white but I hate grey and black. What should I do?
      answer: Don’t worry, these are just recommendations, listen to yourself.

    5. Even though I do not believe in numerology, I still think we all have our lucky colors. To me lucky color is the one that makes me feel comfortable.


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