How Roger Changed His Life – Career Success with Royal Numerology

Roger and Royal Numerology
Hi, my name is Roger. I work as an accountant and I was always thinking that numbers are just numbers and nothing more. However, after visiting I looked at the same numbers in a completely different way. It turned out that since birth our lifepath is defined by our name number and birthday number.

Living like a Robot

But let me tell my story from the very beginning. I was born in the family of people who didn’t believe in such mysterious sciences as numerology. My parents always took all important decisions instead of me as it seemed to them that they knew how it would be better for their son. I have never had a chance to solve my problems on my own and choose the direction I wanted. To tell the truth, I even wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to choose as other people used to take all decisions instead of me.
I realized that the choice of profession wasn’t really mine as I was a creative person and the whole life I liked drawing and was dreaming to become an artist but never thought about this seriously. I continued living like a robot doing my routine work and day after day I felt that my life mission was something else.

Feel Like Life Is Passing You By

It is difficult to explain but I was sure that I was born to achieve something much more significant than just working in an office and making calculating the income of our small firm. Our company experienced hardships and there was even a risk of losing job. What else I could do if not working with figures? I was afraid to face a situation when I could have a choice, my own choice of life path.

Numerology Reading for Fun

Once I came back home and having free time I decided to surf the net and by chance or maybe not by chance I found the offer to have a free numerology reading. I thought why not try it for fun? I have got a detailed report about my skills and talents, my personal characteristics and many more things having provided only my name and the birthday number. I wanted to have fun but after getting the report it didn’t look funny at all as I understood that everything was true about who I was. The whole life I was told what to do and how to do this and only that evening I realized who I was.

Get Your Personalized Numerology Reading

Roger - choose profession dependon on you birthday

According to the numerology analysis, I found out that my birthday number was special and I could succeed in professions requiring  fantasy and creativity.  I remembered that I liked art much and sometimes having spare time I could draw something on a small sheet of paper even on my way home sitting in a bus. Royal Numerology helped me to understand one important thing: each person has his destiny and during life we get a lot of hints but sometimes we don’t listen to ourselves. After I read the report I felt much stronger as I knew where I wanted to go and which direction to choose. The following day I came to work and find out that things were really bad as we lost our main customer and this meant that we could become bankrupt. However, I was surprised that I wasn’t depressed and to tell the truth I felt even a bit happy as every cloud has a silver lining. I lost my job but thanks to my new knowledge about my life path and my mission I wasn’t confused as so many opportunities opened in front of me. I went to the art school and the professor told that I had a great talent. I started to enjoy my life much more than before. Numerology helped me to hear my own wishes and thanks to it I knew that I was born to share my life vision with the help of paints and brush.

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  1. I live in a small town with a population of 100,000. We have an astrologer on the outskirts. And I can tell you that it is not so easy to get to her, the queue is two weeks ahead ..


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