Royal Numerology Review: How Numerology Attracted Love and Money into my life

Here you will find an interview with Kimberly Brown who will tell how Royal Numerology has helped to change her life for the better.

Kimberly, tell more about yourself

Royal Numerology Kimberly Review
My name is Kimberly and several years ago I had really nothing to tell about myself because I considered myself to be the unluckiest person in the world. Now, with the help of numerology readings, I have my life under control in all spheres. I work for the large international company, which produces innovative software. I feel satisfied with every sphere of my life. I have two sons-twins who are 2 years old now and a loving husband. I can say that I have everything thanks to the better understanding of myself thanks to numerology.

What led you to the use of Numerology?

I had a very difficult period in my life when everything I started failed without an exception. My boyfriend left me and in several months married my best friend. I felt like a loser who lost immediately the beloved man and the friend whom I thought I could always rely on. I felt bad and even didn’t want to live further because I had no friends anymore, no love, and no money. I couldn’t find a good job because all companies gave preference to the specialists with the large experience which I didn’t have yet.

After I graduated from the university, my dad died and I had to help my mom, to support her financially as she was ill and couldn’t work. I had no chance to be choosy and agreed to do all kinds of work to get some money. As a result, 3 years passed and I didn’t have any work according to my qualification. However, I tried to read a lot of books in the sphere of my knowledge not to lose skills on designing software. Once I was browsing the net and found a forum where people were discussing the great power of numerology and there was mentioned the site where you could get your personal numerology reading. I entered it and that day changed my life forever.

What did you find at Royal Numerology?

I have ever believed in such things but I had no choice because there had to be something that could help me to find the right path in my life. Immediately after entering the site I felt the power of numbers. I started to analyze numbers that could affect me and understood that I had some situations when numbers weren’t just a coincidence. I asked Aiden for the free reading and got it. I filled out my first and last name, email address, the date of birth, and nothing more. This information was sufficient for the specialist to provide me with the detailed reading of my personal character and helped me to understand what I did wrong towards other people. The numerology opened my eyes on so many things. It helped me to understand why people treated me like this and what mistakes I made.

How did your life change after you got your personal numerology reading?

royal numerology review
First, I analyzed every single word and understood that it was really true. I tried to follow the pieces of advice on how to behave with other people, how to find those relationships which would suit me best, and how to live in general. This was a so-called guide to myself. I call numerology reading the instructions to the use of your personal internal mechanism. I learned how to use it effectively and got great results! Once my life changed, I decided to pass the additional course on software design, my teacher said that I had the potential and offered to talk to his friend who had a company where they were selling software products. I couldn’t believe that I was so lucky! In several days I got a telephone call, it was from the company I mentioned above. They wanted to interview me, I came to the office the same day and I got the job, despite the fact that there were five applicants. I felt more self-confident and smile was shining brightly on my face. Perhaps, this was that smile that made my boss fall in love with me. The director of the department where I worked proposed to me after a year of dating. I was the happiest woman in the world. By the way, I have never forgotten what numerology did for me. I always asked advice when needed to solve the problem.

When I was dating Mark, I ordered the personal reading for him as well. After it, I made sure that we were ideal partners. The reading didn’t lie! In a year, I gave birth to two cute twins. My husband has become my support in everything. Now, I think that all my problems were the reason that I didn’t know what I wanted from life. I think that numerology helped me to look into my soul and find answers to the questions, which were hidden even from me or maybe I didn’t want to see them on my own.

Would you recommend Royal Numerology to other people?

Sure, I would like to recommend numerology reading to everyone who faced a difficult situation and needs to find an effective way out. In fact, it is not necessary to wait for problems to order your personal readings because it is better to prevent problems than solve them later. The numerology will help to understand yourself and people surrounding you much better. You will be able to avoid conflicts and will succeed in life using your internal hidden power. You will understand that numbers have a great power and each of them has its own meaning. Pay attention to it and number will help to identify the key points in your life.

personal reading

Royal Numerology provides custom readings based on an individual’s birth date and full name. The letters in your name are converted into numbers, which are used in combination with the numbers related to your birthday. Aiden Powers(from photo) is the most unique selling point of the Royal Numerology system. As a Master Numerologist, he’s responsible for creating every numerology report.
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  1. I have just ordered the numerology course and it helped me to solve the problem I have faced recently. I had problems in the relationships with my children and I understood that I was too selfish acting the way I did. Thanks to the numerology reading, I have analyzed my mistakes.

  2. Numerology reading was a very important decision in my life. It is really worth its money because it helped me to analyze my behavior towards my beloved who was nearly to divorce me. Now I understand what kind the person I am and she is, which helps us to compromise and avoid serious quarrels.

  3. Thanks for sharing interesting and useful information about the role of numerology in our lives. I think I need to get the reading of my numbers as well because I find it difficult to choose the future profession. My parents think that I should forget about creative jobs and concentrate on something more serious but I want to follow my own life path. I hope that numerology will help me to find the evidence that being an artist is the profession that will suit my nature better than any other one


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