Clock Magic – Why Do You Keep Seeing Repeating Numbers?

Most likely, you have noticed that sometimes the clock tries to give you some kind of sign, showing the same numbers, for example, 12: 12. And a person does not immediately respond to such hints until these double signals begin to haunt him almost constantly. And from that moment on, we start to wonder what that might mean.
Today we will try to open the veil of this aspect of numerology a little and understand the meaning of the same numbers on the clock.
In numerology, it is believed that if you constantly see duplicates on the clock, it is your guardian angel trying to convey an important message. And if you correctly interpret the received signal, you will be able to understand what will happen in your future.
Numerology is the belief in religious, esoteric and mystical relationships between numbers, the character of a person, his fate, past and future.
Each individual combination of numbers has a deep unique meaning that will help you:

  • make the right decision;
  • tell you which direction to move in life;
  • make you think about some actions;
  • help you accept love or reject a bad person who is trying to win your heart;
  • tell you what to do if you are lost and can’t make the right decision.

Mirror values that occur in the early morning

If you are used to waking up early, then the mirror message of an angel will have the following meaning:


06:06 clock time meaning in numerology
You will meet your true love, which will lead to a wedding and a happy family life. So if you see 0606, wait for good news. Also, 06:06 indicates that your most cherished dream will soon come true.


07:07 clock time meaning in numerology
Do not look ahead with fear: you are chasing luck and everything planned will work out. In angelic numerology, the combination 0707 means good luck, and in paganism, the time 7: 07 meant that the harvest was coming soon, so expect good prospects in your business or work. And in the Hindu religion, the number 707 indicates that your spiritual powers are at the peak of their power, and you can ask the sky for anything you want.


08:08 clock time meaning in numerology
Expect pleasant surprises in the workplace: you may soon be promoted, and if you see the 0808 sign for more than three days, then wait for immediate financial support.


10:10 clock time meaning in numerology
This combination indicates that you need to be a little less nervous and have more rest. And the value 1010 shows good prospects for the next month: most likely you will go on vacation or a loved one will give you a romantic date that you have been waiting for a long time.

Opinion of Chinese number specialists

The number 1000 or the time 10:00 in numerology shows that before something appears in the material world, it must Mature. Like a spikelet of wheat: immediately the seed falls into the ground, then it sprouts into a tender little stalk, then rises to the sun and after a while turns into bread on the table. So before you do something, think about whether you need it. This message from the guardian angel shows that you make decisions too quickly and thoughtlessly and very often make mistakes because of it.
What’s encrypted at 10: 11? This message applies to the creative sphere and shows that very soon you will learn how to earn decent money on your hobby. Take this sign very seriously and try to use this gift of heaven as quickly as possible. It’s so nice to earn a living easily and with great interest in the business.
If you are haunted by the value 11: 01, then you should worry about your health. Once again, contact your doctor, let him look at you. Also, a frequent meeting of 1101 indicates that it is high time to go on vacation. Let it be a few days at the sea, under the warm sun with a cocktail of delicious fruit juice.
Repeating 111 on the clock shows that you need to be careful with your wishes. During this period, you need to be very careful to Express your thoughts, as everything you say will be fulfilled after a while.

The Daily Mirror Values

The period from 12: 00 to 14: 00 is considered the time of taking not only ordinary food, but also spiritual food. So if you see a combination of times on your watch that indicates the middle of the day, you should think very seriously about a message from an angel.
A duplicate 12, such as the time 12:12, indicates that you need to visit a spiritual energy place (such as a Church or temple) in order for the universe to take care of your needs. Also, the combination of 1212 means that you will soon be very lucky;
To see the mirror numbers 12:21 on the clock means that you need to spend more time on your creative ideas, and if you want them to bring, in addition to pleasure, also profit, then write down the combination of numbers 1221 in your personal notebook or diary (preferably in a prominent place), you will see that soon your life will change for the better.

Mirror the values that you see in the evening


18:18 clock time meaning in numerology
Indicates that you should think a little about the eternal and get away from everyday life. 1818 recommends that you go somewhere on a journey where you will find many answers to your questions.


19:19 clock time meaning in numerology
Shows that you have had many happy moments along the way, but sometimes you should take a little less risk and calculate your steps more. The 1919 sign says we need to plan more.
20:02 a symbol of energy that indicates that you are bubbling with a flow that you can not always cope with, you need to be less emotional and think more.


20:20 clock time meaning in numerology
These two deuces show that everything is going well and consistently in life: everything is fine, keep it up.


21:12 clock time meaning in numerology
Most likely, soon in your life there will be a replenishment of the family. And if this is not planned, 2112 says that it is worth considering extending the genus.


21:21 clock time meaning in numerology
Wait for a stormy romance to happen soon, as a new and interesting person will appear in your circles. According to the interpretation, the same numbers 2121 on the clock will bring love into your life.


22:22 clock time meaning in numerology
Four deuces indicating that something very powerful is about to happen in your life. This can be either a positive event that you are waiting for so much, or a negative one. Be especially careful in the coming days, 2222 indicates that you should get ready and worry about yourself.
The number 22 is considered a symbol of developed intuition, high spiritual development, and an excellent mind.


23:23 clock time meaning in numerology
This time indicates an upcoming event related to your environment. You may meet a new good friend, or on the contrary, you will be imposed on by an unpleasant person. 2323 asks you to carefully monitor who you communicate with and trust.


23:32 clock time meaning in numerology
This numerological symbol warns you about the danger that may arise for your loved one or loved one. 2332 indicates that you should communicate more with your loved ones and not leave them alone with their problems.

24:24 (00:00)

00:00 clock time meaning in numerology
They are symbol of the birth of a new, the beginning of a different path, the source of life energy. If you often see 0000, then be prepared that you will soon have to start from scratch.

Divination by the same numbers on the clock

Of course, many girls can’t survive without divination. This is especially true for unmarried beauties who sit and wait under the window of their Prince. After all, I want to meet my beloved soon.
So, if you decide to guess by the value of combinations of numbers on the clock, keep in mind that you should see the repeating time at least three times, only then it will have some sacred meaning. Otherwise, all your interpretations will be nothing more than a fantasy.
You can prepare for divination as follows: mentally ask your question and think about it for half an hour for three days at the same time, for example, in the evening at 9:09, when no one bothers you. Two nines in the time value will bring you good luck. And then go to bed quietly. You will soon get an answer to your question in one of two ways:

  • you will dream about the time, the value of which according to angelic numerology on the clock you can see in our article;
  • you will constantly come across the same time on the clock at the moment of wakefulness.

So, as you understand from our article, matching numbers on the clock is not so easy. If you constantly receive such signs, it means that your guardian angel is trying to contact you and give you an important message that can radically change your life. Angelic numerology by the hour can reveal many secrets about yourself, the world around you, and perhaps what will happen in the future. If you are interested in the topic, you can learn more about double numbers by reading the works of Doreen Verche, there is a lot of interesting things there.

10 thoughts on “Clock Magic – Why Do You Keep Seeing Repeating Numbers?”

  1. For about 10 years now I have been seeing succession numbers such as 1111 111 222 333 444 555 etc. Have not taken note of 202 or 707 types of patterns or any particular number more than usual. Lately, it has gotten to where when I go into the kitchen I slowly turn around and look at the stove, and yep there it is. Just now it was 444 before I wrote this am. But AM or PM has little bearing.

    I know someone or something is trying to reach me. I feel its assurance, but also warnings. I smoke and my husband is physically having to have surgery from clogged arteries. My cousin a Jehova Witness said it’s the devil. That we do not rise until God resurrects us so how can someone contact us? That horoscope and the likes were started by people that believe in these

    I told her it makes me feel good why would the devil do that? She said to brainwash you to thinking he is God that is why they do not worship or practice anything unless it comes from God Thought this interesting and maybe can get a conversation going. Thank you

    • Ever since I met my wife I’ve always noticed that when I look at a clock or my phone always around 9:00 it’s on 911
      What is the meaning of seeing the repeated 911??

  2. I see at cash register the change to customers is always$2.22 or $3.33 ,$1.11 etc .
    When I look at the time it’s 1010 or 1111 o1212 on through the day same thing happens

    • I regularly go through cycles of seeing the time on my phone, or glancing at appliances that show the time – and noticing multiple numbers e.g. 10:10, 11:11 – or 22:22 etc. It usually goes on for about a week, then things go back to normal. I try to laugh it off, but it definitely feels very weird at the time (pardon the pun!)

  3. I recently have gone through a spiritual awakening after my father passed away and during that time also got fired from my job despite my intentions and work ethic being of high regard. I had a friend of 20 years come into my life shortly after and it became romantic in nature despite no attempts to push it in that direction. I would have a week where I would see 1:11,2:22,3:33,4:44,5:55,11:11 on repeat daily. Needless to say my life has drastically changed and I continue to remain open to any signs being sent. I now find them comforting. When I am with my new romantic friend I don’t see them but at home, I begin seeing them again. A self identified agnostic most my life and now have found belief in a creator. I now have found a deeper understanding and that the Light is within me/us. I consciously make efforts to insert myself as an agent of positive change for those around me and myself. I notice articles like this are more prominent as well and I hope this is the earth raising its vibrational footprint. There’s meaning in life now and I value much of Jungs work. I hear music differently and it’s messages now, I see films and the stories differently. I feel as though I finally ‘get it’ and that the more I learn the more I don’t know a damn thing. I’m more open minded no matter how absurd the idea. I realize we all are in the morphogenic field together and we are all One. I hope we continue on this path as many people looked liked they were in despair and lost in 2020/2021 and now I see more and more smiles and genuine happiness. I am grateful for this.

    • Your comment resonates with me! After a sad ending to a pregnancy in 2021 I’m pregnant again. We just got all our genetic results back which are all good news! It feels like since getting this news I can finally move forward with my life that’s been halted since 2021. There’s something in the universe communicating to me(seeing 1:11, 11:11, 5:55, etc) and I’m very much trying to listen.

  4. What about 03.03
    I was actually hurt and angry as it said for me to be be careful not to fall fornthe charms of someone who is using me to save themselves and risks losing me to be with someone else once they find their feet on the ground! Is it just a coincidence that I’m going through something similar with a guy who I feel is using me and has cheated…I hate reading these numbers. Think I need 2 stop.

  5. I am repeatedly seeing times on the clock such as 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 10:10, 11;11, 12:12 and it has got to the point that it is haunting me. I remember seeing a movie once about these parents that thought their daughter was demon possessed and was refusing medical treatment in lieu of religious exorcism. The State stepped in and was trying to force the parents to accept medical treatment. The attorney for the state started waking up and seeing times on the clock just like I described and it was inferred by the movie that it was the devil trying to scare her.

    It really has me very anxious about why this is happening, is there a hidden meaning, why is it happening and I cant seem to find anything online that explains it!

    Can you share any information that would explain why this is happening and what it means?

    Thank you in advance!


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