Andrew Life Story and Sonia Divine Messages

Andrew Sonia Divine Messages
Hello, my name is Andrew, I am a 38-years old man who has experienced failure after failure in life until I found Sonia. Thanks to her divine messages, my life really changed. Here is my story. To tell the truth, I couldn’t even think that there would be such a day when I would go to somebody to listen to divine messages. I have never believed in divine at all. However, when you fail, again and again, you understand that you need to change something.

Sonia explained to me that all my problems were because I have never loved myself and never felt self-confident. My parents didn’t seem to love me much compared to my older brother who wore new clothes while I had to wear his old jeans and a large sweater. I didn’t feel like a kid who can come to parents and ask to buy something even if I wanted something much. I have been deprived of love being a child and became an adult who didn’t know how to love.

One day I met a beautiful girl. I couldn’t even come to her because I was sure that she wouldn’t talk to me. She was such a beauty and me, I wasn’t the guy who suited her. We studied at one course and with time I understood that I really liked her much. If I were more self-confident, I would offer her to have a walk, talk, and maybe even date. However, this didn’t happen because I was too shy. Unfortunately, to my great surprise, I found out later that she also liked me. I have lost my chance because she met another guy who was much braver than me and married her.

After university graduation, I was offered a good job abroad because I studied well. However, I didn’t believe that the level of my knowledge would be sufficient to succeed in a big city and stayed at home while my former groupmate went instead of me and achieved great success, despite the fact that he didn’t show brilliant results during studies. One more chance that I have lost in my life.

Every time something good happened to me but I didn’t want to change anything in my life because I always thought that I didn’t deserve such a chance, didn’t believe in my own power. The most horrible thing that happened to me because of my inability to behave confident mad me to turn to Sonia for help.

After years of loneliness, I met a woman whom I liked and she seemed to like me, we married. She was pregnant when I returned after the business trip that lasted for about 6 months. She said that the child was mine and she didn’t tell me before because she wanted to make the best present, the news about our child had to surprise me. However, I felt miserable. I was sure that she didn’t love me really and found another man.

This was because of my low self-esteem. She was pretty and several years younger while I have always been a bit plump and have never looked like a macho. I asked my wife that I needed evidence that the child was mine. She was offended, gathered her things and went away. I didn’t know where she could go. Weeks passed and I couldn’t find her anywhere. Then, I went to Sonia, she told me that I was mistaken concerning the baby, that he was mine and that the wife really loved me much. It was the first time I felt really strong and confident. She helped me to understand that I behaved the wrong way and helped me to find my wife.

She was at her friend’s house. I came to her and said that despite my disbelief in such things as fate and psychic reading, I used the services of Sonia and she provided me with the real help. Several conversations with her changed my perception of life and my role in this world. She helped me to look at my relationships with close people and analyze that it was me who ruined them so often. It seems that she helped me to get rid of the destructive power that was somewhere inside me for so long. BTW, I want to mention about Free Numerology Report from, here is a review. In a couple, they give an awesome result.

Now, I am a completely happy man who has the best family with two kids, a boy, and a girl. When I can’t understand what is going on around me or can’t understand my wants and needs I prefer using the expert psychic reading that is able to guide you through life. Predictions of Sonia always come true! I have understood this and now I always work with her when needing extra help in a difficult situation.

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