Sun Number in Numerology

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Most of us know about zodiac signs or in other words astrological sun sights. These zodiac signs depict your individuality, your features, temper and many other aspects basing on the calendar cycle, which consists of 12 months. So we have 12 months and respectively 12 zodiac signs. And it is very easy to determine the astrological sign because all you need is your birth date.
There is a similar classification in numerology that describes person’s nature, abilities, strengths, drawbacks and so on. It is called Sun Number and you can easily calculate it with the help of your birth date as well. Sun Number is a single-digit number from 1 to 9. And behind every number, there is specific meaning and description of the person.

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Sun Number gives only common description and information about person’s character, skills, talents, negative aspect and so on. Of course, we can’t divide humanity into 9 categorized groups, that’s why Sun Number only provides you with the most general description and recommendations. Discovering your personal numerological number is a first step to understanding yourself on the deeper level.

A Connection of Sun Number with other Numerological Signs

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All you need to know about your Sun Number that it is your starting point in the world of numerology. Everything can change and practically nothing stays the same with the flow of time, even your name number, because you can change it during your lifetime. Everything is volatile, except the number based on your birth date. So, as you can see, other numerological charts and number will not influence your Sun Number, because it is given you from the moment of your birth.
This number also can show how changes can influence your life on the whole. For example, a person with number 1 likes changes and chances. They are not afraid of opportunities and just tend to head forward and don’t look back. But if you got 2, it means you deal with various circumstances and obstacles very carefully. You don’t haste to make decisions, carefully taking into the considerations all advantages and disadvantages.

Who Invented Sun Number?

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Sun Number was discovered and introduced by numerologist Hans Decoz. He has been studying numerology during all his life and after these researchers, he came with the conception of Sun Number. He improved lives of many people with his teachings. With the help of his knowledge, people have changed their lives for better. In order to help all people around the world to better know themselves, Hans Decoz invented this method that can guide people in the right direction. This chart will help you to discover all your possibilities, hidden talents, useful features and even drawbacks you can work on to improve your life.

The First Step to Know Yourself

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Discovering your Sun Number is the first step in this interesting and exciting world of numerology that will help you to understand yourself better, make important decisions and guide you through the life. Besides this, numerology gives you an opportunity to calculate a number of your name, life path, hidden passion and so on.

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