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Interviewee: Alex, 35 years old, a successful businessman who has agreed to share his story of success, which was long and difficult in the beginning.

Tell more about your life before you have become a successful businessman

Total Money Magnetism and Alex
I remember when I was sitting at a small writing desk, where my notebook was. Behind me, my wife changed diapers for our 3-month-old baby … And I very much hoped that my wife did not look at me that moment because I couldn’t help crying. For the last month, I have not earned a penny. But we have a child, must pay for the rented house, bills …I was on the verge of despair … how I will support my family?! First, it all started not so bad. Some time ago I worked for my uncle and earned a good salary, and I liked my work. And there was an opportunity to move up the career ladder. But everything collapsed in a moment when the boss summoned me to his place, said to write a letter of resignation and threw several printed pages in front of me. I looked at them and immediately understood everything. Let’s rewind the time a little back so that you will understand everything.
In my spare time I learned Internet marketing. I studied various training courses on earnings on the Internet. And most of all I liked info-business with the ideas to sell your knowledge on the Internet with the help of email marketing. In the beginning, I treated this as a hobby and after work I created my own sites, made paid and free courses, and was engaged in sales. I earned not much and this money wasn’t enough to pay for the things I needed. After work, free time was not so much, so I began to engage in information business at work. Well, you know already where this has led me. I was fired literally in 30 minutes.

What situation in your life helped you to find your way in life?

I remember the day when I went out with my belongings and stood for a very long time thinking what to say to my wife, who was about to give birth. I never smoked in my life, but then I really wanted to smoke. Until the end of the day, I hung around the street devastated. After that, I came home and deceived my wife …I told her that I fell under the contract and I was fired. I’m still ashamed for this moment. We talked with wife, discussed everything and I decided to concentrate completely on the information business. As I remember now, I sat all day at the computer in the bedroom and did my infobusiness.

How did you find the Total Money Magnetizm?

I did not have any assistants, I did not know marketing, I did not know copywriting, I did not have the means to invest in business – only a great desire. I made product launches, and they failed and did not bring sales. Imagine you are working for a month, creating a product, a good product, but because of incorrect marketing, your launch brings you miserable 4 sales! Or you are trying to hold a marketing webinar, and by the end – zero sales. Although everyone at the end of the webinar wrote in the chat, which was great. Meanwhile, the savings were melting.
One of my friends recommended me to read the guide to business and success “Total Money Magnetizm”. I didn’t believe that anything could help me but to my greatest surprise, the book really made my life better. When I finished reading it, I have decided to apply my newly gained knowledge and skills into the real projects. I created the product, launched it, analyzed the errors, made the start, made mistakes again – and gradually it turned out. I would not call this rapid growth … it was very slow. Sometimes, I was gripped by gloomy thoughts like “ What I do wrong?!” Especially when I compared myself with others. And in order not to get upset, I stopped comparing myself to others. I began to compare myself only with myself- the person who I was the day before. The main idea I have understood from the Total Money Magnetizm is the strong desire to improve your skills on the regular basis and learn to listen to your intuition. I started to notice some progress. I was becoming more and more successful thanks to the smart tips and recommendations from the book.

How Has Total Money Magbetizm Helped You?

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First, I earned one-tenth of what I received at work, later about half of what I got at work. Then, it was almost the same. And then – even a little more than my income in the former job was. I was happy! Life was full of great prospects. One day an event happened that changed everything. I felt that I understood the essence of all recommendations the author of the book gives. It seems to me that I got it what the author meant by saying that it is necessary to unlock your mind. Thanks to this book, for half a year I earned more than during my whole life.

Would you recommend Total Money Magnetizm to other people?

I think that this is a great book, which can be called the guide to yourself. In order to earn more and become rich, it is necessary to know whether your brain works the necessary way. I think that I have got it and did my best to change my attitude to the financial side of my life. I believed in my personal powers. I would like to recommend the book to everyone who knows what it means to fail and be nearly in the situation when you are going to give up. The course on attracting money will help you to become a successful businessman rather quickly. Believe, you need just to listen to the pieces of advice given in the book.

Recommended Book By Alex

Total Money Magnetism will give you tips and tricks that millionaires use to make a lot of money. You will actually get the mind of a millionaire meaning that it will take you to the path of financial freedom. Author – Dr. Steve G Jones
Total Money Magnetism Interview
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