Ho’oponopono: What Kind of Practice Is It and How to Use It Right?

Once, Albert Einstein said that there are two ways to live. The first one is like there are no wonders in the world while another one is like everything in this world is a wonder. For some people, Ho’oponopono is just a combination of letters that sound unclear while for others this is the magic word, which has a very deep essence. Want to find out what is Ho’oponopono and how you can use it for your benefit? Here, you will find everything you need to know about this ancient practice, which can provide you with the great power!

What Is the Key Essence of Ho’oponopono?

So, what is Ho’oponopono and how to practice it? Everything started in Hawaii in 1984 when Dr. Hugh Lin began using an unusual treatment at the clinic, where he worked as a psychologist. As a result of his work, all patients suffering from schizophrenia became absolutely healthy. The most interesting thing is that during the whole period of time, he did not see any of the patients and did not consult anyone personally. Hugh Len studied their anamnesis and worked only on his own. Wonder how it is? It is the main essence of practicing Ho’oponopono.

What does the word “Ho’oponopono” mean? If to translate it from Hawaiian language, it means “to correct, to fix, to manage”. And it is really true as the main aim of using this technique is to provide the necessary changes that will lead to the desired positive outcome of the events. What kind of changes? The practice allows to health the whole world around you!

Are you ready to try the role of the healer? If yes, you may wonder how to do this and whether you need certain knowledge. Have you ever heard that first it is necessary to start from yourself? If everyone uses the practice of Ho’oponopono and makes himself or herself better, then the whole world will change for the better! Sounds simple and logical, doesn’t it? However, you should understand one rule that is the main essence of the practice: Only you and not anybody else is responsible for his/her actions!”

4 Main Phrases Used by Ho’oponopono Practitioners

Ho'oponopono phrases
Ho’oponopono is a very simple spiritual practice that gives great results. Its main idea is that you open your heart and create a reality full of love and harmony with the words: I am very sorry … Please forgive me … Thank you … I love you ….This Hawaiian practice is considered the best way to become healthy, rich, successful! Sounds like a formula of happiness, doesn’t it?

Many of us repeat the phrase “I am sorry” hundreds of times a day. Is this the same phrase that you should use when practicing Ho’oponopono? Not really! It is not just a word of politeness, it is much more. This Ho’oponopono mantra has a deep sense, it shouldn’t be just banal “sorry”. These phrases are used to help a person to unblock your consciousness and to help you to clear of any preventive factors that don’t allow you to feel happy and have harmony inside.

Being imprisoned is the most horrible fear in most people. However, not everyone understands that sometimes we create the prison on our own. When saying the above-mentioned phrases, you should think about yourself as well as about those people who take part in the creation of prison for you. To make these phrases work, you should understand the meaning of the words well. Only in this case, they will work as you want.

The method consists of 4 phrases, each of which is like a new stage you should move to, the next step you need to take. Pronouncing certain phrases, you are going to heal yourself. There is an amazing book by Joe Vitale about this technique. Only 4 phrases that will change you. Let’s have a closer look at the meaning of each one:

  • I’m so sorry (I repent). A statement that there is negative in life. Something inside you pulled this problem. This is a stage of awareness of the problem.
  • Thank you. Appeal to God or the universe. Saying this phrase, you thankful for what your life is filled at the moment.
  • I love you. Saying this phrase you express sincere love from the heart. No matter what. Repeating this phrase many times clears a person from negative programs.
  • Please forgive me. You apologize to the universe for your negative and inappropriate thoughts and actions.

Only 4 phrases – pronouncing up to 10 minutes a day – will change you! The best result is to pronounce them in front of a mirror. The method of phrases (affirmations) has a cumulative effect. So over time, you only need to say each of them once per day.

How to Practice Ho’oponopono?

Practice Ho'oponopono
People who learn about this practice for the first time find it difficult to remember the order of the words of ho’oponopono mantra, they have many questions about the application of the method in practice. For example, does the order of words that need to be pronounced according to ho’oponopono practice matter? Is it necessary to say them separately or in a different sequence? To whom should you address these words? What do you need to regret when you say one of the 4 key phrases? Who needs to be forgiven in this particular period of my life? What should you be thankful for? Saying “I love you,” should you really feel what you say?

No matter how 4 key phrases are pronounced, with time a person, as a rule, realizes that they bring a positive effect. Internal disharmony goes away, thoughts are tuned to a positive mood, and psychological chaos gives way to silence and tranquility. The only problem with people is that they are capable of thinking, and therefore often arrogant. Every person thinks a lot, something constantly happens in his/her head, there are always some thoughts there. So, the wisdom of the shamanic masters says that enlightenment and purification of the mind can come to us only when nothing happens in our consciousness when the mind is in a state of silence.

What Makes Ho’oponopono a Very Powerful Practice?

This practice has been known for years as an effective method of solving problems. The practice is based on the concept that people program themselves on everything that happens to them. In our consciousness, there are programs, which are passed from generation to generation. They model our life and make us do the things we do. Is it possible to attract good things into your life if you can attract problems? Sure, you can! You can attract everything you need. How to do this? You should create the world inside you without any bad memories.

This is how you will open your consciousness flow and will let good things into your life. The role of ho’oponopono is to clear from everything and start from the very beginning filling your life with things you wish. Sure that a man can’t have control over everything in life but he/she can accept what his/her life gives still feeling harmony inside. According to ho’oponopono practice, you will become happy if you learn to accept all things that happen and not live with your expectations. You should let your expectations go away and then you will feel free and happy.

Remember that Ho’ponopono claims that the Earth has a great potential to give you what you are looking for. The only thing you need to keep in mind that it is up to you to use its creative power the right way. Want to delete all bad emotions from your mind? You will achieve this goal successfully if using ho’oponopono technique on the regular basis. As you have already read, the ho’oponopono method is very simple. The only thing you should try to do is to repeat the most important phrases from the practice with the open mind. Only then you will feel inspiration.

Is Ho’oponopono Successful for Every Person?

Good news is that it will work for everyone if a person repeats the phrases on the regular. This is the technique, which should be practiced non-stop, otherwise, you won’t reach success. Ho’oponopono results are very impressive and there is a large number of ho’oponopono success stories! You will notice how the relationships with other people improve if you correct your way of thinking and let the ho’oponopono technique help you to fix all errors in your consciousness.

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