Top 5 Reasons Why You are Seeing 1111 (11:11 Like on Clock)

You have probably looked around and seen 11:11. Right? You’re in the right place because you are about to find out the meaning of 1111. Whenever you come across these numbers, it is always a sign that you are about to experience a significant change in your life. You will also begin to find coins in strange times and places.
1111 seeing numerology
For some people, the actual meaning of 11:11 is that there are angelic beings close by. These angles come with protection and love and their primary purpose is to bring you guidance and clarity. Do not fret when you keep seeing 11:11; it’s a sign that an angel has a message for you to unravel.

11:11 is also a numeral of the masters who impacted humanity and altered the earth’s vibrations throughout history. Some of the ascended masters that might be sending you messages include Jesus Christ, Quan Yin and Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama). They are showing you that you are a holy facet of the Creator, an expert at being yourself in the form of human. These beings remind you that the primary purpose that you’re here on earth is to make it a better place for the generations to come. Don’t forget that you have a positive impact on other people’s lives or to make the world different just for a single person. When you see 11:11, it is a wake-up call to align your path to ensure you leave a mark in this existence. The world will always be thankful to have you!

Universally, it will never be a coincidence that every year from November 11th up to January 11th, you will undergo a time called the months of Divine Trinity. This is a sacred period that comes with numerous opportunities for you. It is a time for you to wake up and adopt your true divine light.

You should understand that there are a lot of reasons why you keep seeing 11:11. Therefore, it would be best to be very keen on your environment and carefully note what 11:11 means to you. Here are then the five spiritual meanings behind 11:11.

1. Meaning of 1111: Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

One of the meanings behind the numbers 11:11 is that the heavens have tested your thought pattern and that anything you constantly had in mind will begin to be revealed in physical reality. For this reason, if you feel great about the thoughts you have put your mind into, then be assured that the convictions you are sending the Universe will be revealed in your life. However, you may be having negative thoughts, but that should not worry you because you can shift your thoughts to be positive to attract positive experiences in your life.

Ensure that you focus on the things you desire to have and not those you don’t want. 11:11 or 1:11 is a message from a holy angel that you should pay much attention to your thoughts. In simpler terms, your thoughts are like a form of energy such that when you think of something, you are utilizing energy to alter your imagination into a reality. Therefore, when you have a thought, you do it willingly and it is so powerful that it can make a new creation.
Whenever you come across 11:11, it is a spiritual sign that there is an opportunity to make your thoughts be revealed whether you like it or not.
1111 thoughts are material
All in all, when you see 1111 frequently, it is a sign to pay more attention to your thoughts. Never forget that a Creator, a holy team of angels and a spirit always guide you. So, whenever you require assistance to shift your thoughts to positive thinking, you only need to ask because, in asking, you learn how to receive.

Keep in mind that when you become unbarred about receiving, you will become a medium for all the Universe’s blessings, allowing them to flow through you. Afterward, you will start noticing the growth and healing opportunities around you. The Universe will therefore align people and experiences in your path to help you prosper and eventually assist you in getting out of your comfort zone so that you may become your true self. Thus, when you come across 11:11, look out for the blessings around you!

2. Meaning of 1111: How Your Thinking Creates Your Reality

Did you know that everything that exists in your life is a result of your thoughts and feelings? Whether you are thinking about the past, present or future, you are utilizing energy to form a vibration inside you that will attract things with a similar vibration. In other terms, when you take your time thinking about the past, looking into the present or imagining the future, your thoughts will activate vibrations that will attract ideas, people and experiences which are in line with the vibrations around you. This way, if you set your eyes on 1111, it means that you are attracting the thoughts you are having of yourself.

For instance, you can allure “financial lack” in your life even when you have positive thoughts about financial freedom because the thoughts of “financial abundance” originated from financial lack. In such a case, you must alter the way you feel about your financial situation – be excited about your finances rather than worry. This is because the “vibration of worry” may attract “financial lack” instead.

My advice is that you change your feelings from low vibration to a higher vibration, for instance, by being excited. The main thing is to elevate your vibration so that your feelings improve. The more you will feel relieved, the more you will experience positive emotions. You will achieve a higher state of vibration which will, in turn, attract more positive experiences.

Generally, when you come across the numerals 11:11, you should know that everything you think about is an affirmation of your truth. You are therefore required to replace negative thinking with positive and uplifting thoughts. So, when you put your mind into the things that go well in your life, then the right things will begin to happen.

3. Meaning of 1111: A Message From a Deceased Lover

deceased lover numerology 11 11
Moreover, when you see 11:11, it is a message from spirit guides and angels and in some cases, it can be a sign that a deceased loved one is trying to contact you. They may be trying to reach you through various ways, but the best might be capturing your attention with number sequences. Seeing 1111 repetitively can mean a loved one is trying to deliver a message. The meaning of 1111 can be related to the deceased time of death, date of birth, or any other notable occasion. However, the essential thing is to know the synchroneities happening around you to acknowledge and understand the message meant for you.

The departed loved one may have been a child, spouse, parent or any other close family member or friend. The main reason for coming to you might be to let you know that they are in a good place. In other cases, they may also desire to offer assistance, give you comfort or simply let you know that they will always be with you.

Regardless of how far you may feel from your loved one, believe that they are watching over you and that at this moment, you are ideally supposed to be where you are. Don’t forget that whenever you see 1111, it is a sign of peace.

Additionally, the deceased loved one can create a doorway to arousal or an awakening of spiritual gifts inside you. It gives you the chance to change and be recreated. What I mean is, “waking up” will be the last gift your departed loved one leaves you with. You will gradually begin to do away with bad habits and beliefs to create room for a new life unwinding before you. If you realize this and take the step to become your true self, you will be giving honor to the memories and life of your deceased loved one.

11:11 is thus a great reminder to pause and ponder over your departed loved one and treasure what they meant to you. Let their essence diverge from you. Most importantly, continue having faith because, in the big scheme of the Universe, you will one day meet your departed loved one.

4. Meaning of 1111: Time to Reboot – Reappraise the Values in Your Life

Anytime you see 11:11 or 1:11 number sequences, consider it to be a wake-up call. 11:11 visually symbolizes gates, to mean it is a pathway between you and your higher self, a point where your physical and non-physical realities are conjoined. When this occurs, it is time to stop your normal activities and look at the bigger picture of your life.

Living among different groups of people is a blessing because we live amidst various religions and cultures. For this reason, you have the chance to be inspired by observing new ways of doing things or coming across needs that you were not aware existed. The connection you have with different people will revitalize the fire in your soul and activate creative ideas which will bring drastic changes in your life. This will make you come to terms that different talents allow you to assist and cherish one another in various ways. The important thing you will come into terms with is that your differences assist you in understanding, accepting and cooperating. With this, you will remember the importance of connections made with the same human family as you evolve and progress as “one race”. This is one of the game plans of the Universe.

To understand it on a deeper level, you will begin to note that the things you perceive as imperfect, the Universal Creator sees them as perfect on the Divine level. Imperfections may be inadequate to you, but not to the source of the Universe. For this reason, if you experience disappointment in life, the Creator sees this as a chance for you to learn and experience the soul’s growth.

Looking at the soul level, your consciousness begins to develop, and you will start to view life with a new set of eyes. While you may be used to making decisions in your head, this time, you will use your heart and you will start seeing the truth. Never forget to trust that you are on your path to awakening and that everything is perfectly being unraveled for you. Most of all, trust that all is well with you and for you.

Additionally, 11:11 is a coded molecular structure of “Re-Memebering” and reviving the inner master that lives in you – your true self. Remember stresses the idea of placing the pieces of yourself, in this case, your “members” together in their correct arrangement. This way, you will remember who you are.

If you look at it in this manner, the meaning of 11:11 is connected to your biological ascension because it is the path to ascension. You will then see clearer and begin to move towards a vibration of higher energy. So, anytime you see 11:11, your cellular memory will be revived, and you will start to remember things that you had long forgotten.

Being in the presence of 11:11 is a pattern that arouses your memory. You will start to remember you’re true Divine nature and that you were formed with the spiritual DNA of the Divine Creature. You are special and your creation began with the spiritual creation before your birth. Thus, when you investigate the master plan, you recall that you are a fragment of the Universal Creature and indiscriminately, we are the Universe.

5. Meaning of 1111: Catch your Idea and Make a Wish

When you come across the 11:11, remember that it is an awakening of divine intervention. This is the best time to make a meditative wish and your objective can begin to be evident for your highest good and all humanity. One thing to keep in mind is that the thought itself is the one that counts.

As a human being, it is natural that every time you have a thought or speak a word, you will ascend and descend continuously. Did you know that with each breath you take, ascension is born? This way, you will grow towards the light at your tempo.

Seeing 11:11 is a sign that you should understand that you need to take the first step towards your inspired thought or idea. Considering this, 11:11 means you are called to Action to change your thoughts into a physical reality. What were your thoughts when you set your eyes on 11:11? Stick to the signs. You are experiencing a wake-up call towards your True Self and Divinity will guide you to your purpose. 11:11 is a red light for you to discover your passion and find your purpose.

What Should You Do Next When You See 11:11?

In general, the meaning of 1111 is a sign to begin showing your true self – the desires of your soul. Is there something that you want to manifest in your life experiences or reality? This question should ponder your mind when you see 11:11. Whatever that is, it will be directly manifested through your patterns. Don’t forget that your thoughts will form a vibration that will begin to attract things with an equal vibration. In simpler terms, your thoughts contain energy that can be displayed.

Therefore,  anytime you see 11:11, it is a holy message reminding you that you can create your reality and take responsibility for it . The situation you may be in now is because of your past actions and thoughts. If you take a proactive approach, you will be conscious about your thoughts and what you say to control your life fully.

When you become responsible, you notice that you are at the peak of all the choices you made in your life. Your experiences define the way you are now. Moreover, you will start seeing things as they indeed are and not as you wish they could be. For instance, when you take things as they are without any personal attachment, you will respond calmly rather than react out of emotions.

Remember, the choices you make dictate how your life will be and once you grasp that you always have the power to come up with your reality. You will be the conscious creator of all the experiences you have. Most importantly, you will be empowered to be more aware of the decisions you make for your future. If you focus your awareness on your mission, you will realize that there is no time to wait for the perfect moment because your soul is encouraging you to create the perfect moment there and then just for you.

Always have it in mind that the Universe will never judge your decisions; it just allows them to happen. You are the one who has the power to decide what you want to manifest in your life.

The overall message of 11:11 is that it’s time for you to take responsibility for your life. You are the Creator – actor, director, producer and writer of your story. You play the lead role in your life and you can steer your life in whichever direction you want it to go. You can opt to choose the positive path and be assertive when you are still in existence. This is just a story, so you have it in your hands to change the script and characters at any time. One thing is that you will begin to realize that the feeling you have been playing up to this point in your life is not your true self. You are a spiritual being having human experiences in your own life story.

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