Top 5 Core Numbers In Numerology

Numerologists believe that there are five basic numbers which can influence your life immensely.
Understanding each of them, you may significantly improve different spheres of your life, achieve great success and actualize your inner potential. Generally, all of these five numbers have the same background, which is your birth name and birth date. In order to make your personal numerology calculations, learn more about them.

Birth Day Number

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The date of your birth is the most private and sacred thing, which largely determine your whole life. It is the sign that is somehow “responsible” for your inclinations and talents. So it is connected with the functional, practical side of your life and events that may happen. Your birthday number is the guiding force when you choose the date:

  • for the interview;
  • business trip;
  • important meeting;
  • or look for car number and etc.

Everyone must be conscious enough and never perceive this number as something subsidiary.

Life Path Number

Every person is born with unique energetic vibrations. Numerology helps to count them with the help of numbers. Life path number is based on your date of birth. To find it out, you need to add all birthday numbers, till you get one-figure. This knowledge may be helpful while choosing dates for important events, clothes, jewelry and lots of other things. Life path number defines your life priorities, sets some problems and the way you solve them.

Expression Number

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This number (also called destiny sign) is associated with person’s natural powers and weaknesses that he has from the birth. It explains your life perspectives, readiness to fight for your dream and designates your success. Your expression number is based on the meaning of the letters in your full name. It reveals your talents and abilities which may be developed to the fullest in the future. Read more about expression number here.

Personality Number

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There are some people whom we like at the first sight, even if they have some physical defects. We just fell that they are great. At the same time, the most talented and beautiful humans may make us feel uneasy and uncomfortable. What is the explanation for this phenomenon? Knowing your personal number can help greatly. It is like the fingerprint – something very personal and unfeigned. Your inner nature and likings are reflected in your personality number.

Heart’s Desire Number

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There are very few people who truly enjoy being alone the entire life. Most of us look for somebody to love and to live with. People are used to existing in a society, surrounded by other humans all the time. But love is not only about spending time together, it means something deeper and more intimate. We don’t want to suffer and have a broken heart, so we need some specific knowledge to find Mr./Mrs. Right. Calculating heart’s desire number is a great solution. It comes just from the vowels in your name. But knowing it, you’ll definitely realize if you have bright future with your partner. Such numerological secrets are available for all people, who want to do their best in all aspects of life.

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